Nick Perry lands on injured reserve


Packers linebacker Nick Perry’s rookie season has ended.

As expected, the first-round pick from USC has been placed on injured reserve with a wrist injury.  His roster spot will be filled by tight end Andrew Quarless, who was activated from the reserve/physically unable to perform list.

Perry appeared in six games with five starts, generating two sacks before suffering a knee injury against the Texans.  But it was the wrist that brought his season to a premature end.

With linebacker Clay Matthews likely out a couple of weeks with a hamstring injury, undrafted rookie Dezmon Moses gets his chance to shine.  Moses caught the attention of the coaching staff early in offseason workouts, back when the Packers were in the process of figuring out which 53 of 90 players would have jobs come September.

Moses was one of them.  Now, he’ll likely be one of the starting 11 on defense.

14 responses to “Nick Perry lands on injured reserve

  1. That’s what I love about football. The last guy to make the team can still make an impact. I’m tired of seeing the same-old 5 hoodrats on each NBA team. Some of them are still going 15years straight!

  2. I hope when the Bears and Packers meet at Soldier Field in December that the Packers have some servicable LBs. I think they’re currently down 4 LBs or something?

    Rivalries are no fun with injuries.

  3. There is something up with the packers and all these injuries every year. They need to look into getting a conditioning coach or something.

  4. jayperry18, every fan of every team says the same thing. It’s a violent game… injuries happen. Why do people think coaches can magically fix everything?

  5. @steelernation really??? thats why your team didn’t draft perry? cuz they had an oppurtunity to see into the future? bahahahaha dummy

  6. Ok. We get it already!! You’re a Ravens or Browns fan or whatever and you hate Pittsburgh’s fans and team, so you go on every thread and make some outlandish comments while “posing” as an arrogant Steeler fan, just so everyone will get all mad and flame the rest of us.

    You may be a turd, but you’re good at it. There will be at least 5 people on this thread that get all riled up and fall for your stupid, tired schtick.

    Don’t believe this guy, folks. He isn’t a Steeler fan. Hope Perry heals up nicely, though.

  7. Quarless fills a huge gap in that ever critical 5th string tight end.

    Really I kid…when you only have 1 FB on the roster and he is hurt, you probably need 5 TE’s.

  8. Dom Capers is like a pilot/or sea captain that’s trying to hold together his vehicle with duct tape….

    All four of the starting linebackers in his 3-4 defense are out (3 on IR) – Nose Tackle and best DE miss a couple of games – Smartest guy in the secondary out for 6 weeks…. Dude is a genius all things considered.

  9. It’s strange that no Packer fan I speak with is concerned about the injuries. Sure, they’re important, but this defense seems to keep getting better every week, in any case. Great depth. Great drafting. Every “next man up” is getting the opportunity to show what they can do, and it’s working. When everyone is back and healthy and the playoffs are just around the corner…….look out.

  10. steelernationfartsinyourfaceandwinschampionships says:
    Nov 7, 2012 7:50 PM
    This is why Steeler Nation didn’t draft him.

    Really, and you know this because…? Do they let idiot fans do the drafting over there in Steeler Nation? No wonder the Steelers pick BEFORE the Packers in every draft. Here I thought the Steelers needed to draft another turnstile guard instead of a defensive player in the first round.

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