Lovie Smith, Brandon Marshall support any decision Charles Tillman makes


Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is hoping that his wife doesn’t go into labor until Monday, but he said in a radio interview on Wednesday that he would miss the Bears’ Sunday night game against the Texans if he needed to be at the hospital with his wife.

Tillman said that family was his first priority, something driven home when one of his other daughters was born with a rare heart condition. Mike Florio of PFT and others have taken issue with Tillman’s stance, but that group does not include Tillman’s coach or one of his teammates.

“It’s family first,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said, via Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times. “If there is something you feel like you need to do for your family always do that. How we look at it is like an injury. If a player can’t go, it’s next guy up. We’ll keep going.”

“It’s take care of your family. We understand how things are run around here,” wide receiver Brandon Marshall said. “This is a special group. Coach Smith is a special guy, definitely in how he runs things, and … you take on the character of your leader. That’s what he preaches — family comes first.”

You can’t really preach the importance of family and then say that Sundays are a different story. If the Bears are okay with Tillman missing the game and Tillman is okay with missing the game, it’s hard to imagine there’s much more of a story here regardless of the decision that Tillman makes.

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  1. It helps that the bears are 7-1, maybe if this was the last game and they needed a win to make a playoffs it might be a different story, but will all that said, i see no problem with him taking a day off. People with “normal” jobs take days off to go see the birth of children, why should this be any different.

  2. when regular joes like us are in that situation we get paternity leave or get that one day off at the very least .. tillman just earns his living a little differently than us regular joes but he should be entitled to that same consideration.

    not like the entire football game is cancelled, just one player missing the game as if it were an injury as lovie smith said.

    this is a non-issue but i am glad it got reported so hilight the family-first attitude.

  3. It’s refreshing to see some people really do have their priorities straight. I personally have 2 children and 550 employees, and I cannot even conceive a situation where I’d either miss their birth or ask someone to do the same. They were easily 2 of, if not THE best days of my life.

    Anyone who thinks football comes first….wow, I’ll show some restraint here, but “come on man”!!!

    That said, I realize folks in the military miss this event all the time and I feel for them, but it’s not a surprise as they make the ultimate sacrifice daily. I guess it’s an unfortunate by product of being a real HERO!!!!

  4. There is a difference between NFL players and “regular Joes”. NFL players only have about 16 days a year when their work really really matters. Us regular Joes have about 250. So for them to miss one game is like us missing over two weeks.

    That said, it’s between the player and the team and especially since Tillman and his wife have already had one child with a heart condition I’m glad he can be there for her.

  5. Tillman should absolutely be with his wife. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Packer fan (I am.) and I’m hoping the Bears lose on Sunday night (I do). I’m saying it because family should trump job every time. I’m glad the Bears agree.

  6. Whats the big deal about him being there? It’s not like the kid is going to remember his dad giving him a high five when he comes out. He will however, be able to read about the Sunday night game on his birthday when his dad had 2 interceptions.

  7. i agree with you that there are only 16 games a year so missing any one of those is more impactful .. but in the end this is really just showbiz. modern-day pro sports are just another branch of the entertainment industry .. and their employers are doing just fine revenue/profit wise .. so it really doesn’t ‘matter’.

    however, the birth of one’s child really does ‘matter’.

  8. those of you whining about players working only 16 days a year what about the off season work they do? ota’s individual and workouts? there is allot work that goes into those 16 days so it is not like he gets paid only for the games. I wonder if florio would feel so strong about that if he were needed by family and had to choose between football night on nbc or to be with his family?

  9. I’m glad we know where Brandon Marshall stands.

    He’s a model citizen and one we should all listen to when making any kind of moral decisions.

  10. Considering the NFL is really “no days off”, the man deserves to be there for his wife and child. He’s work 365 days a year, taking a day off to go witness the birth of his child shouldn’t be criticized. Well said, Lovie and Marshall. Family first. At the end of the day, when his time is up in the NFL, he’ll have FAMILY.

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