Joe Banner: Wins and losses won’t decide who stays with Browns


When Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner get around to deciding whether or not to keep coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager Tom Heckert after the season, the decision won’t be made based on the team’s won-loss record.

That was the message Banner sent during an interview with Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Thursday. Banner said that the brass will be looking at other things as they decide which direction to go in the future. Banner said that having worked with both men in Philadelphia gives him some insight into who they are which will help since the criteria he’s looking for could be hard to discern over a couple of months.

“We’re looking for leadership, attention to detail, character, those kinds of things,” Banner said.

One place he’ll need to rely on the current staff is with his evaluation of quarterback Brandon Weeden. He told Cabot that he knows they need to make a decision about Weeden’s fit as the quarterback for the long term. Banner said that they would be reliant on the thoughts of experts already in the building.

Wins and losses might not be the biggest factor for Banner in the abstract, but they will certainly play a role. If Shurmur shows that he can win (or doesn’t) with this team, it should make a difference in how he’s viewed. All of the things Banner mentions are vital, but the league is ultimately about results and they’ll matter when decision time comes for Shurmur.

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  1. Instead, Joe will base his decisions on a complicated formula which takes into account strength of schedule, net yardage differences, travel time to and from away games, weather conditions, and prevailing winds. It may be some way into the off season before the computers can crunch all the numbers.

  2. Thats what Holmgren said about Mangini too. Shurmer is a dead man walking and we all know it. Why not do it know on the bye week and put Juraun or Chilly down there till the end of the year. I think there are 2 people in this whole organization that are safe for now. Joe Haden and Trent Richardson.

  3. I’m not sure I envy Banner and Haslam when it comes to making this decision. On the one hand, do you really want to give up on a coach when he’s had only two seasons and the players are still playing hard for him? Chuck Noll had a losing record in each of his first three NFL seasons; Jimmy Johnson was 1-15 in his first NFL season. Both went on to win Super Bowls. Do you really want to fire everybody and set the clock back to zero again? On the other hand, how can you justify keeping a guy with a track record of nothing but losing and losing and more losing? It’s a no-win situation. My guess is that Shurmur is a goner at season’s end, but I don’t see it as an easy call, unless you’ve got some super hotshot replacement waiting in the wings, which I doubt.

  4. Well good luck Cleveland, may Joe Banner fill your trophy cases with Lombardi’s just like Philly. Oh, wait, never mind… At least Canton is only an hour down the road from Cleveland and you can visit each years Lombardi trophy there.

  5. Doesn’t the new owner know better!?!?

    Everyone knows that the guy that pulls the short straw “gets” to stay in cleveland!

    The river of sorrow continues to run right through town!


  6. Joe’s SB trophy case in Philly was empty and so will it be in Cleveland. So sad the old boy net work is still alive.

  7. Hey, clown the guy for bein’ a “numbers/money guy” all you want. His savvy helped build a consistent & competitive winner in Philly. If he can duplicate half of the success he had there w/my Browns I’ll take it.

    1st order of business: Fire Fritz Shurmur’s nephew.

  8. I (as a Cleveland fan) will never understand why so many people who root for other teams continue to rag on Cleveland and their teams?! We don’t win! We know we’re bad. Tell us something we don’t know. Lets try doing that!

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