Ike Taylor grabs AFC defensive player of the week


In the days leading up to Sunday’s game with the Steelers, Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks said that Ike Taylor and the other Pittsburgh defensive backs got away with holding opposing receivers too often.

The Steelers won the game 24-20 and the Giants passing game didn’t contribute anything beyond a pair of long pass interference penalties called on cornerback Keenan Lewis. Taylor had one interception in the game, dropped another in the end zone (on the play that ended with Steelers safety Ryan Clark penalized for hitting Victor Cruz in the head even though Clark never made contact with Cruz’s head or illegal contact with him anywhere) and wound up as the AFC’s defensive player of the week as a result.

Taylor and the rest of the Steelers defensive backs helped hold the Giants to 114 net yards passing, a big reason why the team was able to overcome a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter. Eli Manning was 1-for-5 for one yard in that quarter while also getting sacked twice and launching a litany of “What’s wrong with the Giants offense?” thinkpieces in New York and elsewhere.

There haven’t been so many pieces on what the Steelers defense did right. Taylor’s award makes up for some of that and their performance lends some strength to those who believe the Steelers can mount a comeback in the AFC North race as well.

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  1. When a Mighty NFC East team plays anyone from another division, it’s always about the Mighty NFC East team. The other guys may as well be listed as “Opponent” for all the ink/air they get. And if “Opponent” wins, it’s always about how the Mighty NFC East team lost, not how “Opponent” won.

  2. Nice job Ike! So great to see all the players coming together as a unit. Coaching is really showing! Number 1 defense? Heck yeah! How’s that taste Ravens fans? Yeah yeah your one game ahead for now.. Soon it will change.

  3. “their performance lends some strength to those who believe the Steelers can mount a comeback in the AFC North race as well.”


    Well, the NFL gave the Steelers one of the oddest schedules to date. They’re currently 1-0 in the division and it’s week 10, the other 3 AFCN teams have played 4 division games.

    So the Steelers were never out of the division race, it’s just a matter of perception from bad losses, to bad teams.Which at the end of the year won’t mean anything if they go undefeated in the AFCN.

  4. @profootball talk

    Has the league issued any statements regarding the ‘blow to the head’ from Ryan Clark on Cruz?

    The league office seems to make the Steelers D their poster-child for dirty hits (rightfully so in some but not all cases), it’s time for them to give credit to a DB who has changed the way he plays the game while also admitting their officials made a mistake.

  5. mrhurricane- You are another example of why this site needs to be screened for morons. Congrats Ike but Keenan Lewis probably more deserving.

  6. With all the pre-game whining I knew the Gaints were in for trouble. If not for the home-cooking refs it would have been a blow-out.

    3-0 vs Eagles Skins Giants…NFC Least!

    Steeler DB’s are coming on…Keenan Lewis was beter than Ike, IMO but Ike held-on to a rare INT.

    Props Ike!

  7. Like all cornerbacks, including even Revis, none of them are impervious to bad games. Ike is no exception, and is a very strong corner – who is assigned week in and week out to the opposing team’s #1 wideout. Most of that coverage in straight up man.

    His cover skills are always right up there, but he generally struggles at holding onto picks, and occasionally whiffes on simply batting passes away – despite doing the hard part of putting himself in great cover position.

    And Ike’s run support game is amongst the best at his position in the NFL. He’ll fly in against any ballcarrier or OL in his path.

    Finally, Ike is a loyal, heart and soul guy — so it’s really nice to see him get some recognition. Now that Keenan Lewis has elevated his game — we now have two corners who can play, and we’re seeing the results.

  8. Def well deserving, after all the talk of him being in a funk he has stepped up in a big way. Giants fans can cry about it but you don’t hear Cruz belly aching.

  9. Ike holds onto the INT in the end zone and he runs for a pic-6, 14-0 Steelers, and the entire game changes. Ryan Clark hit Cruz so hard (15 inches below Cruzs’ head) and still knocked him unconscious. Even though it’s not a pleasant thing to see that happen, the result that Cruz didn’t return in the game, was a factor in Mannings poor performance, he was lost without #80 to throw to.

  10. mgjnsc, I completely agree with you. part of me wishes Ryan Clark would call the league office and request a meeting with them–making them fly to Pittsburgh–to discuss the hit. explain how he changed his play and lead and hit with his shoulder and still got a flag. then request a check. since he gets fined for mistakes, the league should pay up when they make mistakes.

    then take some money from the officiating crew. maybe if they lose money like the players, they will change the way the “play.”

    never going to happen, but I would still laugh if Clark requested a meeting.

  11. @ tk41
    Tillman plays in the NFC and is therefore not eligible to win the AFC player of the week

    Great idea! That’d be awesome if they cut him one of those huge Happy Gilmore checks!

  12. The Steelers decided to keep Rottenberger, so I decided (after being a lifelong “Stillers” fan) to become an Atlanta Falcons fan instead. My timing seems to be good, too, given their record to date this season.

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