Bills 2,000 tickets short of Thursday night sellout

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After facing the well-rested Patriots (and likely losing) on Sunday, the Bills will host the surging (Sunday’s loss notwithstanding) Miami Dolphins on a short week.

Bills CEO Russ Brandon said on WGR 550 that 2,000 tickets remain for the Week 11 AFC East clash.

Brandon said he’s confident that the tickets will be sold.  The deadline for doing so comes in five days, on Monday night at 8:30 p.m. ET.  That deadline can be extended if the Bills think the rest of the tickets can be sold — or if the Bills commit to buying any unsold seats at 34 cents on the dollar while creating a false sense of urgency that if the unsold tickets aren’t bought before the new deadline the game won’t be televised locally.

Brandon also said that there has been no “head-dropping or moping” within the organization, even though the Bills have parlayed high preseason hopes into a 3-5 first half of the season.

With 3-6 seemingly inevitable, next Thursday’s game against Miami could be the equivalent of that playoff game the Bills haven’t had since 1999, since if they lose that one their season will as a practical matter be over.

Which would then spark plenty of head-dropping and moping.