Chiefs deny meeting between Hunt and Schottenheimer

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The Kansas City Chiefs deny a report that owner Clark Hunt met Friday at team headquarters with former Chiefs, Chargers, Browns, and Redskins coach Marty Schottenheimer.

Of course, that didn’t stop KCTV from speculating that they may have met elsewhere — even though the SiriusXM report that prompted the denial from the team was that Hunt and Schottenheimer met at Arrowhead Stadium, which doubles as the team’s headquarters.

Schottenheimer coached the Chiefs from 1989 through 1998.  He last coached in the NFL in 2006; Schottenheimer was fired by the Chargers after a 14-2 regular season and a one-game exit from the playoffs.

Chiefs fans have been clamoring for a housecleaning by Clark Hunt.  The Chiefs last made it to the playoffs in 2010, and they last won a postseason game way back in 1993.

42 responses to “Chiefs deny meeting between Hunt and Schottenheimer

  1. Chiefs suck so bad… Chargers own us every year… I wish we could beat the chargers just once so i can finally take this paper bag offmyhead….

  2. Schottenheimer is not the answer at head coach but may be as the new GM? I’d bet he’d love to be in the same division as the Chargers so he could take it to AJ Smith every year, that is if Smith is still around next season. If the Chiefs change coaches next season my money is on Perry Fewell the defensive coordinator from the Giants. The Chiefs need some new young blood.

  3. Not that I think Romeo Crennel is “the guy”, but the Chiefs are never going to see progress until they stop changing coaches every couple of seasons and get rid of Pioli.

  4. The Chargers are as mediocre as they come, stomping out to a decent record every year only to sh*t the bed when it counts. As an NFL fan, if your wishing that your team could “beat the Chargers just once,” than you’re not in a very good place.

    My condolences.

  5. why would anybody with a team as bad as the chieffs not want him as their coach? make fun of his playoff record all you want but he takes lousy teams and gets them there.

  6. No, you know you’re in trouble when you team hasn’t held a league all season. I actually think they broke a record that was originally held by The 1929 Buffalo Bisons, which later folded after the year was over.

  7. Perry is a great option but would need a STRONG offensive mind. Thinking Norv Turner maybe available at seasons end.

  8. Schottenheimer would be a great hire for KC, IF they allow him atleast 3-4 seasons before firing him. It seems that the last time the Chiefs were relevant was under his guidance, plus, he was successful in San Diego and Washington.

  9. The Chiefs are a franchise going in circles, chasing its own tail. Everything has failed, so maybe if we go back and hit the reset button like it’s 1989 again, the good ol’ days of good-but-not-greatness in the ’90s under Marty-ball will return to Arrowhead. The Chiefs cycle through re-tread former backup QBs every three years. Round and round we go…

  10. Meeting in KC is just asking for the rumor mills to churn. The airports are just not that big. If they wanted it hushed they’d meet elsewhere, pretty simple really

  11. Hunt: “can you believe this mess I am in right now?”

    Marty: ” I feel ya man”

    Hunt: “Last time I remember we had decent offense with solid defense that got us into playoff every year, you were the head coach…any advice?”

    Marty: “ehh….”

    KCTV: “Breaking news, Marty to be the next GM/HC of Chiefs! You heard it here first!”

    Marty: “wha…?

    Hunt: “Really? SWEET!”

    And began the next 10 years of martyball!

  12. Schott was brought in to talk shop w/the Hunts, not coach or GM. The late & revered Lamar Hunt respected & trusted Schott as does Clark Hunt. This cornerstone franchise is in a historically perilous position. Schott was brought in for counsel and advice. Good move by Clark.

  13. I love Marty, but the man is almost 70 years old and he’s been out of the NFL for six years. If Clark wants to ask him for advice, that’s great. But that should be the end of Marty’s involvement in this process.

  14. he was one guy i really had hoped the Bills would look at…

    idk but 14-2 sounds damn good… even with a 0-1 in the playoffs..

  15. Chiefs fans are rediculous if you dont like this idea the guy can atleast get you to the playoffs if im a Chiefs fan the last thing im thinking about is a deep playoff run how bout just getting back to respectability and that marty can do for them, not to mention he got a raw deal in san diego he wouldve more than likely took the chargers deeper then norv did if not for that bone head gm

  16. I am a big Marty Schottenheimer fan and I hope the KC Chiefs do hire him back he is a great coach and teacher…I would love to see Marty prove to everyone that they were wrong about him. He deserves another shot. He is a winner who knows how to get the most out if his players !

  17. Yes they did not go deep into the playoffs with him as head coach. However marty made the chiefs respected and arrowhead was a place to be feared! Looking back now i feel i was a little spoiled as a chiefs fan. Almost every one of those years now looks like a championship season compared to incomprehensible display we have all witnessed lately! What a great addition to the front office he would make.

  18. I know Schottenheimer may not have the best playoff record but Norv Turner’s can’t be much better. He took a 14-2 San Diego team and pretty much ran it into the gutter. Just like he did with the Redskins in the 90s. Oh and he made Oakland even worse than they already were… and that’s saying something.

  19. Marty is too much of a senior citizen to come in now and save this team. Get some young and up and coming blood in there!!!!!

  20. Can’t wait to hear the chiefs fans spin this one, they ran this guy out of town and did pretty much the same thing they are doing to pioli now (flying banners over the stadium asking for him to be fired) yeah pretty sad. Can’t wait for this to fail and they start calling for piloli to come back in 5 years.

  21. I like Marty, but he’s got an affliction that makes me downgrade coaches every time I see it: He hires his kids, tries to make them coaches too.

    Coaches are the only position where nepotism can get you a job in high-level football this side of the owner’s office. Whenever it happens, like in any business, the warning flags come out.

  22. If Marty had ever had an elite QB he’d have 5 SB’s. Most of his career he had make do with QB’s past their prime or better than average back ups and he still made the playoffs an annual affair.

    Bring him back and give him another shot any day. I’d take him over 85% of the coaches in the league.

  23. Marty is not too old…. I believe Marv Levy coached the Buffalo Bills who played a very high level until he was age 80…. And The old time coaches knew how to teach the intricacies of the game of Football better than most of the new age coaches do…and Marty is a winner !

  24. Marty struggled in the playoffs, but the CHiefs dominated the AFC West in his time.

    Wasnt marty 31-2 against the Raiders? We couldnt beat the raiders right now if they played their practice squad.

    Marty might be too old to coach, but as a GM he could help us. His coaching staff in KC had:

    Bill Cowher
    Tony Dungy
    Mike McCarthy
    Lovie Smith

    Id say let Marty build a coaching staff, thats been Pioli’s biggest downfall.

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