Lions, Calvin Johnson contradict Calvin Johnson


On Thursday, Lions receiver Calvin Johnson said that, in addition to suffering a concussion on September 30 against the Vikings, he also sustained nerve damage.

On Friday, Calvin Johnson’s claim was refuted by the Lions.  And by Calvin Johnson.

Here’s what the Lions had to say, via Anwar Richardson of

“In response to the various reports yesterday regarding Calvin Johnson and injuries, we reiterate that Calvin did not suffer a concussion at any time this season.

“With respect to the Minnesota game on September 30, Calvin sustained a hit that resulted in him being removed from the game and evaluated pursuant to the appropriate concussion protocol by our team doctors.

“He also was subsequently examined the following day and was found to have no concussion.

“Additionally, Calvin did not suffer any nerve damage.

“He sustained what is referred to as a ‘stinger’ in September 30 game and was able to finish the game.”

The “reports” to which the Lions refer weren’t reports.  They were things that Johnson actually said.  And so the Lions’ denial rings hollow unless Johnson joins in.

“I would like to clarify some of my comments from yesterday,” Johnson said, via Richardson.  “I am aware that I did not suffer a concussion in our game against the Vikings earlier this year.  I misused the terms ‘nerve damage’ and ‘concussion.’

“I have not suffered any nerve damage nor have I received any treatment for nerve damage.  I did suffer a stinger in the game against Minnesota and also have experienced the kind of wear and tear that most NFL players are dealing with at this point in the season.”

He didn’t “clarify” his comments.  He flat-out contradicted them.

And now every team has a vehicle for avoiding NFL scrutiny when a player blabs about an undisclosed injury.  The team needs to get to the player and persuade him to “clarify” his remarks.

Of course, there’s also a chance that Johnson’s current version is accurate.  But that means his prior comments weren’t.  And we’re not sure claiming that he simply “misused” the terms puts the matter to rest.

Then again, if the Lions and the league and Johnson say nothing more about it, there’s really nothing more to do.  Other than wonder why in the world Johnson claimed he had a concussion and nerve damage when he didn’t.

18 responses to “Lions, Calvin Johnson contradict Calvin Johnson

  1. I don’t get it. There is no need to clarify anything about what CJ said. It never should have been assumed that his statements were accurate in the first place because the Lions and medical staff had already taken an official position on his injury status, and CJ is not a certified doctor so there was never any reason to assume that his medical analysis was accurate in the first place.

    He was just babbling on about something he was not qualified to diagnose and that opinion never meant anything at any time.

  2. Can you blame the Lions for this with Jahvid Best being the only guy in the league held to the NFL’s new stricter concussion standards?

  3. isphet71 says:Nov 9, 2012 2:56 PM

    Can you blame the Lions for this with Jahvid Best being the only guy in the league held to the NFL’s new stricter concussion standards?
    Dude, Jahvid Best will be a vegetable if they let him back out there. Please don’t use him as your soapbox like the league is trying to screw the Lions.
    The young man is one more hit away from being the next guy to kill himself.

  4. Isnt CJ saying he had a concussion close enough to saying he was evaluated for a concussion? Also, a stinger is essentially nerve damage; it’s just not an ongoing injury. It hurts for a few days…

  5. Considering teams hide injuries all the time, I dont think you automatically assume a player is clueless. He probably was in this instance but several teams have already been fined for hiding injuries.

    I wouldn’t put Best back out there. The guy is a ticking timebomb right now.

  6. ninefingers9 says: Nov 9, 2012 2:30 PM

    Chad Greenway and Harrison Smith cant wait to see Calvin again!

    You must be joking right? The Lions are playing better. Calvin might just go off. Lions want revenge after the first game. You wont have 2 special teams TD returns to save you this time.

    38-20 Lions

  7. anonimocontraditorio says: Nov 9, 2012 2:28 PM

    Megatron’s concussion test was:

    – Hey Calvin, how many fingers can you see???
    – I’m BATMAN!!!
    – Ok. You’re good to go.
    I peed my pants!! lol

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