Source: Antonio Brown will miss a few games

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To no surprise, Steelers receiver Antonio Brown has been ruled out of Monday night’s game against the Chiefs.  To some surprise, his ankle injury is bad enough that it could cause him to miss, per a source with knowledge of the situation, a few games.

After Sunday’s win over the Giants, Brown said he has a high ankle sprain, but that he’ll be fine.  (Rarely is any player with a high ankle sprain ever “fine.”)  We later reported that it’s not a high ankle sprain, and that in the hours after the game it wasn’t regarded as severe.

Per the source, it’s worse than believed.  Beyond Monday night’s game, the Steelers face the Ravens, the Browns, and then the Ravens again.

With Brown out, Emmanuel Sanders becomes the starter.  Unless and until he gets injured — a real one, not a fake one.

18 responses to “Source: Antonio Brown will miss a few games

  1. Sanders will step up and play well in his place. I don’t know if this article is true, but I have a feeling that he will be back for the game vs the Ratbirds. Next man up. And we all know that no one does that better than the Steelers.

  2. Next man up. That’s what we (world champions) do. We bathe in confetti.

  3. Whew. Now, the Chiefs will have a chance to win this one. Of course if you believe that one I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  4. Steelers plan to wear those rugby unis for the Sunday night game next week against the Baltamorons.

    I remember when they debuted the last throwbacks and it was against Baltimore and Ben threw 5 TDs in the first half en route to a laugher.

  5. The Steelers have more cliffhangers and fake drama than a bad episode of The Walking Dead or any daytime soap. As Ben turns (which can be dangerous for female co-eds), the endless saga of why Ben can’t play well or at all because his skirt is ruffled, only to see him show up, limping, to save the day. The ever aging defense that ranks top 10 year after year beyond all odds. The Hail Tebow that chased them from the playoffs, a fun loving story about how a team of drama queens is slayed by the biggest drama queen of all. All of the Steelers will play against the Ravens, they always show up. And when they win, it’ll be because they overcame the odds again, not because the Ravens stink this year. And if they lose, it will be because Ben’s baby cried all night and the refs blew it and the third string LB who is only on the team because he’s the back-up long snapper was hurt… yadayada. They’re an After School Special on Ritalin. Shut up and play.

  6. Injuries are part of the game, which is the reason Roethlisberger needs to rethink his plans to skip a game in the event his wife might give birth to the couple’s first child.
    An offense without Roethlisberger, Brown, Miller, Starks or any other starter is simply not the same or as insync, especially against a good team (Ravens) as opposed to a pathetic team like the Chiefs.
    If the Steelers are going to make a serious run at the playoffs, they can ill-afford injuries to key players or the selfishness of their rockstar quarterback.

  7. If you watch the video, Brown touched the tendon behind his ankle bone, and then the ball of his foot… Same tendon that runs from behind the ankle bone.

    If it is that tendon he is looking at many months. I hope it is not, but those two areas are the same I pointed to before I had surgery.

    I tore it rolling it the same way. Just saying if it is, I am bummed because I just got his jersey.

  8. Omg mike you are the funniest person I know. It’s amazing how you know sanders injury was faked. You can have any assumption you like, but unfortunately as any good lawyer would know you can’t prove his injury was faked. Does it look suspicious? yes, can it be proven? NO. But proof has never stopped Goodell before from fining players, or making accusations.

    As anyone who has ever played a sport, or heck even those who havent, anyone knows you can get a cramp out of nowhere. And more importantly, if the NFL starts deciding to fine a player because he doesn’t have a “history” of cramping, then we know Goodell lost what little of his mind he has left. So now every single time a player falls to the turf during a hurry up offense, or they are out of timeouts, or the clocks winding down, I expect the NFL to decide whether to fine those players under the same criteria they used on sanders. Does the player have a history of said injury, and assumption, that he’s faking simply to stop the clock .

    does anyone remember when PFT wasn’t like TMZ? I’m starting to forget when the information here was credible and not just gossip and TMZ Style of journalism.

    If the NFL had factual information, that sanders admitted to faking his injury, I’d have no problem withy this. All of this smacks of hypocrisy especially with the push towards player safety. So now a player who is injured has to worried he might be find by lord Goodell, if he doesn’t have a history of cramps, or stays off the field for longer than 1 play? Anyone who doesn’t see the hypocrisy is in complete denial.

  9. koenig61 says:
    Nov 10, 2012 7:52 PM
    ….. So now a player who is injured has to worried he might be find by lord Goodell, if he doesn’t have a history of cramps, or stays off the field for longer than 1 play? Anyone who doesn’t see the hypocrisy is in complete denial……


    I thought this was part of an SNL act.

    koenig – how many used cars have you bought from shady dealers? You really believe Sanders had anything wrong with him? Something so dire that the game had to be stopped, he had to be helped off the field…… then 1 minute later, be totally brought back to 100% health, return to the game with no trace of any kind of limp…. in fact, Sanders outraced the other 10 Steelers on punt coverage his 2nd play after returning.

    Who is in complete denial?

  10. 6 > what your team has in their trophy case. I wonder if ravenator is still able to finish knowing that Ray Lewis will never play again.

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