Let’s not forget to support the folks who were hit by the storm

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The news cycle carries us from one issue to the next, and it’s easy to forget — or to simply to become numb to — the bad news from last month.

When it comes to the devastation created in New York and New Jersey by Hurricane Sandy, it’s important to remember the folks who are still dealing with the serious problems created by the storm, nearly two weeks after it struck.

Multiple NFL teams (the Giants, Jets, Dolphins, Vikings, and Colts), the league, the union, and Packers cornerback Charles Woodson have stepped up with major contributions.  The rest of us can make a bunch of minor donations, via the Red Cross, the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

The other 27 teams could also peel off a little cash, too, if they choose to do it.  Or if they can be publicly pressured into it.

Yes, Bills, Patriots, Steelers, Bengals, Browns, Ravens, Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Chargers, Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Bears, Packers, Panthers, Falcons, Saints, Buccaneers, 49ers, Rams, Cardinals, and Seahawks.  We’re all looking at you.

23 responses to “Let’s not forget to support the folks who were hit by the storm

  1. Perhaps Tim Tebow can continue to perform miracles and keep trying to rebuild. Hopefully some of his millions of disciples can chip in as well.

  2. The Jets haven’t done anything despite having a huge portion of their fanbase in Long Island? What a scummy franchise.

  3. @sictransitchris

    Did you bother reading the story, or did you just decide to rip the Jets for the hell of it?

    “Multiple NFL teams (the Giants, Jets, Dolphins, Vikings, and Colts), the league, the union, and Packers cornerback Charles Woodson have stepped up with major contributions.”

    Read that again. Read the second NFL team listed. I assume you can read.

    Get it?

  4. Hey JA … What teams donated to Tennesseans when we were flooded and we were under great distress ? … Still waiting … Here’s the answer – NOT THE JERSEY JETS or GIANTS … Or NAWLINS’ , or any area that we have always assisted in ( Volunteer state not by default ) … We picked ourselves up, did our own benefits, cleaned our own streets – But thats what republicans do – Fix the problem, not cry and whine about how noone will help them .

    My name is Craig D. Massey of Lipman Brothers, and I approve this message.

  5. You know what would really warm my heart? To see some big donations come in from Wall Street. You know, give back some of that money that they bogarted from you over the last 4 years.

  6. Fema has their back. Once they re open their offices due to the storm. Whats the difference between Katrina and Sandy: answer. With Katrina you had an angry black mayor lipping off daily on main stream media on how Bush and Fema screwed the city.

    Now, you can’t get the media to even cover the storm. They don’t want to know the screw ups.

  7. I was born in NY and I wish you guys the best out east. I have never been happier to live in mn after seeing what these hurricanes did to new orleans and the east coast. No offense. Kick some butt and build that NJ boardwalk better than before while listening to springsteen’s “born in the usa” ! One day at a time my friends.

  8. Lost my house, my parents house and I’m crashing on couches.

    I’m okay but many aren’t. I was disgusted this morning to hear that generators, gas and resources were used to light up the Statue of Liberty. People within miles of that site are freezing and waiting for help.

    Focus on the public, not the public relations.

  9. Who do you think you are trying to strong arm NFL franchises to donate their money? Man, you media types just think you’re the moral authority!

  10. i will admit i hate the jets with a passion i have no issue with the real football team that plays in the same stadium but my heart goes out to all new yorkers and those in jersey too you guys are truly remarkable you have had to deal with some of the worst times this nation has had and you keep your heads up and keep right on going.god bless all of you i truly wish nothing but the best for that whole area you are great americans.

  11. Kept my mouth shut on this subject for long enough. Now it’s just annoying. May I ask how many teams/players donated to the state of Texas when it was up in flames last year? I walked outside and saw my city burning, and no one really cared all that much.

  12. jstorm6…but that would be a conservative, republican thing to do and the US just chose big government to rule the day.. so sit back NY and NJ and let the government do its job. lol

  13. @sictransitchris:

    The Jets wrote a check for $500,000. In case the facts in any way interested in facts.

  14. Bowwserr;

    Nobody is asking you to care, but the decent thing to do would be not posting stupid snide comments about it. Hurricane sandy has caused over 60 billion in damages. This site is simply trying to raise awareness and money for it, yet you are annoyed by it all. Such a stand up guy you are..

  15. what about helping get more folks from other utility companies in there to help since its clearly too overwhelming. oh thats right, they turned them away for being NonUnion.keeping all that FEMA money and overtime for themselves seems more important to the utility guys in the area.

  16. Tennessee received $5.3 billion in stimulus funds and billions more in federal disaster relief. Texas received $6.4 billion in stimulus funds and billions more in federal disaster relief. In fact, Texas has received more federal dollars than any other state in the Union over the past decade. A simple “Thank you” would suffice.

    I continue to be amazed at the level of bigotry allowed to fester on this site. I’ve adjusted to the level of ignorance.

  17. I would like to know how much MSNBC has donated. If you guys pony up $1,000,000 then maybe that would “strong arm” some of the other news organizations that make their money by doing stories about disasters like Sandy.

  18. should anyone actually want to donate, on nascar last night martin truex was offering to match any contributions made through his website. apparently michael waltrip was also going to match as well. that would make the contribution worth three times the value.

    As to the GOP southern commenters who bloviate about taking care of their own problems, just do a little research.

    Looking at the disbursement of federal money in relation to the amount paid in by each state, its pretty telling. The Northeast, Rust Belt and California send way more than they recieve, and the majority of the red states get more to way more than they send in. So much for taking care of their own problems. Go back to Fox News and whine with them about the election you just lost.

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