Raiders going to Baltimore short-handed


The Raiders had a tough task anyway, flying across country to play the 6-2 Ravens.

It got tougher when the injury report was read.

Raiders coach Dennis Allen said running backs Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson were both out, along with defensive tackle Richard Seymour.

That leaves Marcel Reece and Taiwan Jones in the backfield, and Desmond Bryant will start in Seymour’s place (a week after being hospitalized with a rapid heartbeat).

16 responses to “Raiders going to Baltimore short-handed

  1. hard to believe that this ravens team is 6-2. Less shocking is the raiders will be 3-6 after this weekend….counting down the days that i have to watch this offense by knapp.

  2. taiwan jones will win them the game.

    put $$$ on it,

    fantasy starter on it,

    life on it.

    he will be barry sanders on sunday.

  3. mjbulls I hope you are right man. But im thinking if he were that good they would have already worked him in this season. I am hoping for a breakout game. GO RAIDERS!!

  4. Call me sick, but I prayed to Jesus that this would happen. Look, McFadden has all of the talent in the world. In the power run blocking scheme, he is a beast but his running style lands him on IR year after year. Goodson has playmaking ability, but he will never be more than a complimentary back-though he is better than DMC in the zone blocking scheme. Chances are Run DMC also isn’t in Oakland next year. No one knows anything about Taiwan other than he is a burner. Its time to find out whether TJ is an Al Davis scholarship player or if he has what it takes to be the feature back. Youtube him and you have to like what you see. The only downfall is he’s not a good pass catcher out of the backfield. Perfect week to see if we have a stud waiting in the wings.

  5. Raiders always play well whenever they travel to the East Coast…… What was the score of the Dolphins game? I fear this will get out of hand or Flacco will keep us in the game.

  6. Any raider “fans” thinking this game is lost are clueless.

    ANY RB has struggled behind that line, 32nd in league in rushing, Palmer and the great WR’s have been the offense all year along with Janikowski bangin everything in as well.

    Taiwan has elite speed and can cut and create and find space. He is more suited like Goodson. McFadden is not a ZBS runner. period.

    Seymour frankly was abused at times against Tampa by a practice squad call up starting at G.

    Bryant has been solid. Curry will get Rolando off the field and Bartell will spell Huff/Lee for rest.

    Plamer 9-4 against ravens career.

    The Browns blew that game late last week. No question to me OAK passing game is a true threat to Baltimore.

    Willie Smith is the worst scare on OAK roster.

    Take a deep breath. Game is winnable.

  7. I am extremely concerned about T Jones he had one run last week. Therefore the coaching staff can’t have any real faith in him. Also on that run he looked like a child playing with men, he got ate up.

  8. 808raiderinparadise:

    Only a “nation” fanatic, would have the hubris to denounce other such stereotypical dolts for their differences of opinion. I’ve never seen a more laughable bunch of fanatics, using the childish (and entirely grammatically incorrect) term “HATER” to describe the non-fanatics. But that is really what you Raiders’ fans do to an extreme.

    I’m sure Philly-fan is more self-serious, but they just don’t seem as misguided as the “nation” fans.

  9. 808raiderinparadise says: Nov 9, 2012 5:17 PM

    Any raider “fans” thinking this game is lost are clueless.
    Clueless? No game is lost until it’s played, but you can count me amongst those Raider “fans” that won’t be putting any money on the Silver and Black this weekend.

  10. The level of unrealistic goals set by Raider fans confounds me.Take a breath, Your season is over Even if you do end up 2nd in the weakest division in the league, you still need to contend with Manning who would torch your secondary blindfolded. Add to it, your WR’s can’t catch a cold, your LB’s can’t tackle, and your secondary can’t cover, and your oline can’t block, and your RB can’t run. Am I missing something here? Oh yea, Carson love tossing picks at the most inopportune times. No matter how much he rallies, he always ends it with a pick.

  11. You so called “Raider fans” that have jumped off the bandwagon do us real fans a favor and stay off.

    You remind me of Charger fans, despicable.

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