Report: Routt visiting the Lions

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Despite plenty of injuries in 2012 (like 2011), the Lions secondary is playing better in 2012 (unlike 2011).

But that’s not keeping them from trying to get better.  Adam Caplan reports that the Lions are hosting Routt on Friday.

We reported last night that Routt is due to visit an NFC team this week and an AFC team next week.  The Dolphins had previously been linked to Routt, but our buddy Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald thereafter shot that down.

Routt has been cut by the Raiders and the Chiefs this year.  He has earned $11 million from those two teams, and he may get a chance to earn even more.

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  1. If he’ll agree to the fact that he’s already been paid to play the whole year and sign for vet minimum, give him a shot. Otherwise forget him, his presence will just prevent the rookies from getting reps and making more improvement.

  2. Ok lets get this straight.. The Lions secondary is playing better this year?

    So why make a counter productive move and sign someone that has less talent then any DB on anyone’s practice squad.. LoL though I will tell you Lions fan this Routt is a beast on Madden…

  3. Well I’ve heard plenty of people on here saying he’s a #3 or 4 corner on a decent NFL roster. Here in Detroit, that makes you our #2 corner. Welcome, can you play man for 3 seconds until Suh gets to the QB?

  4. Peculiar interpretation of the word “earned”. I can’t see how he earned his money in the past, made it yes, but earned is one of the most frustrating words in the English dictionary nowadays with these tough economic times and so many people getting paid big bucks without having to earn it. Personally I think football players should work on straight commission with small guaranteed portions, but regardless of the fact that idea is considered far fetched by most, I still don’t see how Routt has earned the bulk of his money in the past.

  5. Get Ready to see Stanford giving up TD’s with regularity. He was a joke of a corner for the Chiefs. Pioli should be embarrassed he gave this guy money and sold him as a replacement for Brandon Carr.

  6. He was iffy in all his years for Oakland as a nickel guy until Nnamdi’s last year when he put up sneaky good numbers in a contract year. Then when he was officially “the guy” post-Nnamdi, he regressed back to who he was.

    Ask the Chiefs which Routt they signed. It boggles my mind that the Lions of all teams would want him. They have enough penalty issues and character issues.

  7. Fans that don’t watch the games state the Lions secondary is weak. If you base your analysis on previous seasons, sure, they WEREN’T playing well. This season, however, Chris Houston has played like a #1 CB. It simply isn’t sexy to talk about a Detroit corner, so Houston doesn’t get the appropriate pub.

    The Lions defense has performed quite well this season.

  8. Pioli has made some terrible draft picks & FA signings, he’s fallen into the trap of drafting talented & signing combine guys who are not great football players. Dontari Pie is the next bust up.

  9. The fact that the Vikings are not even remotely interested shows the complete and utter ineptitude of the front office.

    ofcourse they think they have a good QB too….

  10. Seems to me that interested teams are overlooking a most obvious red flag…THE 1-7 CHIEFS DIDN’T WANT HIM! Rumor in KC is that opposing teams were referring to him as “Routt to the end zone”.

    Seriously, how bad do you have to be stinking up the joint to go from starting CB to free agent midseason on a 1-7 team?

  11. Lions defense is #7 in the NFL, so the secondary are doing something right. I think the pass rush is helping a lot.

    If he’s willing to do a minimum contract, we obviously need a little more depth.

    Regardless, I’d loved to get fired twice in the same year and walk away with $11 million. Life must be rough for Routt, having to live on unemployment until a new team hires him.

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