Patriots Skype with International Space Station


It’s not everyday you get a phone call from space.

But for New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko and tight end Rob Gronkowski, this was far from your usual day.

On Thursday, Mesko and Gronkowski had the chance to chat with astronaut Sunita Williams over Skype live from the International Space Station.

According to a report by the Boston Herald, NASA coordinated the call with the help of the Patriots. Williams, who went to high school outside of Boston, talked with Mesko for several minutes before Gronkowski hopped on the call. The players spoke to Williams over a phone but couldn’t see her on the space station. However, Williams was able to see Mesko and Gronkowski inside the Patriots locker room from high above the Earth.

Gronkowski quickly asked Williams the most pertinent question that came to mind, “Are you floating right now?

The Herald also took some entertaining video of some of the interaction between Mesko, Gronkowski and Williams.