PFT Live: Week 10 picks, PFT Planet calls and tweets

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We’re on the doorstep of Week 10 and that means it is time to make some picks for the week.

Mike Florio and Michael David Smith will discuss their picks for Week 10 on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live. Their season-long competition finds Florio ahead by five games thanks to the Saints’ win on Monday night and MDS won’t be able to close the gap this week since they disagree on just two games. In one of their disagreements, Florio believes the Saints will end the Falcons’ run at an undefeated season and MDS believes the Falcons will be 9-0 come the end of Sunday’s game. They’ll explain how they came to those conclusions and break down the rest of their picks as well.

And then it is time for you to weigh in. We’ll throw the doors open to PFT Planet’s questions and comments after running through the picks. You can send them in via Twitter — @ProFootballTalk — and phone — 888-237-5269 — and Florio will do his best to come up with entertaining replies to each and every one of them.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

2 responses to “PFT Live: Week 10 picks, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. Its stupid to pick games and ignore the spread because all you are doing is saying, all the favorites will win, and here’s one or two upsets that might happen. This helps no one. Anyone can do what you are doing. I have a better record than both of you in my survivor pool where we pick the winner in every game. if you posses even slightly above average football knowledge, pick against the spread and you will actually be providing a service to your readers. of course then you run a risk of being exposed as not knowing the NFL as well as you claim to, but that’s what separates pros from phonies. Given that Florio says things like I’ll pick the Vikings because I’m not going to pick them again, which is the kind of thing my 12 year old niece bases her picks on, I can guess why you don’t attempt to pick the games.

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