Rex on Cromartie’s playoff prediction: Our whole team feels like that

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Not long after Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said he thinks his team is heading to the playoffs, Jets coach Rex Ryan said he thinks that, too. And so does everyone else in the Jets’ locker room.

Ryan told reporters today that he shares Cromartie’s confidence and wants a roster with 53 players who believe that they can go from 3-5 to the playoffs.

“I feel as an entire football team that we should all feel like that. And I think we do feel like that,” Ryan said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “Nobody wants to hear it, but who cares? That’s really how we feel. That’s our mentality. Whether you like it or not, that’s our mentality. I would think the Jets fans and the Jet community, obviously, they would want us to feel that way. And we do.”

Although Ryan stopped predicting the Jets would get to the Super Bowl after his prediction last year fell flat and his team missed the playoffs, he’s still not shy about expressing his confidence in his team, even after the Jets’ rough start this year.

“We’re not happy with where we are with that 3-5 record,” Ryan said. “We know it’s tough to get into the playoffs especially when you back yourself up with that 3-5 record. But again, we’re going to keep swinging until they tell us that we’re out. All of us, in my opinion, believe we can make it.”

That’s the attitude you’d expect from the Jets’ locker room. Not many people outside the Jets’ locker room agree.

34 responses to “Rex on Cromartie’s playoff prediction: Our whole team feels like that

  1. Your whole team is delusional. Please fire Rex at end of season so the Jets can just go away. I mean the Giants operate with such class and then there’s this trainwreck called the J E T S
    Nuts nuts nuts.

  2. You know, I think we all expected the Jets to implode this season but did any of us think it could be this spectacularly? We’re only half way through the season and my thirst for the Jets’ tears is already quenched.

  3. It’d be really awesome if instead of talking about Super Bowls and the playoffs, they would instead start winning some games.

    They’re 1-4 the past 5 games.

  4. Well… Their confidence is understandable.
    From what I’ve seen they’re a juggernaut waiting to happen.

    Kidding. Not a chance.

  5. As I grow old and wrinkly, I will always be able to look back and say wow. There has never been a bigger clown in the nfl than Rex Ryan. He is truly one of a kind, in the worst kinda way…

  6. They do have a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way, but I have faith in Sanchez’ continued ability to be a black hole of suck, and the rest of the team to be too busy opening their mouths to both doing the film study and planning it takes to actually win games.

  7. the only thing i can think at this point is rex/cro and company want to have america watch the jets burn in flames week after week in the spotlight..what other reason could you continously run your mouth every week about a new topic just to lose and lose…your 3-5 about to be 3-6 when the seahawks embarrass sanchez again and still will be in last place…

    at what point does a person look at himself and the team and say wow we just rly need to sit back and shut the hell up bec were top 3 worst in the nfl as a team

  8. Maybe they should try and focus on their next opponent, and give them 100% of their attention rather than talk about the superbowl before each season…or making the playoffs right now.

    You take care of business this week, rinse, and repeat each week, playoffs and such will take care of themselves.

  9. I’d rather that they make the playoffs and go one & done then finish with the league’s worst record and get a shot at drafting a true franchise QB.

  10. Since when did having self confidence become a negative? Haters gon hate. As a jets fan, this is what I wAnt to hear from my squad. They are not a strong team at this point and time, but I don’t want to support anyone that don’t have self confidence.

  11. Really, Rex? I feel like I should be dating Mila Kunis. Don’t think that’s happening anytime soon. However, I think I have a better shot at her than you do the playoffs.

  12. It’s silly to talk about playoffs when you’re facing a beat-down at The Clink this week that drops your team to 3-6.

    What’s more pathetic is that the Jets are so lacking in talent that Seattle’s own loudmouth, Richard Sherman, hasn’t said a word. He’s got nobody to trash on.

    The Seahawks are rolling and have been playing much better than their record suggests. Russell Wilson has been on fire the last few weeks, and against that weak Jets D, he’s going to put up some big numbers Sunday. Even worse for Ryan and Sanchez is that angry hungry Seattle defense, they want to bounce back after a rough couple weeks and prove they are elite. They’ve been challenged by Wilson and Carroll publicly this last week, and will have the loudest stadium in the NFL going absolutely beserker on Sunday. You’re going to see the most fired-up bloodthirsty physical nasty defense in the NFL this weekend. Don’t be surprised if Tebow is starting by the 4th quarter. Sanchez saw how we treated Rodgers and Brady – that boy is scared.

  13. You guys are silly. So one of Rex’s players says he thinks the team can still make the playoffs. The media asks Rex about it. What do you expect him to say? No, we stink and don’t have any shot at all??? Now, I personally don’t believe they’re making the playoffs but you definitely want the players playing like there is a chance.

  14. Hey, one of their players was on a different team last year that started 3-5, but they still made the playoffs. Hint: his name rhymes with free-throw. Of course, that player was actually allowed to play.

    The Jets will keep him on the bench though, since their current plan is working so well.

  15. I love the Jets but they are driving me crazy since last year. This team has no talent, has been outclassed again and again this season, should have lost to the Fins twice, and they talk like they are 7-1. That young wr was strutting after making a 1st down when we were down by like 25 points. This team is delusional and it starts with the coach, owner, and GM.

    Seattle’s 12th man has more of an impact on the game than any of the Jets’ starting 22!!!!

  16. As a few people have said, what do you want him to say, we don’t have a chance? Should he pull a Shanahan and say its all about evaluating players for next year? If he gave up on the season halfway thru I’d want him fired immediately.

    Cromartie should shut up, but I can’t fault Rex for backing up his player. For all the ones who are tired of hearing about the Jets, chime in about your own teams, no one’s gonna miss you.

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