Raiders activate Ron Bartell from IR, elevate a running back


The decision to cut cornerback Pat Lee was indeed a precursor to the return of another cornerback from injured reserve.

The Raiders have announced that Ron Bartell has been placed back on the active roster.  Bartell landed on the new revocable IR after suffering a shoulder blade injury in Week One against the Chargers.

Bartell signed with the Raiders in the offseason after spending seven years with the Rams.

The Raiders also promoted running back Jeremy Stewart from the practice squad, given that both Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson will miss Sunday’s game at Baltimore with ankle injuries.  To make room for Stewart, cornerback Shawntae Spencer has been placed in non-revocable injured reserve.

9 responses to “Raiders activate Ron Bartell from IR, elevate a running back

  1. The Spencer signing sure didn’t work out. 2nd year of being a complete non-factor for his team.

  2. Getting rid of Lee was the right move. He sucks! As for Giordano, well, he’s slow, takes poor angles to the ball, and did I say he is slow. But he is smart and that’s why he’ll be with the Raiders til the end of the season. Then afterwards we can do what we should have done last year and cut him. Lets face it Raider fans, this team is a few years away from being legit. Raiders need a shut down corner and Bartel is not that guy. Although, he can be a good complimentary back, if he can stay healthy. The Silver & Black need a hard hitting free safety. Someone who can be an enforcer in the secondary and control the middle of the field. Next they need a few more linebackers. Miles Burris and Phillip Wheeler are balling, Rolando McClain is to inconsistent, maybe it’s time to cut the cord or trade him for a draft pick. The line shows some promise with LaMaar Houston, and Tommy Kelly making most of the noise. Seymour has regressed, and it might be time to let him walk. Like to see the Raiders add a speed rusher and employ more blitz schemes. It’s obvious we don’t have the secondary to be able to blitz enough to create pressure. The front four just isn’t getting it done by themselves. The Raiders will finish strong and win 3 of last 4 to finish 8-8, for the third straight season.

  3. Not sure we are watching the same Tommy Kelly. The one I see is over rated, lazy and indisciplined. However most of your assessment is right. But we still need a pass rusher and a consistent DY.

  4. We need a damn offensive line…or at least a different line scheme. The zbs isn’t working for them…period. especially with the offensive scheme we run, time and precision are so very important. This offense we run CANNOT operate without protection. They aren’t picking up blitzes…and run protection is nonexistent. There is NO REASON McFadden should be having this bad of a season…gun shy over his injuries or not. And since there isn’t any run game, play action–which is the LINCHPIN of ANY West Coast offense–isn’t even factored into the game. Carson Palmer is actually trying to make the right throws to keep us in the game, and succeeding. However, he doesn’t get the help he needs.

    On defense, its simple…we can’t tackle. And there’s always someone one step off or out of place. If I was the coach, I would devote an entire practice to tackling and blocking fundamentals. Attacking waistlines on defense, picking up blitzes on offense. They have the talent, that is obvious at times. Of course there’s plenty of holes on the active roster that need filled, but we have the guys to succeed…we always have. The problem is execution. Plain and simple. It always has been.

    Oh well….at least penalties are down. Kind of.

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