Romeo Crennel disappointed Brady Quinn didn’t report concussion

Getty Images

Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn admitted this week that he tried to play through the concussion he suffered in a late October game against the Raiders because he didn’t want to come out of his second NFL start in the last three seasons even though he initially put the wrong helmet on before going back into the game one last time.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Thursday that the Chiefs were unaware there was any problem with Quinn until other members of the team pointed out to trainers that he wasn’t right. When the Chiefs realized Quinn was hurting, they pulled him from the game and turned back to Matt Cassel. Crennel also said that Quinn and all the other players need to be more forthright when they are ailing because the team wants to help them avoid further injury.

“We don’t expect them to be macho guys in that respect. If you’re injured, come tell us and then we’ll put somebody else in the game rather than risk your injury,” Crennel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “There’s a thin line that we have to walk, that the players have to walk. But they have to understand there’s a phrase, an old phrase as it relates to football, about knowing the difference between pain and injury.”

There are a lot of old phrases relating to football about playing through pain as well, which helps explain why Quinn and other players would try to keep playing after being injured. In this case, his teammates helped shed light on the issue but the incident shows how much work still needs to be done by everyone involved in terms of identifying and treating concussions.