Shanahan won’t make coaching changes, claims progress


Whether he’s looking to the future or not, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s coaching staff gets to remain in the present.

Shanahan said Monday that there will be no changes to his coaching staff during the bye week.

“No. There will be no changes,” Shanahan said, via the Washington Post.

Asked if he thought such changes can even work, Shanahan didn’t want to elaborate.

“I’m not even going to talk in that direction,” he said. “My focus is on one thing, that’s Philly – getting ready for them. We’ll do everything we can, as I’ve said before, to evaluate what we’ve done right and wrong. We’ll study the personnel, try to make the right changes that give us the best chance to win.

“We have a number of players that have gained experience over the last seven, eight, nine weeks – some guys playing more than others – and that’ll be our focus to win each game.”

Though he’s 14-27 as Redskins coach, Shanahan insisted his team was making progress, citing an improved offense, and a defense that played better before injuries. But asked to measure progress, he again deferred.

“You’ll have to ask Dan Snyder that. If he feels this team is going in the right direction, then you ask him. Not me. I know I’m going in the right direction.”

His record does not give evidence of his confidence, but offering up defensive coordinator Jim Haslett isn’t going to fix what’s wrong with this team.

25 responses to “Shanahan won’t make coaching changes, claims progress

  1. The only progress we’ve seen is backwards. If little Shanny is calling the plays, and not dad, mike is blind. Little Shanny is as qualified as any of us who went to work with daddy growing up. It would be like me spending the day with my lawyer father when I was a son and then starting trying cases the next day. This team will fail until the coaching changes, the greatness that is Rg3 will get killed. Why on earth is Rg3 running the ball 12 times when, Morris, your actual rb is ripping of a consistent 6-8 yds per carry and only touching the ball 13 times. There’s no offensive flow and that is squarely on the shanahan family’s shoulders. I mean 1st and goal at the 2 and Morris doesn’t touch the ball. Really?

  2. Maybe his definition is different then the rest of us have.
    Uh, I think they stink.
    Is that the same thing?

  3. Says the guy who rode Gary Kubiak’s run blocking scheme churning out 1,000 yard rusher after 1,000 rusher garnering him “genius” status that wasn’t his. Funny how since Kubiak left he stunk yet Kubiaks teams always run fantastically and now sit atop the AFC.

  4. Time for shanny,his idiot son,and his blind DC,jim haslett,to get out of washington dc! the shanny era will never work out!

  5. Shanarat caught lightening in a bottle when he finally got Elway some running backs.
    He wasn’t worth much before and is proving he is worth-less now.
    And a note to all those coaching dad’s…don’t hire your son to do a job he is not qualified for. Or your brother, son-in-law…etc…etc…

  6. It amazes me the Skins have one of the most athletic and intelligent QBs coming out of college in recent years…and they continue to use him as a gimmick.

    Let the man be a QB and develop as a QB….that reason alone is precisely why Shanny 1 and Shanny 2 should be on the next bus out of DC….and stick Haslet on there too.

  7. Any skins fan that expected anything more than mediocrity this year is fooling themselves. This year is for Griffin and the young team around him to develop. This team has gone from one of the oldest to one of the youngest under shanny.

    I’m sick of seeing the coaches change on the same schedule as Snyders underwear. Let Shanahan have his 5 years. Next year should be a year that involves playoff contention, especially with the sorry state of the NFC east.

    If shanahan wants to use the rest of the season to evaluate talent, great! Get a head start on next year. I know we live in a McDonaldized society where things need to be served up ASAP and answers need to be had yesterday but all skins fans need to relax step away from the ledge and let things develop.

  8. morris does need to run more..but all those dropped balls dont help eitheir.
    and the def has no play threw draft..give them 3 yrs..

  9. The fans demand a scapegoat. The media demand a scapegoat. Snyder demands a scapegoat. If Shanahan does not come up with a scapegoat, the scapegoat will be him.

    Since we know that Shanahan won’t offer up his totally unqualified OC son as the scapegoat, the chop will fall on Haslett, not that he doesn’t deserve it.

