Report: Nick Perry has surgery on wrist, “likely” to injured reserve


A second opinion for Green Bay Packers’ rookie linebacker Nick Perry has apparently turned into a possibly season-ending surgery.

According to Lance Allen of WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, Perry had surgery on his injured left wrist Tuesday. Per the report, it’s “likely” Perry is headed for injured reserve.

Jason Wilde of is reporting that no final determination has been made on Perry’s status but it is likely he will be placed on injured reserve.

If Perry is placed on injured reserve, his season would be over. The Packers already used their one “designated to return” injured reserve designation on running back Cedric Benson.

Perry initially injured his wrist in the Packers’ season opener against the San Francisco 49ers on Sept. 9. Perry has also been fighting a knee injury the last few weeks since injuring it Oct. 14 against the Houston Texans. With Clay Matthews already expected to miss a couple weeks with a hamstring injury, the loss of Perry will be felt that much more by the Packers.

For the season, Perry has compiled 18 tackles and two sacks in six games.

17 responses to “Report: Nick Perry has surgery on wrist, “likely” to injured reserve

  1. “Next man up!” oh wait, Walden was already playing more snaps and playing much better than Perry. No loss except as a reserve. No Matthews for a couple weeks hurts but Moses is a gamer. It’s a good thing Rodgers is so great he can make up for the loss of 10-15 starters and still win a SB. IN GODGERS WE TRUST

  2. This might not be that big of a deal because Walden has been playing so well. Now that Woodson is out, I guess Tramon and the starters on the D-line are even more valuable. It’s eerie how similar this season is becoming to 2010…look out, league.

  3. WTF is going on this year? The Packers could field a starting line-up with the guys they have hurt.

    I don’t know if they can overcome all of these injuries. Currently down 4 starting linebackers, starting safety, starting fullback, starting tackle, 2 starting WRs, starting RB.

    Since we have Obama for another 4 years how about redistributing some quality players from other teams to help my downtrodden Packers?

  4. It’s time these individuals learn to play with the minor aches and pains.. They’re paid enough!

  5. WR Greg Jennings
    WR Jordy Nelson
    RB Cedric Benson
    FB John Kuhn
    RT Brian Bulaga

    CB/S Charles Woodson
    CB Sam Shields
    LB Clay Matthews
    LB Desmond Bishop
    LB D.J. Smith
    LB Nick Perry
    DE Jerel Worthy

    If you could build a team around the Packers’ injured starters, I think it would probably make the playoffs.

  6. SO why did Perry sit out three four weeks and now just go have surgery? I mean if you need surgery you need surgery. If he would have had it after game one, he would be coming back now or maybe in a couple of weeks.
    Now by waiting the season is lost.
    Personally I wasn’t ga ga over his play or lack of but then they kept this injury from the fans. He played hurt.

  7. I hope this ain’t another Mike Neal. Neal gets hurt licking envelop stamps and taking out the garbage.

    I do notice there seems to be a new propensity that when a player learns the media and fans are calling you out for not playing well, there all of a sudden is this strange injury that no one knew about?

    Wonder if the agents tell the players, better come up with an injury you suck out there and your contract renewal numbers are going down.

  8. Saw Perry and Mathews side by side one game. QB took off on a run and Mathews in two steps was almost on the guy and Perry was left in the dust. This is their number one pick and hope?
    I don’t think so. Can’t coach quickness.

  9. lol, how is this “another mike neal”…
    it’s the dude’s rookie season, he came in – didn’t get hurt in training camp, made some plays, got in some pressure and did what we drafted him for (open up 1 on 1 opportunities for Clay).

    Guy twists his wrist, then stubs his knee on the texan’s dumb Knee hating turf, now all of a sudden,
    “This guy is an injury prone bust!” ….smh, c’mon man…

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