Jones-Drew says he’s about two weeks away


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has now missed three games after suffering a sprained foot early in a loss to the Raiders.

He could be missing a couple more games.

Three days after coach Mike Mularkey said Jones-Drew could return for a November 18 trip to Houston, Jones-Drew tells Alex Flanagan of NFL Network that he’s roughly two weeks away from coming back.

The Jaguars host Tennessee on November 25, and they go to Buffalo on December 2.

Jones-Drew, who led the NFL in rushing last season, has 414 yards on 86 carries, which equates to an average of 4.8 yards per attempt.

There’s not much he can do to help a seven-loss team down the stretch; thus, it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the offseason.  He surely still wants a new contract, and the Jags could decide to try to trade him in lieu of either paying with him or dealing with a guy who wants to be paid.

8 responses to “Jones-Drew says he’s about two weeks away

  1. I am sure Khan is glad he didn’t cave to Jones-Drew. Sure his team sucks but if he caved to Jones Drew it would still suck and he would be out several million more dollars.

  2. Whats wrong Maurice?

    Cutler’s not man enough, but you’ve now lost several games for a “sprained foot”and your team’s season is done before it began.

  3. As a die-hard Jaguar fan living in misery right now, I can honestly say…who cares. MJD screwed up bad with the holdout. He got older and got injured, and accomplished nothing outside of alienating the fan base against him.

    I think that the loss to Minnesota in week one, a game that the Jaguars had completely won but lost after kicking off with the lead and 14 seconds left in the game…catapulted this team to expecting to lose. Seriously, Jax has never recovered from that loss. Anytime anything goes wrong, the Jags fold…painful.

    Of course not having any talent doesn’t help, either.

  4. Remember when Jaguar fans were saying they wouldn’t miss MJD?

    Sure, they’d still be where they are now, but they wouldn’t be THIS putrid on offense.

  5. MJD must be scared to play. This is really disappointing! Chicken Little is hurting his team, should get out there, earn his money and be a man. — J Cutler

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