Michael Vick fined for low block after throwing pick six


Monday night was another rough one for the Eagles and things started rolling downhill when Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson returned an interception 99 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter.

That was the ninth interception thrown by Vick this season, continuing a long trend of red zone turnovers that have contributed heavily to Philly’s 11-13 record since the start of the 2011 season. Painful stuff and it’s made all the more painful by the fact that Vick wound up losing money on the play.

The NFL has confirmed that Vick was fined $7,875 for a low block on Saints safety Roman Harper during Robinson’s return. Vick was penalized for the play during the game, but the league decided the hit deserved a little more punishment. A hit on Vick by Saints linebacker Martez Wilson was also flagged during the game, but there was no fine levied for that infraction.

So Vick’s wallet is a little lighter thanks to a play that will contribute to the argument that his earning power should also be cut sharply after this season when the Eagles decide whether or not to continue paying out the final three years of his contract.

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  1. “That was the ninth interception thrown by Vick this season, continuing a long trend of red zone turnovers that have contributed heavily to Philly’s 11-13 record since the start of the 2011 season.”

    EXACTLY!! This guy is a turnover machine. McNabb never had that kind of record for 2 years.

    Let’s finally put the “Mike Vick experience” to bed & let the Eagles get a real honest to goodness QB.

    Gawd, 11-13 the last 2 years – for a team that the year before with Dono made the NFC CG – what a disgrace Mike Vick is!

  2. Vick hit on robinson was the hardest hit any eagle gave all night. Vick has played hard every game and ill take that all day every day. You can say what you want about turnovers every QB makes turnovers thats football and when your O line suck its bound to happen. Vick has been nothing but a Class act since he been in philly so some of you can take your hatred some where else.

  3. delhommed says:
    Nov 9, 2012 6:30 PM
    How is it a block when you are trying to make a tackle? Will someone explain that.

    Because he wasn’t trying to tackle. Harper wasn’t the one with the ball, it was Robinson. Robinson was a good 5 yards away from him.

  4. Hatred? wow, sounds like somebody had a bad week. Its over for Vick, should have been a long time ago. After he turns the ball over 3 times against Dallas, he will be benched and never play as a starter (unless by injury, because he will be a backup somewhere next year, if he is even signed). Ignoring reality, living in a world of confirmation bias…you might wanna ask the GOP how that works out in the end. Ouch. Bye Vick, you will never be forgiven for being a sick, psychopathic, torturer of innocent dogs.

  5. Watch the play where Todd Herremans gets hurt. The lineman on the ground kicks his legs out (extends them fully) at Herremans while going to the ground. I can understand why it was missed by the refs as a leg whip call, upon review by the league, how can that D-lineman not be fined?

  6. If Vick wouldn’t have thrown the ball to stone hands Celek it wouldn’t have been a interception.

  7. I’d love to know the real reason for all the vick apologizers.

    He had a good half-season three years ago and done nothing since.

    When does reality overtake “potential”

  8. This day started with reports of how “awesome” and “gutsy” it was for Andrew Luck to take a run at a guy’s knees. It ended with Mike Vick receiving a fine for doing pretty much the same thing.

  9. Vick reads defenses as if they’re in Greek. He has a low iq and will never be a good qb because he’s just not that smart. Perhaps if the d-line gave him the best dog to bet on, maybe he’d be interested.

  10. No wonder this guy can’t get ahead…block was probably best play he made all year but took a step back paying off his bankruptcy lawyers. One step forward two steps back. Maybe next year he can make blocks on special teams a la tebow.

  11. It’s about time people realize that Mike Vick’s primary problem is how dumb he is, he’s as dumb as they come.

    The guy can’t read a comic book, much less an NFL playbook.

  12. So the “block” was illegal. I understand what he was trying to do, which is to push his player toward the sideline and force the runner/d-back either out of bounds or back into the center of the field. The problem I have with this “block” is that it was horribly executed and Vick’s timing was terrible. Every defensive player gets trained to pick a per suit line which gives you an advantage so you can use the sideline to your advantage. This is a high school level play. Vick needed to drive the blocker toward the sideline and it was a selfish play to submarine him early and too far into the middle of the field.
    That being said all the Eagles need to do now is somehow get the O-line practice squad to play like legitimate NFL starters.
    Vick’s season is over today. The cowboys are just going to send everyone on every play and it’s just a matter of time before he goes down. I figure the Eagles end up using Edwards by the end of the season because this O-line is going to get at least two QBs injured if not more.

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