Niners defense gets no midseason awards respect


It’s the time for midseason awards in the NFL, something we usually don’t do because, with all due respect to those who do it, we personally think it’s kind of stupid.

Playoff berths aren’t decided until the season is over.  Awards shouldn’t be determined until then, either.

And, perhaps more importantly, we’re too lazy to do it.

But those who have taken the time to cobble together the talking points that come from determining whether Matt Ryan or Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck or J.J. Waaaaaatttttt is the midseason MVP apparently have overlooked a suffocating defense that returned 10 starters in 2012, with the new starter (Aldon Smith) being a clear upgrade over Parys Haralson.

Cam Inman of points out the dissing of the 49ers D, which comes at a time when players like Watt (sorry, Waaaaaattttttt) and Bears defensive back Charles Tillman are getting all the buzz.

Still, the Niners are allowing a league-low 12.9 points per game, including four games in which the opponent scored six points or fewer.  And the midseason slight, meaningless as it may be, surely will give coach Jim Harbaugh another arrow in his motivational quiver.

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  1. 13 ppg is impressive for a D and will assure a tough playoff out.

    But we are talking Defensive MVP here, not a team award.

    Peanut and JJ have made the most splash plays and are deservedly the clear faves.

  2. Peanut is great it’s just that other people are starting to realize it now. He had 36 career forced fumbles! To put that in comparison one of the greatest linebackers of all time, Ray Lewis, has only 19 for his career. Peanut is beastmode just on defense.

  3. Nobody out there would deny that, as a unit, the 9ers are in the argument for best in the league. The likes of Watt and Tillman have, on an individual level, had more of an impact. Nobody’s dissing San Fran, and suggesting that they are seems like a rather pained attempt to manufacture “disrespect” to be used as motivation

  4. All of that is well and good, but SF will have to travel during the playoffs this year and I’m not sure their D is good enough to overcome Alex Smith game in and game out in hostile environments.

  5. “All of that is well and good, but SF will have to travel during the playoffs this year and I’m not sure their D is good enough to overcome Alex Smith game in and game out in hostile environments.”

    You’re basing that on The Falcons being undefeated and the Bears winning more games than the Niners. The Falcons will have to play a lot tougher 2nd half schedule and will probably lose 3 or 4 of those games. The Bears play the Texans and then the Niners and also have to play The Packers again. They lose at least 3 more of their games. The Niners could end up #1 seed in the NFC… Basically no one knows what’s going to happen in the next 8 weeks or who stays healthy…

  6. Travel during the playoffs? I agree with garonm. The Falcons look like a team that could swoon and go on a 3 or 4 game losing streak. The Bears are only one game ahead, and they play against each other on the Monday Nighter in a couple of weeks. Both of those teams have tough schedules coming up. The Bears play Houston, San Fran, Green Bay and Detroit. You could add Seattle in there too. Atlanta plays New Orleans twice, Tampa twice, the Giants and Detroit. 49ers play 2 teams with a winning record, and one of those teams is New England. Even if the 49ers get the third seed, the other two still have to win their playoff games. A 13-3 record should clinch homefield for anybody, and I can see Frisco doing that just as easily as Atlanta or Chicago.

  7. I don’t really care about home field honestly. We’d have to play the Super Bowl away anyway, so whether it’s one, two, or three games, we can’t really avoid it.

    As far as Defensive MVP, as a 49er fan, I don’t really care if the 49ers are under represented in the voting. We don’t really have one star player anyway. You could give our team DMVP to Goldson, Smith, J. Smith, and of course either middle linebacker.

  8. People say that defense wins championships. That might be true, but what truly wins championships is TEAM defense. Niners/Bears is the game of the season and will tell the real story. I’ll put all of my chips on Willis/Bowman.

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