Jets hope to rattle rookie Russell Wilson


Though there’s been no mention of “hot sauce,” the Jets have specific plans to turn up the heat Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

We’re going to get this guy rattled,” defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson told WFAN, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  Per Mehta, Wilkerson later told reporters that Wilson’s youth makes him more likely to be affected by the pass rush.

“He’s a rookie so he’s not [as] experienced as somebody like Tom Brady or something,” Wilkerson said.  “So we’ve got to just get after him. . . .   [We need to] give him different looks.  Get hits on him and try and put pressure on him and get him uncomfortable.  They’re 4-0 at home so of course he’s going to feel like he can do it all at home.  You just gotta make him feel uncomfortable.”

Wilkerson stopped short of anything that could get him in hot water with the league office, but the point is as unmistakable as it is common to the game of football at the highest level.  The more you can hit the opposing quarterback, the better chance you have of winning.

While it all makes sense in theory, there’s one problem with trying to rattle Russell Wilson:  The kid doesn’t get rattled.

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  1. The Jets have been saying this same stupid crap before every game now. They’re going to hit the guy in the mouth, put hot sauce on another, rattle this guy… They haven’t done anything to stop anyone all season. They suck and should just shut up already.

  2. “He’s a rookie, so he’s not as experienced as somebody like Tom Brady, or something.”

    He’s kinnnnda got a pretty good point there…Wilkerson might want to write that one down, or maybe share that with his teammates and coaches. That’s some rich knowledge right there…props.

  3. Alright… hang on. Did the PFT crew actually say something POSITIVE about the SEAHAWKS. Wow.

    Also, if the more you hit the opposing qb translates to a better chance of winning then why have the bears only lost once?

  4. Can the Jets ever keeps their mouths shut? What a joke. The Jets act like they’ve won something and are relevant. Fact is they are a joke and the Seahawks O-line will negate anything the Jets try to throw at Seattle.

  5. Man, that team talks more and does less than anyone, they should get their own heads in check before thinking they can “rattle” anyone else.

    RW will be just fine.

  6. No disrespect meant but there is no elite pass rusher on the gets team to rattled him. Clay Mathews, Jared Allen, Ware and Charles Johnson didn’t get there with pressures maybe 2 of 4 had 1. The Cards game was the only one where he looked rattled and they blitzed the whole game. He has grown alot since then but I think Wilkerson should be worried about Lynch rattling his teams 29th ranked run defense.

  7. Hats off to a Jets story about a guy with talent who has something fired up and decent to say. He needs to get recognition, because outside of “Sanchez”, “Tebow” and “Ryan”, you would think that nobody else exists on the Jets.

  8. Yeah, seems like a dubious plan given that Wilson has started 9 games, including some on the big stage of national TV, and not looked rattled yet. Plus he seems to be getting better every week.

    We’ll see on Sunday, though.

  9. I’m a believer in Wilsonism! This kid has such poise and confidence, the Jets have no chance at rattling him, especially at home. If that us their gameplan, I hope they have a contingency plan.

  10. I can’t really see the Jets scaring RW into making dumb mistakes, or getting down. Jets need to focus on stopping Lynch first, keep RW inside the pocket while bringing pressure up the the middle on stunts and delays.

    Seahawks 24 Jets 10

  11. Gee, now there’s a novel idea that no other defensive coach of any other team they’ve played this year has thought about doing! Good luck with that!

  12. Seriously? You took that to mean they are going to try and hit the QB? If anything I took it to mean that they were going to try and give a rookie QB different looks so he can’t recognize the defense.

    Stop trying to make every little thing into the next bounty gate.

  13. If I were the J-E-T-S I’d be a lot more worried about #24 than #3.
    Beastmode loves the spotlight games.


  14. I think they’re gonna throw a bunch of zone dogs at the kid, keeping their DE’s in contain.

    Wilson’s making his first read and if it’s not there, scrambling to his right, rarely to his left.

  15. Here’s an idea. After Wilson drives the ‘hawks down into the redzone they could pull him for another qb who runs up the middle a couple of times and loses yardage. Then Wilson can come back in on 3rd and long and try to score, knowing he will get boo’d by the fans and excoriated by the media if he fails.

    Oh, wait, that’s how the Jets rattle SANCHEZ. Never mind.

  16. These clowns are ALL TALK, NO ACTION.
    The only way they rattle him, is by running their collective mouths. Won’t matter.

  17. The Jets are like the kid you knew growing up that would always talk, get beat up, not inflict pain what-so-ever, get back up and say “Is that all you got?” They just never learn, do they.

  18. Jets will hold ML under 90 yds, if so they win this game. Seahawks offense scares nobody and Jets get a few turnovers and key special teams plays = a good road win for Gang Green.

    NYJ 20 – 17

  19. WOW, Lets translate what Wilkerson just told the Hawks. Lynch is going to run for mega yards because the Jets are gone bring pressure and thus the Hawks will let these guys over pursue and then they can watch Lynch go right up the gut for big gains. Heavy pressure by the Jets will be like the Republicans trying to win the election, NO CHANCE!!! Why, cause they don’t know how to play the game anymore. Jets won’t adjust, they should run blitz first ,put thier corners in press coverage but they obviously don’t have a clue. Lynch and RW will have thier way.

  20. Good luck with that,,,Russ Wilson doesn’t have rookie on him. He will be a top 10 QB soon,a real gamer,athletic and smart.

  21. Tom Brady is now the standard for rookies. If you aren’t as good as Brady by game ten, you are a failure.

    Reasonable and fair.

  22. Muhammad Wilkerson, is a genius. How come none of the other teams the Seahawks have faced this year did not try to rattle the rookie? Oh, I guess they did.

  23. If the jets think they can “rattle” Russell then the Seahawks are going to LAMBODAMIZE Sanchez!!! Seems like no matter how terrible they play twinkie eating Rex and the overrated,overhyped, terrible jets just dont know when to shut up!!! Well come Sunday at the clink they are going to feel what its like to be SILENCED BY A ROOKIE FROM.SEATTLE!!!!

    Easy, easy victory for the hawks here 31-7!!!! Jets are complete laughing stock of the NFL!!!

  24. Rookie QB Russell Wilson has five TD passes in the last two games and is on his way to 20 for the season.

    Crowd noise and Hawks Defense will shut Jets down big time on Sunday.

  25. Jets are gonna walk into that buzzsaw of crowd noise at the Clink and turn right around and run out.

    With the Hawks turning into an ascendant defense-led team things are really hitting a new level in there this season. Tough to describe until you’ve experienced it (and worth a visit if you haven’t).

  26. I understand that football is “any given Sunday” however the jets do more talking then playing . The previous two years in the beginning they say were are making the playoffs. They get your balls tickled but in the long they just the fact that you have to win games not explain how you can lose them. Russel is doing great with good poise and confidence…. 12th man and our dbs will quiet the gang green …. Seahawks what!!!!!

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