Kenny Phillips won’t play this Sunday


Giants safety Kenny Phillips proclaimed himself healed and ready to play last week, an assessment that didn’t do much to sway the team’s coaches or medical staff.

Phillips was left on the bench for the fifth straight game as a result of the sprained MCL he suffered in Week Four. You might think that a player in such robust physical condition would be a lock to play in Week 10 against the Bengals after a little more time to rest his knee, but you’d be wrong.

Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that Phillips will not play until after the Giants return from their bye in Week 12. Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Coughlin also said that Phillips won’t practice at all this week. Phillips was able to practice recently, which raises the possibility that he has taken a wrong turn in his rehab. Coughlin insists there’s been no setback, though, and that Phillips just isn’t ready to get on the field in a game.

That means Stevie Brown will get at least one more start at safety for the Giants. He has played well since being thrust into the starting lineup when Phillips went down and was named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week after the Giants beat the Cowboys in Dallas.

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  1. @giantsfanbuteaglesownussoimaeaglesfan

    no, we want KP back. He played really well before his injury. Having three good safety options is a good thing, it will allow Fewell to deploy his big nickel package which was effective last season. And you can’t have too many good cover guys back there. And the Giants sure do need more cover guys.

  2. @giantsfanbuteaglesownussoimaeaglesfan

    We want KP back but the coaching staff is being smart. The issue with the Giants right now is offense. The defense has been great! The scores might not show that because the defense has had to hold on for too long because of the horrible play of the offense. Dallas 23-0 when it should’ve been 40-0 but the offense couldnt score in the redzone and same thing with Pitt. Giants were leading 20-10 in the 4th but the offense put up 6 yards in the 4th I believe. Its just a very very smart decision to keep KP on the bench while Fewell can draw up some nasty plays in the Ghidorah package and KP gets in shape to play big time QB’s after the bye. We have Rodgers,RG3,Brees,Ryan and Flacco after the bye in order. Stevie Brown is doing such a great job by the way so no rush KP. Now the offense, they need to step the $%&! UP!

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