Arians points to possible December 30 return from Pagano

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After Indy’s Week Nine win over the Dolphins, interim coach Bruce Arians said he’s hopeful the team makes the playoffs because there’s a chance coach Chuck Pagano could return from leukemia treatments by then.

Before the team’s Week 10 win over the Jaguars, Arians said in an NFL Network feature that the target is Week 17.

“[Pagano] and I have a hope that he’ll come out of the tunnel December 30 for our last home game coaching the team,” Arians said.

That last home game could be a big one.  On December 30, the Colts host the Texans.

The Texans, by the way, never have won in Indianapolis.  The Texans, by the way, will hold only a one-game lead over the Colts if the Texans lose on Sunday night at Chicago.

While few expect the Colts to challenge the Texans for the AFC South crown, the Colts will have two chances only two weeks apart to beat their division rivals.  If Indy can stay within a game of the Texans through Week 14, the Colts could (key word:  could) steal the division crown.

The fact that it’s even a remote possibility is amazing.  But the Colts have tripled their win total from last year and, more importantly, doubled their victories from Peyton Manning’s rookie season.  Regardless of how it turns out, they’ve already done more than most thought they’d do.  With the genuine sense of team emerging from their coach’s illness, the Colts could still do a lot more.

8 responses to “Arians points to possible December 30 return from Pagano

  1. As a Steeler fan, I always disliked Arians as a coordinator (not a run/pass thing, just didn’t like his playcalling).

    However, I have no problem with him as a person and am very happy to see him having success leading the way amid tough circumstances in Indy. Cheering for you, Bruce+Colts!

  2. @prince5000:
    I agree! I would love to see him as the coach for the Carolina Panthers next season. To see what he has done with Andrew Luck and looking back at what he did with big Ben. I think this would be what the doctor ordered for Cam Newton. To me as far as physical attributes, Cam reminds me more of Big Ben than any other QB. I’m not wishing Rivera out of a job but more so wishing Arians in!

  3. As a Texan I could be really upset at this statement, key word: could, sure would like to not have to hear about the other AFC teams on the rise with only powder puff schedules remaining, Broncos included, I sure would like to see what jj watt has to say about the colts, but there’s that pesky NFL rule that if you hit luck they automatically get 6 points.

  4. The Colts made Cecil Shorts look like Calvin Johnson last night! Indy is a bad team taking advantage of a very easy schedule and feeding off the emotion of a bad situation that happened to their head coach. That is enough to get by NFL powerhouses like Tennessee, Miami, and Jacksonville but won’t help much when they play better teams.

  5. I’d argue that it is immensely more important that the Colts have upped their win total since last year than what happened about 14 years ago.

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