Cribbs weary of change in Cleveland


With the Browns taking a 2-7 record into the bye week and with a new owner and a new CEO, it’s just a matter of time before change comes to Cleveland.


Receiver Josh Cribbs has had enough of it.

“We haven’t been winning and there has been consistent turnover here in players and coaches,” Cribbs said, via Marty Gitlin of  “Guys who have been here — myself included — we can’t get tight-knit.  We can’t get consistency when there’s so much change.  Hopefully [it won’t be that way].  I’d like to stay here my whole career.

“It’s [disappointing].  It’s unfortunate, but that’s the way the business works.  If we don’t win, there will be change.  It’s inevitable.”

He’s right.  But here’s the good news.  New CEO Joe Banner has made it clear (on PFT Live and elsewhere) that, once the G.M. and coach are in place after the 2012 season (whether the current guys get the nod or someone else), those folks will be in place for a long time, relatively speaking.

Of course, Cribbs may not be there to enjoy it.  His contract expires after the season, and the new regime may include Cribbs in the next wave of change.

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  1. Cribbs was a great player, but he is no longer a game changer. Been a while since his last special teams touchdown and he has no real value on offense. Great guy but time to move on. I think Travis Benjamin could fill the special teams role and find himself the Cribbs type niche on offense.

  2. I don’t know why Cribbs is complaining, he got a super-sweet contract and hasn’t done a damn thing to prove that he was worth it in terms of translating his role into WINS. (ZERO kickoff and punt return TDs since the new deal.) He benefited from a front office that had no idea what they were doing.

    Sorry fellow Browns fans, it’s true.

  3. I agree with him about all the change over..but…it’s needed. This is a what have you done for me lately league. Josh, what have you done for the Browns lately?

  4. i do not understand the comment “I’d like to stay here my whole career” .. he’s talking about the cleveland browns right?

  5. Cleveland has been rebuilding for the last 20 years.

    They came back in to the league in 1999. That’s only 13 years of rebuilding…try to keep up.

  6. Kickoff returns for TD’s are ALOT more difficult to do now that almost every kickoff is unreturnable due to new rules…so I would not hold that too much against him.

  7. Shift change at the “factory of sadness”. The workers are there, but the foreman seems to be on a mental vacation.

  8. hes been a stiff for the last few years, next he will be no different here or anywhere. his best years were before mangini fired his special teams coach who is in baltimore. at the same point speed and a strong attitude can make a good returner. hester & welker.

  9. Damn- there is a lot of ignorance on this post. Cribbs is still one of the best special teams players in the league. Check your facts before you spew crap..

    First- he had an 84 yd punt return TD last year (after he signed his big contract). He is leading the team in special team tackles. Again. He is 4th in the league with a 29.7 yd avg on kick returns and 5th in the league in punt returns at 12.6. And, djeg07, Mangini didn’t fire his special teams coach. The coaches name is Brad Seely and he left on his own when his contract was up to be the assistant head coach and special teams guru with the 49ers.

  10. Maybe the Browns should try and ‘stay the course’ for while. Develop some long-term stablity in their franchise. Take a page from the Steelers, Packers, and Patriots, to name a few…

  11. @takemytalents…. Ok, I will admit the mistake. He did have a return TD. By the way, how did the Browns do in that game?

    Look, I love Cribbs. There’s no one on the Browns who plays with more heart or toughness and is a better representative of the city of Cleveland. But he’s been on the team since 2005.

    If there’s anything consistent about the Browns since ’05, it’s him being on the roster and the Browns sucking. Is it all his fault? Of course not. But he’s not exactly “saving the organization” and now he’s getting paid a ton of money to be on the field for 15 plays per game.

  12. Talk about ungrateful fans. The Browns are 2nd in the league in average yards per kick return yet apparently Cribbs isn’t “earning his big money contract” because he hasn’t come close to breaking that one guys record for kick returns….oh whats his name….oh yeah JOSH CRIBBS!

    Maybe JUST MAYBE moving the kicking spot might have more to do with his lack of special teams TD’s than his assumed lack of skill especially looking at his stats this season so far (he has more 40+ yard kick returns than anyone in the league right now.

    Cribbs lack of production on offense goes hand in hand with the hiring of the Browns current regime. Why is it his fault that he’s on a team that apparently has no use for one of their best playmakers. Having a wildcat QB (a great one at that) on your team and putting him at receiver is like having Shaq on your basketball team but only having him do free throws. There is a reason that team is in every game they’ve played this year but has only won 2 and it has nothing to do with lack of play makers. It’s almost like Pat Shurmur and Rex Ryan use the same “NFL playbook for dummies” method of coaching.

  13. He won’t break Eric Metcalfs record..and I don’t know why he ever resignd with the Browns.. had to be the $.. they haven’t been any good since Kevin Mac..and Testaverdi..had that one lucky year a few years ago with the RB with the big arms and a back up QB..smh can’t even remember their names. He knew that whole organization was bad top to bottom when he took that $

  14. If Cribbs is frustrated, think how the fans feel!

    It’s been a mess since Modell fired Paul Brown. Yes, I know, the Browns last championship was under Modell and without Brown but, Blanton Collier (one of Brown’s coaches) led a team that Brown built. Under Paul Brown, we had consistent winners, since Modell, not so much. Since the AFL/NFL merger…NOTHING!

    Cleveland has some of the most ardent fans but when is enough, enough?

    Holmgren and Heckert have done a nice job in rebuilding the foundation, doing the work that should’ve been done in 1999.

    Now, with a little time, a little patience and a legitimate Head Coach, maybe we could win more than 4 games a year!

    Whenever our day does come, think how sweat it will be in Cleveland!

  15. Why do you bring this Cribbs thing up every year? Face it, he’s still productive on special teams. He has a good return average and he make a lot of tackles. And some of you morons are complaining about what he got paid. Who cares what he got paid! You didn’t pay him! The Browns aren’t killing themselves on the salary cap, so don’t worry about it. And if you’re crying about him not scoring TDs then you’re extra stupid. Tell me the last time the Browns won a game because he returned a kick for a TD. We need to be more concerned with the offense not scoring TDs. Seriously, find a real reason to complain about this team and leave Cribbs out of it. He’s one of the few reasons left to even bother tuning in.

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