Giants-Bengals will be blacked out in Cincinnati

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With the combination of a good young team and an attractive schedule of home games, the Bengals decided not to take advantage of a new rule that allows teams to reduce their minimum percentage of non-premium ticket sales as low as 85.

With the good young team not playing very well, that attractive schedule of homes games gradually has gotten less attractive.

As a result, Sunday’s visit from the defending Super Bowl champions won’t be televised locally.  The team made the announcement on Thursday afternoon.

All we know is that the Bengals haven’t sold 100 percent of the non-premium tickets.  It’s not known how close they came, an important factor in assessing whether the Bengals should have bought the excess tickets at 34 cents on the dollar.

It’s the first game this season that the Bengals have failed to sell out.  And it gives Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (whose team helped sell out the stadium in Week Nine) something with which to tweak his brother, Eli.

Then again, Eli still has that second Super Bowl ring.

19 responses to “Giants-Bengals will be blacked out in Cincinnati

  1. We haven’t won a game since September. What did you expect? Losing to the reigning champs doesn’t somehow make watching the loss at PBS less depressing.

  2. When the Browns beat the Bengals a few weeks ago, the majority of Cincy fans lapsed into their usual “another wasted year” mentality.

    Can’t say I blame them.

  3. melikefootball says: Nov 8, 2012 3:28 PM

    Wish my team played in Cincy, I could get tickets for each game.


    Not knowing who your team is I’m assuming they sell out because they aren’t awful. In which case if they played in Cincinnati the fans here would pay to watch them and you’d be screwed out of tickets anyway. It’s a product issue, not a customer issue.

  4. Well, at least the lines to get in and get a drink will be shorter. This is how we Bengals fans think positive!

  5. It’s not the fans’ fault. I actually admire the fans of these perennially bad teams. It’s a lot harder to be a Bengals fan than it is to be a Giants fan or a Pats fan.

  6. It is not that people in Cincinnati don’t want to watch the Bengals, it is just that they don’t want anyone to see them on TV and realize they are a Bengals fan. Some things are better kept secret…

  7. I do not understand these blackouts, why punish the average local fan that might not make enough money to buy tickets or special tv packages, i am sure the owners will still make profit from the game

  8. Reality has set in for Bengal fans, they just aren’t very good.

    They had a crazy soft schedule last year, which made everybody look better than they really are.

    Still, it’s not like the Chargers or Chiefs are coming to town, it’s the Super Bowl champion Giants.


  9. timmons94 says:

    Don’t be bashing bengals fans. They r great fans. This is what happens when u have a lousy owner, that said. Dalton has regressed
    I’ve lived in Cincy for all but three-plus seasons of their existence. I have gone to Bengals games at Nippert Stadium, Riverfront, and PBS, even a few road games. My father had season tickets for 19 years at Riverfront and attended the Ice Bowl. However, I’m not a Bengals fan and never have been one.

    I can tell you this about Bengals fans, based on over 40 years of direct, local observation–they are not “great fans”. Some, a very few, are devoted. I have to question their sanity, spending so much time and energy on an organization that just…doesn’t…care…about winning, unless it increases profits. It’s an organization that doesn’t care about the fans or the wins and losses, only about the bottom line. Mike Brown is the Donald Sterling of the NFL.

    Most of the rest of the fans are bandwagon types or expense accounts. It’s disgustingly easy to get second-hand tickets to Bengals games, as there are tons of them flying around.

    This will tell you how “great” Bengals fans are

    Whenever my father would go to a Bengal game against the Browns or Steelers, he’d be angry when he got home, even if the Bagels won. Asked why, he always said the same thing–“60,000 Bengals fans, 5,000 Steelers/Browns fans, and they were LOUDER!”

  10. The TV stay at home experience for many has become more enjoyable and a lot less expensive than going to the game. Commish Goodell just made a statement that confirms that. I don’t think Bengal fans that would like to watch on theirTV should be blacked out. Go Giants!!

  11. 1) We won’t get to see Dalton get mauled by the Giants (due to the Bengals’ OLine as the only healthy center is on the practice squad, signed this week). The only way Dalton doesn’t set the record for receiving the most sacks in a game is if Marvin runs the ball every down (which might just happen).

    2) Don’t think the Beer lines will be shorter. Only true suds inhalers will go to the game and Mr Brown will certainly shut down many concession stands to save salary if sections aren’t fully populated.

    3) The tough second half schedule and their current record dictated the ‘just another lost season’ mentality. they needed to be 6-2 at this point to finish 3-5 and maybe make the playoffs at 9-7. However, with five AFC losses there is no scenario where they tie and go to the playoffs as a wild card.

    4) I just hope Dalton stays healthy to finish the season. What is the NFL record for sacks in a game?

    5) Bengal fans are already looking at the 2013 draft for entertainment.

  12. A bunch of wins last season over teams with losing records gave Bengal fans false hope.

    They’re slowly getting better, but they still have a long way to go to play with the big boys every week.

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