Peyton helps Eli prepare for the Bengals


Last week the Bengals faced Peyton Manning and the Broncos. This week the Bengals face Eli Manning and the Giants. And so when the Manning brothers talked on their day off Tuesday, the Bengals’ defense was the main topic of conversation.

Eli told reporters that he had asked his big brother what he noticed about the Bengals’ defense, to see if he could offer any tips.

Yeah, I talked to him a little bit,” Eli Manning said, via the Star-Ledger. “I talked to him [Tuesday] about their game. Just seeing if there are any tips on certain things. We talked a little bit.”

Peyton probably couldn’t tell Eli a whole lot that Eli couldn’t find out for himself by watching film, but any extra bit of information can help a quarterback’s preparation. And if Eli can beat an AFC team, that’s good for Peyton.

Which means that between Weeks 15 and 16, when the Ravens play the Broncos and the Giants back to back, Peyton will probably give Eli a call again.

14 responses to “Peyton helps Eli prepare for the Bengals

  1. Do you really have to prepare that much to beat the Bengals defense? I’m a Bengals fan and I just don’t see what Eli has to worry about. Nobody on the Bengals offensive line can block JPP, Osi, and Justin Tuck.

    The Bengals secondary is pretty bad. Should be called tertiary.

  2. explosionsauce clearly doesn’t understand what a snitch is.

    @prince5000 It’d be great if the conference championships were Broncos-Ravens and 49ers-Giants, then that SB. TV Network Heaven.

  3. Haha ya. He also helped eli against the steelers. See how that turned out??? I hope steelers play broncis in playoffs and they finally have to play on our home field. We will chew peyton up and spit out his neck bone!

  4. steelersownyou says:
    Nov 8, 2012 11:27 AM
    Haha ya. He also helped eli against the steelers. See how that turned out??? I hope steelers play broncis in playoffs and they finally have to play on our home field. We will chew peyton up and spit out his neck bone!

    ………that’s about all we need to know about ya…

  5. nflgiant says:
    Nov 8, 2012 11:49 AM
    Eli has not looked right the last 3 games,could it be that his arm is tired?


    The Giants need to draft an early round, fast and shifty running back to give Bradshaw and Eli’s offense a change of pace.

    ….. and then PLAY him when they get one…..

  6. Seems like every year questions come out about what’s wrong with Eli but when crunch time rolls around he seems to do just fine. Two SBs in the last five years is something we can only dream about here in Cincy. Heck just a playoff win would probably sound our fans out into the streets screaming about the second comimg. We haven’t seen it for 22+ years and as long as Mike Brown runs the show we probably won’t until he is gone.

  7. Eli is so humble and i think that is very smart for him to ask for wise counsel. However Peyton is very snobbish and I hope he is willing to help his brother. My 2 favourite teams both have Mannings, how ironique but i say stop blaming Eli for the woes of the Giants. The defense has been lackluster and remember Cruz, NIcks, etc have to catch balls. as for the question if Eli’s arm is tired, I thought he has been playing well. Hey, Peyton threw 2 INT against Bengals and Eli threw none against the Steelers; I do believe that this last game Eli was a bit distracted by his family issues from his condo situation resulting from the storm and that is normal. I wish people would stop picking at Eli and start analysing the real problems with the Giants.

  8. In response to Edith:

    1) Eli DID throw an INT
    2) Learn to spell and form coherent sentences
    3) Your analysis is ridiculously simplistic. The difference is that even when Peyton will throw two INTs, as he did last game, he will also tend to compensate by racking up a lot of yards, 3 TDs and a very high completion percentage that keeps his offense on the field. Eli, meanwhile, threw for zero TDs, very few yards and missed a very high percentage of his passes. Eli can be great, but his down games are generally worse than other elite QBs’ down games, including his brother, whom you rather idiotically declare “very snobbish”.

  9. Dear CHB47
    First of all, you do not show intelligence or critical thinking by insulting me. What you consider simplistic, was written by a college professor pursuing her PhD, and that is me. Therefore, before you insult people, think, you do not know who you are speaking to.

    When I said Eli did not throw an interception, I was referring to the game against the Bengals and nothing else. As for my comment about Peyton being snobbish, that is my primary observation using qualitative ethnographic research. If we are to have intelligent discourse, please refrain from insulting me. Thank you kindly

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