  10. S. Nevada- thank you.

    A few points.
    1. What he said
    2. What he said
    3. Fact: The Redskins have had more draft picks start games in the last two years than any other team in the NFL. I’m aware that may say more about the quality of the team itself than the quality of the draft picks, but as Nevada said, Washington has gone from the oldest team in the NFL when Shanny took over in 2010 to the second youngest team in the league in 2012 (and you gotta think part of that is because how badly Fletcher skews that curve). This team is a work in progress, and going for a rebuild in the midst of a rebuild is a recipe for another twenty years of mediocrity. Nobody outside of obnoxious Cowboys fans pretending to be obnoxious Redskins fans actually declared this team to be playoff bound this season. The point is that now the team has a franchise quarterback to build around, something that hasn’t happened once in the last twenty years. You can scoff all you want, but “progress is being made”. (And I can’t believe no one’s thought of this yet, but if I beat the Skins haters and negative nancies to the punch, they can’t use it. What you should have said was “‘progress is being made’, but in what direction?” Boom. See, ripping on the skins takes no skill at all, go trash talk the Packers or Falcons).

  11. Progress!? We talkin bout Progress? The Colts are makein progress. I had RG3 as my rookie if the year, but now I have to say Luck should win at this point because he is Winning games with less. Skins have a zillionaire owner who spends $ like it’s the end of the world, I wish the Rooney’s had that cash! Oh they do but don’t bother with free agency. If Mike calls being less then mediocre every year he needs a dictionary. If I were the owner I’d call Bill Cowher ASAP..or try and get Sean Peayton away from New Orleans

  12. Firing Haslett isn’t getting Arakpo or Karriker back off IR.

    Firing Kyle Shannahan isn’t going to heal Garcon’s toe or Davis’ knee.

    The team isn’t perfect and could use a little more building in the draft, but is really improving. The Redskins need to draft someone that can provide some impact in the pass rush, a safety that can stay healthy, a corner so the can dump D Hall, and some speed on the offensive side of the ball.

    Blowing it all up every two-four years isn’t how you build a successful franchise.

  13. I’m a redskin fan and can’t find the improvement other than Alfred Morris. I see mediocrity all over the team from QB that can only run (but can’t miss a sack) and a defense that can’t win a ball game (like the Ravens’ can).

    And this last game the team flat out gave up. Even under Jim Zorn you didn’t see that.

  14. I understand building through the draft and making progress and how it takes time. What’s killing me are all these horrible plays they’re running. I mean, a dump off to Banks at the end of the Panthers game?? At least go for a deep ball and look for a pass interference flag or something. These stupid trick plays aren’t going to get you deep into the playoffs. A balanced running and passing attack are what’s going to do that. Oh, and having anybody in the secondary taller than 5’9.

  15. Mike can still coach. And they are a lot younger than when he took over. Not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

    Their biggest problem is going to continue to be the OC also having the last name of Shanahan. He’s never had a job in his life he would have gotten if his name was Kyle Smith, son of John Smith an average guy with no football ties. If he just does what Daddy tells him to do, things may still turn out okay. Problem is, he’s got a chip on his shoulder, he alienates people, and you get the feeling the day will come when his QB is going to know way more football than he does. That day may even be already here.

  16. I’m sure Mike Shanahan can still coach, but can he still win football games? His record post John Elway in Denver and as head coach of the redskins says no. I too thought the team quit on him Sunday, then he quit on the team after the game. But, in the end, you are what your record says you are.

  17. He was wrong when he said the defense was playing well before the injuries. They had given up about 30 points a game. With any kind of defense we would be 5-4 and one game behind the Giants.We also did a poor job signing Safeties and Defensive backs and WRs. Most any team with a QB who can pass a lick will torch the Redskins. Losing Garcon and Davis has hurt. RG3 needs some more weapons. Also, please don’t wear those hideous uniforms. We were slow last week and they make us look even slower like a 1950 team. Losing Orakpo and Carriker hurt but our defense was porous before then so some of that has to be put on Haslett.

  18. i’m sad to be a redskins fan… not because my team is doing bad.. but because every fool around me that sees the slightest bit of failure they begin to scream JUMP SHIP!! And yes the skins mediocrity has ties with the redskins fans idiocy, considering daniel snyder actual listens. I guess we’ll just take another Jim Zorn.

  19. Thank God none of you commenters are in charge of anything but your keyboards. Shanahan is the best Head Coach this team has had since Gibbs I. Kyle Shanahan staked a reputation completely devoid of his father’s help and ran a top passing offense in Texas. How can you call for his head when we were just scoring 3opts per game?

    Opinions change mightily from week to week

  20. @walter0247
    Brother you speak the truth. It has been interesting reading the comments starting in preseason through now and it is crazy how hope and excitement has fallen to negativity and despair in 9 weeks. Most people know who I root for but I will not kick someone when they are down. Although I do not miss the RG3 and AL1 back and forth crap. It will be interesting if the Skins turn it around to see if the same posters jump back on board. Stay tuned and good luck.

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