Taiwan Jones could be getting his shot on Sunday

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Running back Taiwan Jones soared into the NFL with a 4.33-second 40-yard dash.  Since then, he has disappeared.

Jones will be reappearing on Sunday.

After getting 16 carries for 73 yards in 2011 and one attempt for two yards so far this season, Jones has bumped up to the top of the depth chart, thanks to a pair of high-ankle sprains suffered by Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson.

Though guys like fullback Marcel Reece and practice-squad running back Jeremy Stewart could get touches on Sunday, Jones looks to be the lead dog as the Raiders try to move the chains against a Ravens defense that has become vulnerable on the ground.

The Raiders haven’t added any additional ball carriers; as coach Dennis Allen says that they “have guys in house that can step in,” via the San Francisco Chronicle.

We’ll see on Sunday if they do.

22 responses to “Taiwan Jones could be getting his shot on Sunday

  1. Not meaning to jinx they guy but wasn’t an injury the reason why he only got 73 years in 16 attempts? I think he will show great promise but have issues staying healthy.

  2. Why does every other report out there say Reece will be the main guy, with Jones giving him spells from time to time. Reece is by FAR the better pass-catcher, too.

  3. Reece was on the field for most snaps after DMC got injured…of course i guess that could just be b/c Allen doesn’t trust Jones in pass protection.

  4. I could see him running off a couple of freaky long runs…..or I could see him losing a couple of fumbles……or both. His speed is unreal, but he’s not polished AT ALL.

  5. At Eastern Washington University Taiwan Jones single handedly ran over the competition and had at least one undeniably AMAZING season.

    Taiwan Jones is one of the fastest players I have seen in this league in a long LONG time.

    Having said that, it’s important to note that he is a small guy and doesn’t do so well protecting the passer on passing downs. And he isn’t expert at breaking tackles. With his speed he can run around the end of the line better than he can run through the line. He reminds me of Justin Forsett, except faster. If Jones could bulk up a little and develop more blocking ability I think he could develop into a more complete back. Until then he is just a devilishly fast kid, and I hope he does well in the NFL.

  6. I get the same queasy feeling watching him run that I got when I watched Justin Fargas. Like, any time they touch the ball, there’s a fumble waiting to happen. Big play potential, but going up against the wrong defense. I think we’ll see another 50+ passes from Carson this week

  7. Made a couple of nice special teams plays, a couple of carries here and there. No idea what to expect except, but he doesn’t impress me as an every down workhorse type of back. His “shot” may be 15 carries.

  8. let me get this right, we couldn’t afford to pay Michael Bush 4 million per season, but we could afford to pay Mike Brisiel 4 million per season….. Briesel and Carlisle are by far the two worse OG’s tandem in the NFL……..these guys get pushed around on every play. Can’t anchor, and cant get leverage……..screw the zbs , get me some maulers so we can can pound the ball. (at least Hue got that part right)

  9. Very excited and hopeful that TJ finally gets his chance. Ball security and pass protection are concerns, but get the ball in this guy’s hands FINALLY.

    He’s a big play waiting to happen and can take it to the house on any given play if he gets any kind of crease. I don’t think even the 4.3 40 time does him justice because there are others in the league capable of hitting that mark. On the field, with the pads on TJ just moves at a noticeably faster speed than even the rest of the great athletes occupying the field in the NFL. He’s at least as fast as CJ2K was when he was tearing it up a couple of seasons ago and maybe faster. It’s an absolute shame the coaches haven’t gotten the ball in this kid’s hands at least 5-10 times a game thus far. Hopefully he makes it impossible for them to do that again after Sunday.

  10. Taiwan Jones will be lucky to see 10 carries. Marcel Reese is by far the better option. He will get more carries and will probably catch another 7-8 passes. Palmer loves throwing to him in the flat and letting him run over people. He is by far the bedt pass catching fb in the league.

  11. Of course this means that the game won’t be shown in China…

    Seriously though, Reece will see the most time at RB. Why? Because as has been the case when McFadden was healthy, the Raiders won’t be able to run the ball, will get behind and Palmer’s arm will have to carry the offense – and Republic of China Jones can’t catch and certainly can’t pass block.

  12. Jones has big eyes. He reminds me of Rocket Ismail. Fast as hell, but shakes like a hooker on meth. And since he’s been mostly kept off the field, his sudden plunge into the spotlight could turn that pigskin into a greased pig.

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