Gruden’s potential return will make production meetings delicate


Along with the very specific report from Howard Eskin of WIP that former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden could be the next coach of the Eagles has come multiple more general reports that suggest Gruden is preparing a return to the NFL.

Charlie Campbell, who used to cover Gruden’s Bucs with has reported that Gruden is exploring the availability of various assistant coaches, with Bucs special-teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia and former Eagles assitant Juan Castillo possibly on the list.  Mike Freeman of hasn’t named names, but he says that league sources are saying that Gruden is asking some folks the hypothetical question of whether they’d join him if he returns.

Accurate or not, these rumors will have a significant potential impact on Gruden’s current job.  With so many possible vacancies coming in January and with Gruden skillfully positioning himself while in the broadcast booth to offend no potential employers, nearly every current head coach would have to regard Gruden as a looming competitor in that coach’s division, as soon as January.

So how inviting will those coaches be when the time comes to share information or players or anything with Gruden during a Monday Night Football production meeting?  Answer:  Not very.

This dynamics likely requires Gruden to make it known now that he won’t be returning in 2013, if he intends to remain in broadcasting for another year.  If current NFL coaches think Gruden is coming back in 2013, things could get interesting during the final weeks of this year’s edition of Monday Night Football.

Or maybe he could just take a page from the Nick Saban playbook and deny vehemently a return to coaching — and then return to coaching.  To sell that one properly, it could be time for yet another announcement that Gruden’s “exclusive” contract has been extended.

35 responses to “Gruden’s potential return will make production meetings delicate

  1. Best coach in the NFL … coaching the best team ever assembled. I’d say next year it’s 19-0 … but that would underestimating them. Dream Team 3.0 …

  2. I don’t think the Raiders fan who made that sign thought it all the way through (but that’s not surprising). Does that mean Norv Turner will always be a Raider too?

  3. The same Gruden that rolled into Tampa and won the SB with Dungy’s turn-key team?? Sure, why not? Andy already has most of the pieces in place, now all he needs is Gruden to swoop in and take all the credit.

  4. It would be great to have Gruden coaching in the NFL again. If anything, get him out of the Monday night booth.

    Even if it’s to coach the Dream/Dynasty team.

  5. Although these Gruden reports come with questions (mainly because of the pasts of the story breakers) I am rooting for this to happen because Jaworski can come back into the booth.

  6. gruden goes to the Chiefs. they will have a new GM., the first overall pick, and he can hire an all new staff because everyone is gone after the season. put it in stone. Gruden to the Chiefs

  7. This same stupid issue comes up every time a guy is traded. It doesn’t matter. There are no secrets in football. Everyone gets to see every down of every game. It’s like saying one musician might steal secrets from another. There are no secrets – everyone hears every note. The only thing you want to keep to yourself is specific game plans for specific teams. Once the game is played, everyone knows.

  8. I doubt the production meetings give out any information that can’t be had by watching game film. This is the same story that has been trotted out whenever a former coach turned broadcaster gets attention. We all know that coaches will be fired and the former coaches are the lazy person’s speculation. Nothing more.

  9. Yea, this is being over analyzed at best. I think what Florio is trying to do here is use this platform as a way to pressure Gruden in to answering a question, he wants to know the answer to and doesn’t want to have to wait until the proper time for Gruden to declare he is coaching. News to Florio, Gruden don’t giva you know what about your petty little speculation about production meetings. He will say he is coaching, when he feels like saying he is coaching.

  10. As a philly fan, I’d love to see Castillo back (as o-line coach) for the Eagles under Gruden. His unit was always strong, even when he didn’t have the best players, while he was the o-line coach.

  11. Gooch80 is talking about the same Gruden who built the Raiders into a SuperBowl team prior to the 2002 season and was traded out of town with Bill Callahan taking the reigns. Bill who? Exactly, then as if it’s not difficult enough he takes a hand he was dealt in Tampa Bay from a coach who couldn’t get it done with Brad Johnson as QB and gets them into the SB. Two teams and 1 common denominator, Chucky. Can I get your bags sir?

  12. My cousin is a desk clerk at a downtown Cleveland hotel, said Gruden was in town, on Tuesday, not sure why he would be in Cleve. when the browns are on a bye week. Maybe rading too much into to it but interestng.

  13. To all you Tony Dungy fans, let’s get some things straight.

    Gruden walked into a Tampa team that had a good defense built by Dungy and gave it an offense to win the championship.

    Dungy walked into a Colts team that had an offense and gave it a defense to win a championship.

  14. The Eagles are loaded across both sides of the ball.

    If Andy Reid ends up being fired that would be an ideal destination not just for Gruden, several coaches would express interest in coaching in Philadelphia.

  15. It don’t matter who is coaching the Eagles as long as Vick is QB this team won’t win.They need to start Foles already,he is the Eagles future QB.Jim Mora was right when he said Vick is a coach killer.

  16. friscokid49 says:
    Nov 11, 2012 12:30 AM
    To all you Tony Dungy fans, let’s get some things straight.

    Gruden walked into a Tampa team that had a good defense built by Dungy and gave it an offense to win the championship.

    Dungy walked into a Colts team that had an offense and gave it a defense to win a championship

    next thing you going to tell me the same thing in san francisco

  17. Someone mentioned that Andy had all the pieces in place……….Funny thing, they are worse than ever. Maybe we need some new pieces and someone to find the right ones. Are the last 3 1st and second round flops some of those pieces?

  18. Lmmfao AGAIN..Foles is the future of the Eagles?? Hmmmz just like Kolb was huh?? Eagle fans, y’all too funny today

  19. LOL Eagles loaded across the board?? What team you lookin at? OMG this is hilarious!! Ideal destination?

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