Vick says Eagles still control their destiny


The Eagles’ 3-5 record is disappointing, but the man who said before the season that the Eagles were building a dynasty isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick says he still believes the Eagles can turn things around, this year.

“It’s on us to get it all turned around, man. We just have to keep pushing,” Vick told “The thing is, we still have a fighting chance, we still control our own destiny, so we all have to be held accountable.”

It’s not strictly true that the Eagles control their own destiny: There are scenarios in which the Eagles could run the table, finish the season 11-5 and miss the playoffs. An 11-5 record is usually good enough to reach the postseason, but 11-5 teams have missed the playoffs (most recently the 2008 Patriots), and it could happen again this year, depending on what happens in the rest of the NFC.

Regardless, Vick says it’s gut-check time in Philly.

“We all understand the situation — hopefully everybody understands the situation. I know I do,” Vick said. “It’s not a situation we planned on being in. But you’ve seen a lot of teams with their backs against the wall and they come out doing everything they need to do in order to succeed. We’ve got to take on that mindset; we’ll find out on Sunday.”

If the Eagles are ever going to turn it around, Sunday against the Cowboys would be the right time to start.

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  1. It’s not scenarios, it’s scenario in which the Eagles can’t make the playoffs by winning out.

    The only way the Eagles could run he table and Not make the playoffs is if the Giants won every other game, but the Eagles game.

    If the Giants lost one game (and then the Eagles game), Eagles would win the division because they would have an equal record and have beaten the Giants twice.

  2. Coming from a thoroughly disappointed Eagles fan….I’d like Nick Foles (and Jon Gruden as head coach) to control our destiny either this season or next.

    Andy Reid provided some change in the firing of Juan Castillo, and if we had started winning games people would have hailed it as the right move. WE’RE STILL NOT WINNING, so the next heads on the chopping block better be Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg, Bobby April, and MICHAEL VICK!

  3. I knew Vick was through when he signed that big contract. Last’s weeks INT for a TD was the final nail in his coffin, much like how Bledsoe’s INT for a TD was the nail in his coffin back in 06.

  4. Whichever team loses this game is out of the playoffs. Period. Whichever team wins has a shot, but will still need to go on a big run.

  5. They pretty much control their own destiny – – if they won out, they’d win the division unless the Giants won every game except philly, improbable given the difficult schedule. But let’s face it, there’s no way philly wins 8 in a row.

  6. Giants can here. I believe him and fully expect them to turn it around. Although I’d much rather see them crash and burn, they will be playing the giants for the division come week 17.

  7. I just got a little dyslexic reading the headline and thought it said “Vick says Eagles are still a dynasty”. Almost spat out my beer all over the keyboard. But seriously, I had forgotten all about the dynasty line. I guess it juts goes to show that if you suck enough at your job, people will forget all about the stupid remarks you’ve made. Also, I’m sure there’s a political joke somewhere in that last sentence, but I’m too tired and disheartened to look for it. Five bucks if you make a good one.

  8. Both teams are in a must win situation this Sunday. And as a Cowboys fan who is also realistic, this is the kind of game that Dallas falls flat on their face. Especially with ego maniac Jerry in the headlines all this week.

  9. When was the last time a 6-10 team made the playoffs.

    Vick, you’re an underachiever like one of your dogs,
    Fortunate for you, you’re not responsible for your own punishment !

  10. The only thing this team does is TALK. Every week, all offeseason, before and after each game they TALK. The season is lost already in the 1st week in November just like last year because this team would rather TALK than actually do something on the feild. I love the Eagles, but I HATE THIS TEAM!!!

  11. “10 wins and you’re in this year.”

    Umm..have you seen the NFC this year? Granted, that is still entirely possible but a couple teams are already well on their way to more than 10, and a few of them have pretty darn easy second half schedules as well.

