Cards may be losing patience with injured Todd Heap


When the Cardinals signed Todd Heap last offseason, the hope was he’d add an element to their passing game. He’s added more to the injury report.

Heap has missed more games than he’s played the last two seasons (13-12), and he and coach Ken Whisenhunt had a long conversation during the portion of practice open to the media yesterday, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

Whisenhunt could have easily called Heap into his office away from all those nosy busybodies like Somers, but he didn’t, and that hardly seems accidental.

But asked about the conversation, both clammed up.

“I’m not going to talk about a player and his injury,” Whisenhunt said.

“I’m not going to talk it about, either,” Heap said.

After losing to the 49ers, Whisenhunt’s post-game speech included references to getting guys out of the trainer’s room and onto the field.

Heap’s been out since a Week Two win over the Patriots, with a sprained posterior cruciate ligament. Whisenhunt said then he thought Heap would be able to return soon.

That’s done nothing to dispel a reputation for getting hurt and staying hurt, but Heap said he didn’t concern himself with that.

“Do I worry about it? No,” Heap said. “I can’t really worry about what other people think or say. I just have to do what I’ve got to do to get back out there. And when you do get back on the field and start making plays, people forget about those things.”

Step one is getting back on the field, and it seems like Whisenhunt is running out of patience in that regard.

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  1. For the first 4 – 5 years of his career, Todd Heap was as good a TE as there was in the league, when he could stay on the field. He’s a class act, but the Ravens made the right call when they let him go during the 2011 off-season.

  2. Heap was constantly hurt the last several seasons he played for the Ravens, and that’s the main reason he was not re-signed. No real surprise there. He was a great player in his prime, and he’ll be in the Ravens ROH, no doubt. And he earned it. But that was then, and this is now.

  3. As a Baltimore Ravens fan, I watched Todd Heap play many games…some hurt. Only twice did he have major injuries (the last time being a hamstring injury in 2007) and the team, not coincidentally, did not do well those years.

    Now he is listed as having a “sore” knee for 8 weeks? I’m a Heap fan and all, but this sounds fishy to me. I have little doubt that if he were with the Ravens and in the middle of a playoff race, he would be playing right now.

  4. Heap is (a) in the last year of his contract, (b) an injury-prone liability, and (c) took a pay cut because of (b) to remain in Arizona. If you believe even half of Whisenhunt’s perpetual pro-Housler coach speak, why the reluctance to insert him – permanently – into the starting lineup?

    Oh, yeah; this is my father’s Cardinals, after all.

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