Report: Dolphins out on Routt


We mentioned earlier this morning that three teams had shown some degree of interest in free agent cornerback Stanford Routt.

But while the Dolphins were one of those teams, they’re not interested in signing him at the moment, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

The Dolphins certainly have a positional need, having just placed Richard Marshall on IR and given up 433 yards passing to the Colts. But they aren’t inclined to fill that spot with a veteran of Routt’s resume (or price range) at the moment.

The fact the Raiders and Chiefs both paid him and then gave up on him should be some degree of red flag, and the Dolphins are apparently content to let the Cardinals and Lions wave it if they want.

9 responses to “Report: Dolphins out on Routt

  1. They will continue with giving up large yards until they change how they cover the wide receivers. Bill

  2. bigjdve says:
    Nov 8, 2012 11:36 AM
    I still think that the Redskins should take a look at him. Almost anything has to be better than what we have right now.


    I think Steven Hawking may be an upgrade to anything we have right now.

  3. Obviously there is a reason this guy was cut by both the Raiders and Chiefs after he pocketed quite a large sum of money from both. If Joe Philbin, the rest of the coaching staff and Jeff Ireland say we’ll pass at this time that’s good enough for me. Finsup!

  4. I thought that the Buffalo Bills were high on Routt when the Raiders released him…

    Maybe Philly should look at teaming him back up with Nnamdi….

  5. One of themes of Miami this year is showing improvement, game by game. Pass defense will improve as well. Every now and then, someone has an incredible, unstoppable performance like Andrew Luck. You can’t stop these things. And at times, a team will shut down the likes of Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Miami’s pass defense will improve, but it would help to have another option at corner. Offense and special teams will also continue to improve. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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