Tebow not thrilled with spot duty


In most places, the latest Tebow headline focuses on his uncharacteristic lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the Jets’ Wildcat package.

The bigger point is that Tebow doesn’t enjoy being a player who plays in spurts.

“I think when you’re getting the ball a lot during the game you can get the rhythm of the game and I think that makes it easier,” Tebow said Wednesday, via ESPN.com.  “You get a feel and a rhythm.  I think spot play is fun because you’re in different roles, but at the same time it’s hard to get a feel.  Sometime even if it’s just a few plays on a drive, it gets easier.  Sometimes that’s the harder part of spot playing, but it is fun.  I just love playing period.”

Predictably, then, Tebow had a lukewarm assessment of the Wildcat package.

“I feel like there’s times we’ve done some good things, times it definitely hasn’t been as effective as I would have liked it sometimes,” Tebow said.  “I feel like we’ve had some good plays now and then.”

Here’s the broader point.  Tebow wants to play.  All the time.  And so, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reported back in September, a trade request could be coming after the season.

If that happens, what would the Jets do?  Would they want him there if he truly doesn’t want to be there?

There continues to be a sense of inevitability that Tebow will end his NFL career in Jacksonville, as the full-time quarterback.  Owner Shad Khan wants him, and when Khan talks about hiring the “right people” in Jacksonville, the “right people” could be the people who think Tebow is the right man for the quarterback job.

Which points to the guy who drafted Tebow in Denver possibly becoming the next coach of the Jags.

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  1. Which points to the guy who drafted Tebow in Denver possibly becoming the next coach of the Jags.


    Yeah, i heard the exact same theory on ESPN Radio a couple of days ago about McDaniels/Tebow/Jacksonville.

  2. I wonder how people will react when Tebow converts to Islam and finally becomes a dominant player.

  3. This is only a story because it’s Tebow. What’s he supposed to say to these stupid questions? “Nah, I like just chilling on the sideline and collecting paychecks.” I don’t think Tebow is an NFL-caliber QB, but this is just getting ridiculous.

  4. The porch light is finally turned on. Tebow is starting to realize that the NFL and the Jets never intended to let him be first string QB, or have a legitimate shot at it, or even to be allowed to play more than one or two times a game.
    And he has finally noticed that he is not in the media spotlight.
    No, bad for NFL business. Too much money to be made from Bud Light ads to have some guy talking about Jesus all the time.

  5. Why would ‘the guy who drafted Tebow in Denver’ want to coach in JAX when he is the heir apparent in NE and possibly be coaching there as early as next season if the Pats were to win the SB this year and Hoodie retires? He is looking at being the HC of the NEP within 5 years max.

  6. I like the guy, but I don’t understand what team exactly Tebow thinks will let him play full time. The Jets would practically be giving him away for free and even then I’m not sure anyone will want him other than to play the Wildcat. The truth hurts but sometimes it needs to be said.

  7. ESPN is no longer allowed to be watch on my TV because of “Tebow-mania” don’t make me black you guys out!!

  8. Chances are that Ryan will be fired and who ever is the new coach will be cleaning house so Tebow should have an opportunity to play somewhere. the question is who will give him a shot at starting QB or at any position for that matter? He has shown when playing TE or WR he is more of a project than anything else.

  9. I’m completely baffled as to why the Jets traded for Tebow. I thought they’d use him so much more than they are. What’s the point?

  10. I still don’t get why the Jets don’t keep him on the field using him as a RB/Blocker and even WR at times

    Defenses would have to keep track of him knowing that a pitchout to a wildcat-esque pass or running play is always an option.

    It would take some defensive pressure off of Sanchez too – but if Sparano doesn’t think that can work, as a coach with among the most experience running the Wildcat – then what the hell do I know?

    As far as McDaniels in Jacksonville, I think he needs a few more years out of the head coaching hotseat and back with Belichick before he’s ready for that again.

    He’ll be a fine head coach one day but he needs to sit a few more years as a coordinator just like Belichick did before getting his next shot as head coach of the Patriots (I’m not counting his one day as “HC of the NYJ”)

  11. The jets need a spark,Sanchez is just to mild mannered to give it,if you had to choose who would you rather have run thru a brick wall,Tebow,or Sanchez,well then,you gey my point,put him in and see what he can do,that’s why the Jets brought him in is it not?

  12. Great high school career, one of the best college players of all-time, and a playoff run with the Broncos. He credited much of this to God and his devotion. As he falls flat on his face now all I can think is that this is evidence that even God hates the Jets.