  12. The most disappointing team in the NFL, with M.V. leading the devolution on Offense, & N.A. on Defense.

  13. One team will win, and then the other will receive enormous amounts of criticism. If the Eagles lose, everyone will talk about firing Reid and benching Vick. If Dallas loses, everyone will be talking about firing Garrett and possibly not re-signing Romo.

  14. Even if the Eagles started Nick Foles traded for either of the mannings or even the great Tom Brady himself the eagles will still suck because their offensive line is Garbage & hasn’t been decent since 2010 plus Andy Reid does week middle school play calling

  15. You figure the Bears and Pack get in, along with the Falcons, Niners and Giants. That leaves ONE spot for the:


    I don’t know who’s taking it, but win, lose or draw my money isn’t on Philly or Dallas.

  16. I don’t believe it Vick. I don’t blame you Vick I really don’t most will but not me. You’ve been set up to fail by a couple of morons in Minionwheg and Andrew Walter Reid. If that’s not bad enough the offensive line for the Eagles lets everybody through in two seconds or less.

    Naturally knowing how bad the offensive line is Minionwheg and Reid still call for long developing pass plays and seven step drops.

    Vick was safer in Leavenworth.

  17. No quit in Mike Vick’s game..unfortunately there are plenty of INT’s and fumbles. For the Eagles to have any sot teyir offensive line as to drastically turn around and they have to have a healthy McCoy. Seems more likely than not that wont be happening. I can’t believe the Mike Vick era is ending so soon after tis year (IMO) and sadly he’s taking Andy with him lol.
    After that the rest of the “dream team(still loling at that one) will be dismantled.

  18. When Vick says ‘Eagles’, he means the owner.

    When Vick says ‘Their”, He means his and Reid’s destinys.

  19. I have been a Eagles season ticket holder for a long time now and in all my years I can’t recall a Eagles -Dallas match up meaning so little….they both stink and this is just to let us all know who stinks more ! They are both horrible but I give the edge to Dallas,the Eagles offensive line gets worse every week

  20. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Nov 9, 2012 9:21 PM
    Coming from a thoroughly disappointed Eagles fan….I’d like Nick Foles (and Jon Gruden as head coach) to control our destiny either this season or next.


    I would like to see Foles play this year, just for evaluation purposes but do not want Gruden under any circumstances. He isn’t a very good coach and probably the worst announcer in the business because he is so phony. The guy refuses to call out players under any circumstances. When Vick threw the pick 6 he kept saying “philadelphia must be tired of turning the ball over in the red zone”, etc. Never once mentioned Vick or the QB position. Every game he talks about the QBs playing as “one of the best at their position”.

  21. they better clear a spot in their Lombardi trophy case for ANOTHER trophy. these guys are clearly a lock to win it all now. Vick said so.

  22. Mikes getting desperate because he sees his big $16 million payday for next season slipping away – Eagles aren’t going to keep him around for that kind of money and not winning. And other teams won’t offer a long term, high pay contract to a mid level stats, running QB who’ll be 33.

    The Cardinals will probably pick him up for 2 years at $6 million per.

  23. The only destiny the Eagles control is which draft pick they get and who their new coach and qb will be next season. I don’t know how Andy Reed did it this long and boy was it an impressive run, but it’s over.

  24. “Coming from a thoroughly disappointed Eagles fan….I’d like Nick Foles (and Jon Gruden as head coach) to control our destiny either this season or next.”

    While Foles may play this season, there’s no way that Gruden is going to take over as Coach mid season. After the final game, Jeff Lurie will clean house of the entire Eagles coaching staff, Gruden (or someone) will be hired almost immediately and they’ll hire their own staff of assistants. Whether Foles is the starter next year will depend on how well he plays when given a chance this year and what the new coach thinks of him as a future franchise quarterback. Of course, the only other QB on the roster right now is Trent Edwards, and its unlikely that he’s going to be a starter on this team anytime soon.

  25. That’s how you know Andy hasn’t lost the locker room. These guys are re-iterating the exact thing Andy talks about.

    This team hasn’t given up yet and that gives me hope

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