Mario Williams says he had “a slight tear” in his wrist

Getty Images

When Bills defensive end Mario Williams was repeatedly complaining about a wrist injury, the team wasn’t disclosing it on their injury report.

And so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Williams is now claiming he had a tear in the wrist at a time when the team insists he didn’t.

Coach Chan Gailey recently denied a report that Williams had played with a torn wrist ligament.  Per Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, Williams told reporters on Wednesday that a tear was there.

“As far as I know,” Williams said regarding whether a ligament was torn.  “I don’t really know all the lingo.  I just wanted to get it done, whatever needed to be done.  I don’t know as far as exact terminology of it being torn.  I’ve heard that myself, but I just know something was wrong.”

Pressed for details, Williams was more explicit.   “He said there was a slight tear or whatever,” Williams said as to what the doctor told him.  “I don’t know the severity of it.  But, obviously, it was something that caused me not being able to use it.  You’d have to ask for the exact verbiage from the training staff.”

Whatever it was, Williams had surgery on it during the bye week.  At least the Bills aren’t denying that.