Stanford Routt and his agent are shocked the Chiefs cut him


The Chiefs’ decision to cut cornerback Stanford Routt on Monday came as a surprise to Routt and his agent.

Vann McElroy, Routt’s agent, told the Kansas City Star he didn’t see the release coming and isn’t sure why it happened.

I’m still trying to figure it out,” McElroy said. “It’s a weird situation.”

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said that Routt wasn’t getting acclimated to the Chiefs’ defense as quickly as the team had hoped, but McElroy found it surprising that the Chiefs would give up on a player they just gave a $4.2 million signing bonus in March.

“I know they’re 1-7, and they’re looking for reasons . . . I have no clue what happened,” said McElroy. “I’ve got a call in to Scott [Pioli]. I talked to Stanford, and he’s about as surprised and shocked and down as one can be. He doesn’t totally understand it either.”

Although things didn’t work out in Kansas City, Routt had started seven games before the Chiefs cut him, and he was a starter the last two years in Oakland, too. A cornerback who’s good enough to start doesn’t become available in the middle of a season very often. So as big a surprise as it was that the Chiefs cut Routt, it will be an even bigger surprise if he remains unemployed for long.

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  1. Sounds like a production/chemistry/personality conflict issue to me. Romeo just stepped down as DC and named Gibbs. I bet Gibbs said Routt must go. Could be something he did/said or poor production. I have no idea how well or poorly he was playing.

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  3. I wish there were guaranteed contracts sometimes so moronic GM’s wouldn’t be able to get out of signing bad deals so easily. Why sign players to anything other than 1-2 year contracts if you aren’t going to honor them? Just give them guaranteed money upfront with one year deals, same difference.

  4. ok, so if the eagles get him he would be their best blocker. a MUST SIGN for the eagles.

  5. Usually when this happens the suspension letter follows shortly or some type of legal situation. Teams don’t typically throw money away like that.

  6. When you are going for the #1 pick in the draft you have to get rid of anybodythat could screw it up. That’s why Crennel is still the coach.

  7. Stanford Routt,

    Be glad you got out of this mess.

    Why they never did the same thing for Cassel I will never understand…

  8. Can’t believe how many people want this “toast” on their team. It’s obvious you never watched a Raider game when he played for them. The guy was #1 in penalties and couldn’t cover a $5 drink tab.

    Best move the new regime in Oakland made was to cut this clown. He cost us probably 3 games last season if not more. Another Al scholarship player. At least the Oakland 2cd teamer’s (both starting DB’s are injured) we have playing now are a lot less costly and as good or better than Routt.

    In K.C. Routt has been just as bad. I’m surprised it took them that many games to figure it out.

  9. Pioli’s Motto:

    It’s easy to make mistakes, when it’s someone else’s money…

  10. “A cornerback who’s good enough to start doesn’t become available in the middle of a season very often.”

    Agreed, but had you seen Routt play this year, you’d know that is not what happened.

  11. Since we are talking the chiefs here.
    Could somebody tell me who the brain surgeon is who looked at the schedule and said… Chief’s vs Steelers….looks like a great MNF match up.
    This guy should be FIRED. The bottom dwelling chiefs should never be on prime time tv.

  12. cav2ya says:
    Nov 7, 2012 2:56 PM

    Eagles can sign him and cut Asugm…aosugma.. ya know, that really over priced, overrated CB we have…


    Raiders will take Nnamdi back in whatever’s faster than a millisecond. The Eagles clearly haven’t used him properly. He was the 1B the Revis’ 1A in the shutdown corner department. Give him back to us. He belongs in the silver and black. Routt is just horrible. Takes too many risks, takes bad angles, isn’t instinctual, and plays a bit lazy.

  13. snaponrules –

    I am fairly confindent the schedule is determined before the season starts, not during. At the end of last season the Chiefs were 1 blocked field goal away from winning their horrible division.

    On paper they looked good and a lot people picked them to win the AFC West this year and at this point in the season a rematch against Todd Haley should have been interesting…now it is going to be a horrible game for Chiefs fans.

    I can’t wait till week 15 when the Jets play the Titans…wait who scheduled that one!?

  14. If the Eagles replace Nnamdi with Routt then the late great Al Davis deserves a pass for replacing Nnamdi with Routt last year.

  15. sometimes he can make some spectacular plays but more often than not he’s a penalty waiting to happen…in today’s nfl, his grabby hands aren’t received well by the refs. he will definitely be employed soon and he would provide terrific depth beyond the starting lineup.

  16. Routt has had a bad season, that’s why he was cut. He’s one of the most penalized cornerbacks in the NFL this year and gets picked on a ton with Flowers on the other side.

    Anybody who thinks Stanford Routt is going to save their team are sorely mistaken.

  17. I don’t need to be careful. Guys who failed in OAK and KC (Stevie Brown and Tynes, along with a couple of others) are studs here. I’ll take my chances on a 4.3 guy.

  18. Are you sure they aren’t flabbergasted? Like I was when the Chefs signed him?

    The guy is and always was terrible. I’ve seen every game he played for the Raiders. It doesn’t seem like he got any better playing for the Chefs.

  19. Just sue the NFL for wrongful dismissal. Dosen’t matter if its covered in the CBA, its in vogue. You’ll win, eventually.

  20. Please tell me what is going on with the Chiefs! You cut a guy that had started every game you’ve played with horrible backups behind him and you cut your starter, you know the one you’ve been starting and playing this whole time so now to make things better your now going to start Javier Arenas or Jalil Brown or Travis Daniels…. for everybody who doesnt know who this people are and you shouldnt because they dont do anything, they are a horrible at man coverage… The only reasonable explaination i have is that the Chiefs are just gonna go zone the whole game because if these coaches think that these there guys can man cover than maybe i should apply as the next Chiefs head coach!!!!!!!

  21. He’s always getting burned in coverage in Oaktown..What a waste of money!..He could just retire and enjoy all the millions he unearned like Jafatass Russel.

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