  13. It would make far more sense to bring Tebow and Mike McCoy as head coach to Jacksonville. McCoy is the one who showed he could run an offence in the NFL and win with Tebow at the helm, not McDaniels.

  14. I am sure he would thrive as team trainer for any organization….or maybe tight end ! Heck, a lot of players convert over to another position. If he is a team player, he should consider any position that can help the Jets win….maybe even putting his foot in Rex Ryan’s mouth !

  15. “I wonder how people will react when Tebow converts to Islam and finally becomes a dominant player.”

    What does this even matter??? It’s not about what religion he is.. it’s the fact that he can’t throw a football with the accuracy needed to play QB in the NFL.

  16. If the Jaguars are dumb enough to even consider the notion of hiring one of the worst Head Coaches in the history of head coaches in McDoofus, they deserve EVERY bit of what they will get. The kid is a clown and thinks he is the best coach that has ever coached in the NFL. The players hate him, the fans COMPLETELY HATE HIM. He is an offensive coordinator, and not a very good one at that (i.e. Rams of 2011). The only way I could see him coaching the Jags is if they move the team to L.A.

  17. After the way last game of the NFL season ended Rex Ryan knew he was really up against it in the AFC East. When word of Tebow’s trade came out, Ryan was sh*t scared that Tebow would end up in NE and Patriots would have unleashed an offensive blitz on the league never seen before.

    So, he decides to jump ahead of them and grab Tebow and do the same. But Ryan failed to realize he needs Brady to run that offense.

    Now had he landed Manning in the off season maybe the Jets for real would have been No.1 in the league.

    The last two years of Ryan has just been one reactionary move after another to the Patriots’ moves. He forgets how close he was in his first two years.

  18. kwgator says:Nov 8, 2012 11:45 AM

    Tim Tebow took Dick LeBeau to school in the playoffs

    I seem to recall the Steelers were plying with a quarterback hobbling around on ONE LEG.

  19. That last part is not happening. The guy that drafted Tebow realized it was a mistake before he even left Denver.

  20. “He played full time last year and won his division and a playoff game. How many other QBs can say that?”

    Seven. The difference is none of them ended the regular season on a three game losing streak then got exposed in their second playoff game.

  21. If Tebow is a great QB, he wouldn’t be behind Sanchez (actually, Tebow and Sanchez are on the same talent level which makes the Jets foolish).
    When the 2014 season starts, Tebow will be a preacher at a mega-church.

  22. nypd: Tebow was playing against a team that was beaten up and showed up definitely NOT ready to play in that playoff game, yet folks seems to think that Tebow is all that and a bag of chips – this after ONE playoff win against a broken team. We all seen the following week what Tebow was all about – the Pats handed his arse back to him gift-wrapped.

    Beezo: Wrong. Tebow was not named starter until game 5 last year – checka you facts, son (LOL)

  23. Oh by the way He did pick the Steelers apart in that game, tired of Stiller fan thinkin it was lucky or we didn’t have our starting safety, he had his best game that day & threw it all over the yard….look it up

  24. This story would be newsworthy if it were “Tebow Thrilled with Spot Duty”. Seriously? What player would be thrilled with spot duty. Stop.

  25. this guy is a real pud. if he wanted to play football, why didnt he sign with his hometown jaguars?! seriously, that would be a dream for most kids growing up loving the game.. but nope.. he went to NY to be a backup..?

  26. Yeah, I’m willing to bet Tebow realizes these questions are all loaded. Of course he’ll give a middle of the road answer. I’m still pretty amused though.

  27. “If Tebow is as bad as his rabid non-Christian detractors say he is, I would think they’d want him out there at Qb to show the world how correct they are!”

    We do! We want him out there to show the world. Sometimes you have to stamp out every last bit of hope before people will have a realization that it’s time to move on.

    As it is, Tebow is in limbo in people’s minds. Let’s get him out there and get it over with. When the “thumbs down” finally comes we don’t want there to be any reactions of surprise or hope of a resurrection, so to speak.

  28. Dick LeBeau is the D-coordinator…not much to do with a hobbling QB…its hard to argue against a guy that has lead his team to victory at every level, especially while being told that wasn’t good enough and didnt have proper technique…regardless of his talent level, he is a leader and motivates his teammates to play to the best of their abilities…he is a playmaker

  29. if Tebow really wants to be a starting QB in the NFL one day he should look into going up to the CFL and playing there for a few years. get some actually pro playing time under his belt, either show he can become a pro style QB or put it to rest.

