Calvin Johnson back at practice, Louis Delmas still out


The Lions got their top receiver back on the practice field for the first time in two weeks today, but their top defensive back remains out.

Calvin Johnson is practicing today, a sign that the knee pain that had been bothering him may finally be easing. Johnson missed practice earlier this week and all of last week, although he has said he’ll be fine playing through knee pain, and he looked good in last week’s game against the Jaguars, with seven catches for 129 yards, despite not practicing at all a week ago. Johnson will be good to go on Sunday against the Vikings.

Unfortunately for the Lions, safety Louis Delmas, their best defensive back, remains out with a knee injury. Sunday’s game against the Vikings will be the sixth game this season he has missed. He also missed the last five games of the regular season last year for the Lions, and he’s starting to enter Bob Sanders territory: A safety who can make a major difference when he’s on the field, but can’t be counted on to stay on the field.

The depleted Lions secondary will also be without safety Amari Spievey, who remains out with a concussion. And starting defensive tackle Corey Williams remains out of practice with a knee injury.

Lions receiver Titus Young (knee), defensive end Cliff Avril (back) and cornerback Chris Houston (flu) all practiced today after missing time this week.

5 responses to “Calvin Johnson back at practice, Louis Delmas still out

  1. safety Louis Delmas, their best defensive *player*

    It’s truly a shame how much time he has missed. I don’t think there’s any doubt this guy is a top-five safety in the NFL when healthy. And I hate these kind of cliches, but he really is the heart and soul of the Lions defense. It’s a completely different group with him out there.

  2. Does the NFL assign a specific team of doctors exclusive to each team to clear concussions? Or do the same doctors oversee more than one team? In other words, is the ‘concussion clearing team’ of doctors that the Lions have also assigned to other teams? Which ones?

  3. Talent aside, you can not be the best player if you are not on the field, especially missing so many games over the past few years. At some point you changes titles to “used to be…”

  4. Delmas is hardly our best player on defense. Off the top of my head I can name Suh, KVB, Avril, Tulluch, Durant, Levy, Houston that have been more valuble on D then Delmas… and it’s not even close b/c again, Delmas is never there. Why is he considered so great? I don’t understand.

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