Bucs weren’t close to sellout

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With the Buccaneers selling out (i.e., selling 85 percent of the non-premium tickets to) a Week Seven game against the Saints and then racking up big road wins in Week Eight and Week Nine via the emergence of the Muscle Hamster, the Bucs should be easily filling up their stadium.

They’re not, and we’re told that despite a belief that the Bucs were close to the 85-percent threshold for Sunday’s game against the Chargers, it wasn’t.

As of Monday night, 9,000 tickets remained, just to get to the 85-percent minimum.  Though the specific sales in the next 60 hours or so before the blackout deadline aren’t known, a source with knowledge of the situation claims it wasn’t close.

It’ll be interesting to see the actual attendance numbers on Sunday.  With the Bucs doing everything they can to make it affordable to attend games and to provide a team worth showing up and watching, at some point folks need to rediscover this team.

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  1. That’s a shame because the Bucs are playing well.

    If they were playing any other team, they might have sold out though.

    The Chargers have no fans left at all.

  2. Its not the fans its the economy under Obama we dont sell out any games two most nfl fans that live in Tampa are from other cities look at the bears bars the packer bars the browns bars that are around us her the bay area. until there team shows up we arent selling out lool at all the car dealer ships on US 19 that are closed up Obama is to blame and all you that left your city yet still root for that team instead of the Bucs hurts attendence period

  3. That’s pathetic. Cities like this don’t deserve an NFL team. Why hasn’t there been any talk of the Bucs moving? They have been struggling with sellouts the past few years.

  4. As a football fan, I am sickened by the response of the fan base in TB. The team is doing its part by putting a more then respectable product on the field. OK maybe the Chargers are terrible, but that should provide more of a reason to go to the game as it gives the Bucs a better chance to win the game. Come on Tampa, support your team.

  5. Whoever is leading their marketing department should be fired because if you can’t put butts in the seats after last week, you’re not doing your job.

  6. Speaking as a Tampa local, Bucs games are blacked out so often around here that it doesn’t feel like this team is even in the same country or football league anymore.

    NFL: Not showing games has gotta be one of the most counter-productive means of drawing the team and its fans together! Gotta be some better way to address the issue…

  7. What all you journalists and bloggers and four letter networks don’t realize is they haven’t made it more affordable for fans. They offer a section of $30 seats in the 3rd level which is also the family fun zone. There are only a couple thousand of those seats which typically always sell out. However, the rest of the seating has not gone down in price at all!! The face value of a ticket in the upper level is still $85, and the concessions have not gone down in price as well. Huge bucs fan but its a $250 day to go see the team. I’d rather watch the Ticket and see many games and save the $250.

  8. First, stop using “Muscle Hamster”.

    Second, the Bucs do literally zero advertising. No billboards, no tv, no radio. I don’t know if it’s intentional by the Glazers to show a loss on the ledger sheet or if it’s that the Marketing Department has had its budget slashed, but they do absolutely nothing to promote the games locally.

    When the team was selling out, they blanketed the city with advertising.

    Pair that with a horrible economy in Tampa, and it isn’t hard to understand why they don’t sell out.

  9. So is the stadium in a bad location just like the Rays stadium? Is it the same reason why no one goes to games? I don’t buy the economy excuse anymore. Plenty of other worse markets like Detroit fill their stadium. And we all know Detroit has been in the dumps for YEARS.

  10. First of all, I will never go to a game while they use the old uniforms. Those uniforms were worn by the worst team in all of pro sports and should be burned and banished forever!

  11. Second, didn’t we just vote for redistribution? Maybe some fans should be taken away from Atlanta or New Orleans and bussed to Tampa and Jacksonville so that everyone will be equal. Its not fair that the saints and falcons have more butts in the seats than the Bucs and Jags.

  12. This is not fair. The Buc fans who want to see the game on TV don’t get to and us San Diego fans still get to see the Chargers “play” when we don’t want to.

  13. I went to the Chargers game…the in-stadium is horrible. Television has spoiled me, I guess. I had no idea on any stats, the “Under the Huddle” that the NFL hyped so much regarding challenges was never shown because they were showing some stupid Favorite Cartoon of the Bucs feature…I could go on and on. I would rather stay at home and watch games then be an extra on the sidelines for the NFL TV Show.

  14. One of these teams has to be the favorites for relocation to LA. You hear about the Chargers all of the time, but you don’t hear much, at least on the national level, about the Bucs. Are they locked in to a long term lease or something? The lack of support in Tampa for the Bucs and the Rays is astonishing. Actually, the lack of support for just about every professional sports team in the entire state of Florida is astonishing.

  15. Florida is the foreclosure capitol of the U.S. and Tampa has been especially hard hit. I’m sure most folks are doing the best they can.

  16. Here in Tampa when the games are blacked out, We get to watch infomercials all day. It’s becoming a very popular way to spend an afternoon.

  17. gromit45 says: This is not fair. The Buc fans who want to see the game on TV don’t get to and us San Diego fans still get to see the Chargers “play” when we don’t want to.

    Sadly, this also applies to those of us in L.A. who aren’t Chargers fans.

  18. If you live in tampa and go to games even though they aren’t “sold out” by Thursday games on Sunday are typically packed by fans who walk up and buy tickets the day of the game.

  19. Exactly,if you go to the games you would enough tickets were sold as walk ups to lift the limit but its blacked out because of the 72 hour rule

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