Calvin Johnson says he has been dealing with nerve damage


If Calvin Johnson keeps talking, the Lions eventually will be making a $20,000 contribution to the Human Fund.

With four NFL teams already fined that amount this season for violating the league’s injury-reporting rules, the Lions could be in line for a similar sanction, for failing to list Johnson on the injury report due to the consequences of a hard hit he absorbed earlier this year from Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway.

Johnson previously said he suffered a concussion on the play; the team denied it.  Now, via Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press, Johnson said he believes the concussion also may have caused nerve damage.

“Actually I had some nerve damage that was kind of messing up my grip a little,” Johnson said. “Not to blame that, but I think that the concussion could have had something to do with some of that damage I had going on.”

Johnson has missed plenty of practice time in recent weeks with a knee injury, but he hasn’t been disclosed this season as having a concussion or nerve damage.

Last week, Ravens coach John Harbaugh complained that players who are able to practice and play with injuries may not want their conditions to be publicized.  For players like Johnson and Bills defensive end Mario Williams, the injuries are being disclosed not by the team, but by players who may be trying to explain diminished performance.

That’s why teams tell players not to talk about injuries — and it’s why the Lions could eventually find themselves getting fined for what Johnson has said.

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  1. I think it’s time to think about using the Madden curse for a more common good. Rather than scrapping an elite player’s season like it has Megatron and others, they should target someone more deserving… Andy Reid, Jerry Jones, Scott Pioli… the possibilities are endless!

  2. Why would you put your best player, arguably the best player in the league at his position, through the middle like that anyway. If I was Calvin I’d be pissed that I was setup by my QB for a kill shot!

  3. Can we stop with the Madden curse garbage? The dude has played all games and is in the top 3 WRs in terms of yardage on pace to go for 1400 – 1500 yards.

    Just stop trying to justify it. He’s having a good season. Not historic like last years but it’s still very good overall.

  4. On pace for over 1600 yards, forcing defenses to sit their 2 safeties 20 yards off the ball, opening up the running game and allowing others to score TDs instead is hardly a curse.

  5. Don’t you just hate when players blame injuries on why they’re not playing well, I heard this before from Mario Williams and others. This is what separate guys like johnson and Peyton manning, you never once heard him blame his neck injury on his poor performances.

  6. getatmeplease says: Nov 8, 2012 3:08 PM

    “He hasn’t been the same player since that hit. Of course Megatron with nerve damage is still better than every other WR in the NFL.”

    Receptions: Brandon Marshall – 59
    Johnson – 48

    Yards: Marshall – 797
    Johnson – 767

    TDs: Marshall – 7
    Johnson – 1

    At what, exactly?

  7. People can say whatever they want but Megatron is having a down year. He still hasn’t caught any touchdowns from his starting quarterback and it’s November!

    First he’s dealing with a knee issue now he reveals he has nerve damage.

    The Madden curse lives.

  8. Blaming Stafford for Greenway’s stupid helmet-to-helmet? That’s about the stupidest thing I’ve read all day, and I’ve been in here reading these comments!

  9. larryboodry says:
    Nov 8, 2012 5:16 PM
    getatmeplease says: Nov 8, 2012 3:08 PM

    At what, exactly?
    He said he’s still better than every receiver in the NFL. You must be listening to the voices in Brandon Marshall’s head telling you he is a better receiver than Megatron.

  10. hyzers says:

    “He said he’s still better than every receiver in the NFL. You must be listening to the voices in Brandon Marshall’s head telling you he is a better receiver than Megatron.”

    No voices, just stats…The same stats you conveniently chose to delete in your re-post of my comment…Not only is Marshall better this season, but Tillman and the Bears D made ‘Megatron’ look like a chump a few weeks back…Figures now y’all are whining about a phantom concussion and nerve damage, injuries the team said he never suffered. (And one freakin’ TD in 8 games doesn’t make him even noteworthy, much less ‘best in the NFL.’)

    Just sayin’…

  11. larryboodry:

    We get it, you are a Bears fan. Marshall is good, if not really good. But be realistic, Calvin IS better than Marshall, regardless of your little stats you wrote.

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