Evan Mathis the last man standing on Eagles line


If you’re Evan Mathis, it’s hard to decide whether to be relieved or nervous.

The left guard is the last man standing on the Eagles offensive line, and the rubble around him is much of the reason the Eagles are in the 3-5 spot they’re in.

It’s been a rough one,” Mathis told Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com. “It’s one that will test your will. It’s crazy to think the line we had is almost completely gone.”

It started in the preseason when left tackle Jason Peters tore his Achilles tendon. Center Jason Kelce blew out his knee in Week Two. Right guard Danny Watkins is in and out with a “chronic ankle condition” and right tackle Todd Herremans is out for the season after injuring his foot last week.

Mathis hasn’t completely dodged the bullet, with a preseason bout of vertigo.

“I remember getting the call hearing about Jason tearing his Achilles,” Mathis said. “The thought of that is just crushing to know you’re losing one of the best tackles in the NFL. It’s crushing to know your teammate who wants to be out there with you can’t. It’s a guy you got comfortable next to. And then one by one it happens to everyone else out there. It’s kind of unbelievable.”

The string of injuries directly correlates to the beating quarterback Michael Vick is taking, as he’s been sacked 27 times already. Monday against the Saints, he was sacked seven times by a team that only had 13 in its first seven games.

“The communication and calls with the guys who come in, they usually do a pretty good job of figuring all that out,” Mathis said. “But continuity does go a long way for the offensive line. That’s one of the biggest things impacted by injuries.”

That’s something they’re going to have to get straight against the Cowboys, who have had injury issues of their own, but can create pressure well.

11 responses to “Evan Mathis the last man standing on Eagles line

  1. No, seriously though, it’s more like a horror a flick. One by one they go. Funny, never pictured Mathis as the hot girl that survives, though.

  2. Marty Morninwheg, the offensive coordinator responsible for Philly’s continuously head-scratching game plans, should have been fired well before Juan Castillo. Andy and Marty both have a hand in the offensive play calling and neither of them can effectively put our super-talented players in the best position for them to succeed. There’s way too much talent in Philadelphia that’s going to waste right now, including possibly the best RB in the NFL, a TE that could be probowl-bound if utilized effectively, and Olympic-caliber speed at the WR position.

    The Philadelphia Eagles are in dire need of new leadership…an offensive guru who can put these talented X’s and O’s into the right places. The best defense is a good offense, and the Birds need to get back to being one of the high-flying offenses again.

  3. if your line is as bad as the Eagles, you can’t call plays that require a three step drop. At the third step, Vick usually has to decide which rusher he has to elude, instead of which throw to make

  4. kingcarlbanks says: Nov 10, 2012 1:41 PM @captainwisdom8888,

    I would laugh at you about having MM as your OC, but I’m stuck with Kevin Gilbride..

    At least you got 2 SBs with Gilbride. All we’re getting here with Marty is headaches.

  5. As for the line: Castillo should have never left his spot as OL coach. Mudd’s been a disaster from day one.

  6. phillybirds says: Nov 10, 2012 12:23 PM

    “we were doomed when they announced Kelce would return as our center anyhow.”

    Jesus just when you think you have read the stupidest thing ever posted on here some moron comes and lowers the bar further.

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