Brandon Weeden frustrated as Browns go into their bye week

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Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is older than the average rookie quarterback, which could explain why he’s figured out one part of life as an NFL starter very quickly.

Criticism of quarterbacks comes from any possible angle in the wake of a loss. The criticism may contradict the criticism or praise from the previous week or previous throw — “What a confident throw into traffic!” on a touchdown vs. “You can’t throw that ball into traffic!” when the same pass gets intercepted — and it will make a quarterback feel like he can’t win. That sounds like the way Weeden is feeling in the wake of Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, when he and the Browns caught flak for being too conservative while settling for field goals on offense.

“I could have tried to squeeze one in there, but if I did and something happened, you guys would be asking me the same question: ‘Why in the hell would you throw the ball when 20 [Ed Reed] is back there?'” Weeden said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So I’m in a lose-lose. I check it down and hope to God that my backs can get a first down. If not, get a few yards and kick a field goal. But you’ve got to take shots. If they’re open, I’ll throw it.”

Weeden admitted to being frustrated by facing questions about checking down or throwing interceptions every week, saying that quarterbacks get too much praise and criticism from the media. That’s true, but it doesn’t change the fact that Weeden hasn’t played well enough to rise above such analysis of his performances, something he also admitted on Tuesday. Weeden is the man in Cleveland now and focusing on his play, not the criticism, is going to be the way for him to remain the man in the years to come.

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  1. Watch the replay Brandon, you missed a ton of wide open WR. The announcer on TV was going crazy pointing it out. What gets me is if a TV announcer can see that crap why can’t a coach on the team and relay that message?

    Anyway, Brandon if all you are going to do is dink and dunk it because you are scared to throw it to open WR then this game isn’t for you. Take away the first game and you have looked pretty good out there. But this past game was a set back.

  2. Horrible play on Sunday “Weeds”. Almost looked like you and Shurmer threw the game!
    You wouldn’t do that? Right???

  3. Quit second guessing yourself, go out and play the way you know how to! Let the chips fall where they fall! Give it your best shot, that is all you can do.

  4. Weeden is frustrated? He’s only been getting the Cleveland Brown experience for half of a season. How does he think we fans feel? We’ve been watching these clowns do nothing but lose since 1999. He doesn’t know the MEANING of the word “frustrated.”

  5. What?! He is second guessing himself on the field so that he won’t have to explain himself to the media?

    Just play the game. Who cares what the media does!

    Brandon, if you’re reading this right now… go plan a trip to some tropical place for the weekend and stop focusing on the media. Focus on the game! You’re going to piss off people either way, so just relax.

  6. That’s because he doesn’t have a team or coach to play for. They need way more than just another QB.

  7. Dude was a reach anyway…will probably end up being a long time capable back-up.

    I do not see him ever evolving into a top tier NFL QB.

  8. I was at the game and it seemed like they decided before the game that they weren’t going to take any chances with Reed back there. He probably wouldn’t have thrown more than two picks if he played his style anyway, and that’s what he ended up with being cautious.

    He said afterwards that they didn’t anticipate zone and that they never adjusted offensively, so he wasn’t trusting what he was seeing. This implies that coaching played a role in his performance as well.

  9. The Browns are wasting their time. You need a good coach/QB combo to win in the league nowadays. Weeden and Shurmer aren’t going to cut it. Neither are Fitzgibbons and Gailey.

  10. I wasn’t for the Weeden pick when the Browns chose him. He is an improvement over Colt McCoy and could be better under a different coaching regime. The bottom line is that if the Browns cannot afford to spend another high pick on a QB. They must go CB or OLB in the next draft.
    Keeping Shurmur for the rest of the season serves no purpose. I think the best the Browns can hope for is that Reid leaves Philly and he can be hired in Cleveland. Regardless, the Browns going to undergo another major overhaul in the off-season. I guess we will wait and see if Weeden is part of the change.

  11. Just play the game, bro. You’ve shown flashes that you could be good, but mostly, you still play like a rookie – bad decisions, late throws, poor reads.

    Keep shooting your mouth off and the media won’t be the only thing you have to worry about. Like coop16 said, you don’t even know….

  12. Just another hulking pile of wreckage strewn along the roadside of the Browns draft picks over the past decade.

  13. if he’s so thin skinned he’s spending time worrying about what the media’s reaction to his performance is going to be, that is not a good sign.

