Chris Johnson said he never doubted he’d be back

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It wasn’t that long ago Chris Johnson looked like a lost cause and a sunk cost.

But he said Thursday he never doubted he’d be back.

I was always confident,” he said on Thursday, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean.

He didn’t have much reason to be, after being held to 24 yards or fewer in four of the first five games.

Since then, he’s gone for 91, 195, 99 and 141 yards in the next four games, including a pair of 80-plus-yard touchdown runs in two of the last three games.

“I am sure I answered some questions,’’ Johnson said. “Earlier a lot of people thought I wasn’t playing hard or just got the big [contract] and gave up or lost a couple of steps or things like that. If you have been paying attention, you know all of those are false.”

Actually, we know he’s rebounded. We still don’t know if he’s worth the money, and with the owner putting everyone on notice, anyone who works there can’t be as confident as Johnson sounds.

12 responses to “Chris Johnson said he never doubted he’d be back

  1. He has been nothing but a disappointment. Be back???? He’s racked up quite a few of those yards in garbage time when they couldn’t be any more irrelevant.

  2. He may be back…… But recent production will be halted as locker returns. Boxes will be stacked and once again all of us will have to wait for Jakey to go down again. Once he is put on ir for the season CJ’S yards magically appear!

  3. OMG please. The one you broke against the Bears was when all the D starters were sitting on the bench laughing at you for the all the times you fumbled. You had >40 yards for the game up to that point.

    You’ve had 1 good game and now “you’re back”

  4. No running back is worth the money he got. His stat line is similar to Stevan Ridley’s. Without those two big runs, his stats are much worse and he still has three lost fumbles.

  5. Yeah one of those 80 yard runs was against Da Bears when that had reserves trying not to embarrass the Titans to badly. Before that he had 61 yards on 15 carries…..not exactly pro bowl stats if you ask me!

  6. Great CJ……now try getting those yards while you still have a chance to win the game. The majority of his yards have come in “garbage time” . “You ain’t back”

  7. Since then, he’s gone for 91, 195, 99 and 141 yards in the next four games, including a pair of 80-plus-yard touchdown runs in two of the last three games.
    So take away those two long runs, and he’s had games of 91, 195, 15, and 60.

    Yeah, that’s why they gave him the fat contract 😉

  8. By the way, has anyone heard Johnson giving credit to his line for those games? You know, the same line he blamed for not opening holes for him???

  9. LOL a guy says CJ fumbled 4 times and it gets 11 thumbs up and two thumbs down. Seems like the average reader on here is an idiot. He has never had four in an entire season in his career. He did not have four vs the bears, although he did have two. He now has three for the season.

  10. Has CJ given his line credit?? YES….

    After Pittsburg game
    Chris Johnson credits the offensive line after 91-yard game

    After Colts game
    I have to give the offensive line some credit for keeping those guys off me and giving me some holes

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