Buddy Nix says he wants to draft a QB this year


Ryan Fitzpatrick might feel like he’s the Bills quarterback of the future, but the fact his boss keeps talking about finding one suggests he isn’t.

For the second time in a week, Bills general manager Buddy Nix went to great lengths to explain the need for a long-term answer at quarterback, saying he needed to find the answer this offseason.

During a regular segment on WGR, Nix said he wanted to draft a quarterback in April.

“Let me be as honest as I can,” Nix said, via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News. “I think we really need to address it this year. The thing we can’t do is you can’t create one. You can’t go out, thinking ‘I’ve got to make this guy a player.’ If you do, then you’re going to be in a bigger mess. We don’t want to do that. We try to guard against that.

“But we do need another one, and we need to do it this time.”

When Nix talked about it previously, he didn’t offer such a hard-and-fast timetable.

But he said drafting a quarterback didn’t necessarily mean using his first pick on one. He said he didn’t see a can’t-miss prospect such as an Andrew Luck in this class.

“You’ve got guys spread out all over the league that have been successful that didn’t go with in the first round or the first five or 10 picks,” Nix said. “That is the hard part, now.

“If you got a [Andrew] Luck, an RG3 [Robert Griffin III], a Cam [Newton], those were the buzz guys every year, and it proved to be accurate on those guys. But I don’t see one of those yet in this draft. That may develop later on, but there is a lot of good players in the draft, a lot of good quarterbacks.”

For all the guys he named, there are also guys such as Christian Ponder, Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert, all of whom were drafted in the top 12, and all of whom were obviously overdrafted, some by several rounds.

The Bills can’t make that kind of mistake, or they’ll be even further behind than they already are.

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  1. One thing I take offense to is the end of this article. Say what you will about Locker and Gabbert, but I think Ponder is doing pretty damn good for a guy on a team with only number 3 or lesser wideouts. If he had a true number 1 wideout and even a mediocre number 2, his numbers would likely be in the top 6-8 QB’s in the league. He’s done very well for someone who has nobody to actually throw to consistantly.

  2. So he’s either trying to light a fire under the Harvard man, or trying to placate the fans. I don’t see any top notch starters coming out in this year’s draft. And that includes Barkley and Smith.

  3. Are the Bills still in the NFL? The most irrelevant team of the past decade. With that QB I hope Buddy gets 4 linebackers, a safety, 2 corners that can cover somebody, a tight end that can run seam routes and 2 more wideouts that have speed. I see them contending for a playoff spot around 2025 when they are in LA or Toronto.

  4. Fitzpatrick is not the long term answer, Nix knows this and so does Fitzpatrick. The only person on the team that still believes in the current QB is Chan Gailey. Somehow he still believes that he can coach Fitz to win.

    There is going to be several great QB’s coming out in this years Draft. If Buffalo doesn’t make a move to make sure the team has a QB locked up, there will be plenty of pissed off fans. No excuses this year Mr. Nix.

  5. Kinda premature to say a guy was over drafted when he’s just in his second year don’t you think? Locker and Ponder have shown flashes and Gabbert is surrounded by a lot of guys who would normally be 2nd-3rd stringers. Give them a couple more years and if they still haven’t improved,then you can label them whatever you want.

  6. My vote is for Geno Smith. Already plays in the spread offense. Weather in West Virginia is a lot like Buffalo’s.

    But really I’d take anyone at this point.

  7. If I were a Bills fan that would be music to my ears. However, not sure there is an elite QB in this years draft. Maybe they’ll get lucky.

  8. It’s about time that Nix acknowledged that none of their QBs are franchise QBs. For all the great scouting work he does, his overestimation of Fitzpatrick’s abilities has been the biggest negative.

    I don’t fault him for taking Stephon Gilmore or Corey Glenn in this year’s draft, but I still think they could have waited on TJ Graham to get Nick Foles, Russell Wilson, or Kirk Cousins in round three. Any one of those guys would have been an upgrade over Fitz.

    Same situation goes for next year’s draft, and at this rate, they will have a very high pick. Kansas City will probably get the first choice of QBs, but almost any out of Matt Barkley, Genome Smith, EJ Manuel, Ryan Nassib, or Mike Glennon would be an instant upgrade. I’m a little less convinced with Tyler Wilson or Landry Jones, but there’s certainly no shortage of choices in next year’s draft, and very few teams will be looking that hard at drafting a QB.

  9. siriusred67

    As a Cuse alum I’m happy to see some recognition come Cuse’s way… that being said, Ryan Nassib is very hit or miss in his 5th year in college. I’m not sure he’ll even be drafted let alone the answer for a team. As with every draft, they’ll be a few surprises, but I don’t know that Buffalo will be able to find anyone better than Fitz in this draft. Geno and Barkley are the big names that could be great but seem more likely to be busts.
    Buffalo just needs to continue to upgrade the Oline and Defense, Fitz won’t be a top ten QB, but they can still be a playoff contender with him if they can sure up some of those weak areas.

  10. Of the “obviously overdrafted” names mentioned, there’s almost no data yet on Locker. But it’s not like the early returns have been discouraging when he has played. Titans were just damn lucky to snag a vet like Hasselbeck after the 2011 draft, to give them the legitimate option of easing Locker in. And good for them for taking advantage of that, IMO. Hasselbeck is the ultimate transitional guy, couldn’t ask for a better pro with a better attitude about his mentoring role.

  11. gaykegayden says: Make a move for Barkley. Roll the dice.

    Yeah, ’cause those SC quarterbacks have worked out really well at the NFL level.

  12. Fitz isn’t the long-term answer. Many Bills fans don’t want him as short-term answer either. I’d rather start Jackson at this point.

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