  14. As a steelers fan with many browns fans as friends. They r a competent coach and qb away from 8-8 or 9-7. Weeden is awful. The thing I notice. He sure shys away from getting hit. Slides 3 yards to soon. He won’t be there next year. If he is. No chance for playoffs

  15. I don’t keep up with the Browns much, so I’m asking this because I really don’t know. Has Weeden been demonstrably better than McCoy so as to justify how the Browns handed the job to Weeden before he ever took a snap in an NFL training camp? I would really like to know.

  16. Just go out there and play the game . you have shown flashes that you can be the man longterm . Sunday was a setback . dont let it get to you . i have been a die hard Browns fan since 67 . please turn this thing around . Shurmur the puppet is a big reason we are at 2- 7 right now . that IDIOT must goooo.

  17. All Weeden has to do is tough it out for a few more weeks. I’d be second guessing everything too if Pat Shurmur was the voice on the other end of my headset. “Wait did he really just say lateral? It’s 3rd and 24.”

    What Weeden needs is Payton Manning to coach him up on how to completely ignore the clueless coach and just call your own play at the line of scrimmage. Since Shurmur is getting fired at the end of the season he won’t have to worry about getting benched for it like Colt McCoy did.

  18. usmutts says:
    Nov 7, 2012 11:20 AM
    I don’t keep up with the Browns much, so I’m asking this because I really don’t know. Has Weeden been demonstrably better than McCoy so as to justify how the Browns handed the job to Weeden before he ever took a snap in an NFL training camp? I would really like to know.


    McCoy is the smarter QB and the Browns probably have 2 more wins with him as starter (Eagles week 1 and Ravens week 4) but Weeden has the better arm by light years.

    Even had their been a QB competition, Weeden’s ability to throw downfield would have gotten him the starter job with Shurmur being the guy picking the winner but by doing so they pretty much threw this season out the window. In hindsight, if they knew Holmgren and Lerner weren’t going to be around after this season I’m positive McCoy starts in 2012 just so the coaches could use him as a scapegoat if they didn’t improve.

  19. Drafting a 28 year old Qb is the most disturbing thing ever! Thank god we dont have tards in the front office in steeler nation! Cleveland clowns!

  20. @usmutts –

    Short answer: yes.

    Longer answer: He looked horrible in his first game vs. Philly when he threw a bunch of picks and everyone went crazy talking about what a bust he was and how Colt was better.

    Since then, Weeden has shown some steady improvement. And he’s made throws that Colt McCoy could never dream of making.

    The head coach, poor play-calling, and inexperienced supporting cast are all hurting Weeden, but at the end of the day, he is a rookie who often plays like, well, a rookie.

  21. Screw Ed Reed. Screw what the press thinks , and screw the wimpy coach’s lack of balls. He is gonna get fired in a couple weeks anyway.

    Screw the dropped passes by your receivers.

    Just put the ball where your receivers can make a play. Then you don’t have to apologize for anything. Your new owner will find you some new receivers sooner than later.

    Thankfully, you’re not Trent Dilfer, and regretfully for you, you don’t play for the Ravens.

    Field goals ain’t gonna get it done in this league.

    Winning 7-6 nowadays is a total fluke.

    You need to see the field a little better. You’ve got the arm, find and open man and just fling it.

  22. Weeden is “NOT” the answer for Cleveland at QB. He’ll be 30 next season. He lost 5 years of football development while playing baseball. At his age, the Browns do not have the luxury of waiting for Weeden to gain back the lost development. Plus, his college ball was not the kind of scheme that prepares a QB for the NFL. His age creates a much narrower window of opportunity for the Browns.
    McCoy played with a sore arm last year (still healing from college). He had no preseason due to the lockout. He had no receivers, no o-line, and no running attack. It’s time that the Browns reinsert McCoy and see what he can really do with an improved cast of players around him and a healthy arm.
    The Browns just might have their QB of the future on the bench. The Browns, and especially Shurmur, never really gave McCoy the chance to compete. Holmgren and Heckert panic picked Weeden after botching the RGIII acquisition and told Shurmur to name him the starter. The deceision making process in Cleveland has been a farce at best.

  23. There’s no shame in losing to Ed Reed and the Ravens. The Brown’s faithful will chew him up and spit him out if they smell fear.

  24. The quarterback of the future is already on the team, but the clown head coach has him on the bench. Colt McCoy was and is the real deal. Sorry Brandon, but you got your first round pay day, so I’m not too sorry. The Browns are a unique case, and McCoy is a unique qb. He will get his job back and prove to everyone that he is the man for the job. He already had until Shurmur stunk the joint up. Gruden will turn Colt into a pro bowler, no doubt.

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