  30. He could have asked Elway to trade him to Jacksonville, where he would have gotten the opportunity to play in a place and in front of people where he was actually wanted. But he openly advocated for the trade to the Jets. How can anybody respect that? He’s clueless and way too much time is wasted discussing a very below average quarterback.

  31. The Jets made it perfectly clear from the beginning that he was not in competition for the starting QB job. It was only the media and over-enthusiastic Tebow fans that ever speculated otherwise. I don’t know why he expected anything different.

  32. I understand the negative remarks on Tebow’s on-field performance but I’ll never understand the ill-will and in some cases anger that people demonstrate toward the guy personally.

    Tebow is the type of person that we need more of in this world, whether you agree with his religious views or not.

    I’ll never criticize someone for talking about how he’s not a starter in the league. But some of the comments about him personally seem downright angry.

  33. Dude, be happy you’re in the league, period, and getting paid handsomely for it. Most guys who want to play QB but throw like you do are unemployed.

  34. “He played full time last year and won his division and a playoff game. How many other QBs can say that?”

    The correct answer is six.

  35. Tebow was given the choice of team to be traded to. He rejected the Jags and wanted the limelight and commercial opportunities of New York.

    He was not given the opportunities with the Jests even with Sanchez’s struggles so far. Perhaps things will change in the upcoming weeks. Reports from practice, however, indicate that he’s horrible and still can’t throw. Maybe the Jets coaching staff knows something we don’t see.

  36. amlowlife says: Nov 8, 2012 12:47 PM

    We do! We want him out there to show the world. Sometimes you have to stamp out every last bit of hope before people will have a realization that it’s time to move on.

    As it is, Tebow is in limbo in people’s minds. Let’s get him out there and get it over with. When the “thumbs down” finally comes we don’t want there to be any reactions of surprise or hope of a resurrection, so to speak.
    ————————————————————- This is exactly what happened in Denver and look how that turned out. People enjoy car wrecks and even more so when someone miraculously survives. I say start him at least for one game and triple the cost for ad time because the ratings would be through the roof.

  37. pastabelly: He’d be a flat-out rock star in Jacksonville – kinda hard to understand why he wants to be a roadie…..with the Jets.

    Makes very little sense at all. Just sayin’

  38. Timmy is right. Every time he comes in to run a gimmick play, it disrupts the tempo of the offense. (Not to mention that it often leaves them with a 3rd and long situation). If he would just keep his trap shut and sit on the bench like a good backup, they wouldn’t have to deal with this problem.

  39. The Tebow/McDaniels/Jax rumours make no sense. Yes, McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round but once he got to camp and stunk up the joint McDaniels refused to play him. Timmy didn’t see the field until McDaniels got fired. Why would McDaniels leave Tom Brady for that mess?

  40. What have Jacksonville fans done that was so bad that they deserve to get The Great Josh McDaniels as their head coach? It’s not as if the guy is a proven winner. A proven self-impressed failure as a coach, yes, but not a proven winner. I half expect him to introduce people with, “Hi, I’m Josh McDaniels and you’re not. I worked for Bill Belichick, so you must worship me.”

    And once again I’ll say this–What have WE done to deserve so many stories about Tebow and/or the Jets?

  41. Wow. Just when I thought the Jaguars couldn’t get worse, now they may hire Josh Bialystock?

  42. A better way to phrase the question is not how many QBs won their division and first playoff game… It’s how many did NOT. The answer is the vast majority.

    I will never understand the ill-will and in some cases, hatred of Tebow. What has he ever done to deserve it? There are so many legitimately bad guys in professional sports, and we love them. But a humble guy who is really the kind of person that kids should look up to enters the league and it’s a crisis.

    I think that Tebow is going to be just fine, whether or not he’s up to being an NFL QB. I worry more about the people who hate a good guy simply because he’s a good guy. That says more about the hater than the hated.

  43. Tebow has proven to be a good motivator and leader. I would enjoy seeing what would happen if a team was built around him. It worked for the Gators and could work in the NFL, too, I think. Build a team with a focus on Defense (like the Bears) and design the Offense to run the ball down people’s throats, mixing in the high percentage pass plays. It might not be as entertaining as watching the high octane Offenses, but it could bring results. Fans love the passing game today, so Tim may never get his shot to prove himself as a special man in the game because he doesn’t fit the mould. They wouldn’t give Doug Flutie a decent shot, either, and he was the best athlete on the field.

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