Quinn says he played with concussion

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The ultimate test of the league’s procedures for spotting concussions is that they don’t work.

Case in point:  Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn suffered a concussion when he was struck by a knee in the helmet during the first quarter of a game against the Raiders on October 28.  He stayed in the game.

According to the Associated Press, Quinn told reporters he had problems with his vision after the incident, but he stayed in the game — even though he put on the wrong helmet while on the sidelines.

Later in the quarter, Quinn was sacked.  Quinn explained that he had “tunnel vision,” and he was unable to see the Raiders’ defensive backs when he threw an interception.

Quinn admitted that he wanted to keep playing.  “That’s why I tried to stay in the game, because it was the first opportunity for me in a while,” Quinn said.  “I tried to play through it, and that’s my fault for not being smart about it.”

That’s why the league needs to keep working on improving the methods for spotting concussions; players typically don’t want their concussions to be spotted.

In Quinn’s case, he wasn’t even checked for a concussion despite taking a knee to the head and later putting on the wrong helmet.  Whatever the league does in these situations, it needs to do enough so that players like Quinn won’t slip through the cracks and end up back on the field.

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  1. Not to make light of it, but concussion or no concussion, the numbers and the results have been the same for Quinn.

  2. How can you blame the team when he stayed in the entire time? It’s not easy to see one specific hit when every play is full of collisions, and grabbing a different helmet isn’t even close to something a coach or medical staff is paying attention to during a game.

  3. Look… Quinn absoultely, no argument about it, is a terrible quarterback. No coach is going to make this guy great. But at some point the NFL needs to devote a small portion of cash from the 9 billion dollars it makes to make sure these guys are not going to have to be spoon fed baby food at 52.

  4. Ultimately it falls on the player to speak up, and not try to hide the injury. People should stop trying to blame others. At least Quinn is taking responsibility for hiding it. The media should follow suit.

  5. bluvanar:

    I think you missed the point. If a player has a concussion, they aren’t going to think clearly enough to admit they just suffered brain trauma.

    Maybe you’ve been hit in the head to be this misguided.

  6. There sure are a lot of players owning up to playing through concussions lately.

    I think some of it is certainly down to players suddenly realising how serious they can be. I also think some of it is down to bravado. Players want to be seen to be tough and to have the ability to play through injury. There also seems to be an element of players looking back on games where they have played badly and justifying it (to others or maybe themselves) that they were injured, or concussed.

    I’m certainly not taking too literally any anecdotal evidence of playing through a concussion that far in the past.

  7. It was clear to me that he just didn’t want to play anymore.

    He got rocked a couple of times and quit.

  8. larrybrown43 says:
    Nov 8, 2012 1:03 AM

    I think you missed the point. If a player has a concussion, they aren’t going to think clearly enough to admit they just suffered brain trauma.

    Maybe you’ve been hit in the head to be this misguided.
    There are several people that feel the same way as @larrybrown43 but the players must be held accountable for their decisions. I understand the diminished capacity for decision making argument but that is not exactly sound logic. While true to a certain degree, it is no more viable than saying a drunk is not responsible for his DWI/DUI because his brain function was limited. The players are often “aware” enough to actively hide their symptoms. That means they know there is something wrong and that they might be pulled from the game. It also means that they bear responsibility for further damage. The league has a responsibility as well, but that should be limited to those situations where it is quite obvious something is wrong.

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