Report: Harvin won’t play Sunday


Listed as doubtful with an ankle that he says was sprained in three places, the reality reportedly is that Vikings receiver Percy Harvin is out for Sunday’s “not ‘must’ win but game they’ve gotta have” against the Lions.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Harvin won’t play.  We’ve heard something similar, though not as strong to justify saying with 100 percent certainty that Harvin won’t play.

That said, it would be a major surprise if he plays.  The Vikings have a bye week coming up, which will give Harvin three weeks to recover, if he doesn’t play on Sunday against the Lions.

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  1. I was going to make a snide comment but I’m done with those on the Vikings. I’ll never make one again on them. My brother in law and I had a long time rivalry due to him being a Viking’s fan, and me a Packers fan. Thursday he ate a shotgun barrel. Not related to football. Go Viking’s This Weekend, win it for Joe. RIP Joe, your pain we will never understand.

  2. @hrmlss
    I am so sorry for your loss. In return, I will cheer for the Packers on Sunday despite being a Vikings fan.

  3. As a Viking 4Life since 1968 I watch a lot of college football. I can’t figure out why a lot of these college teams offenses look so good (let’s start with Oregon and Texas A&M) and the Vikings look so bad. Whenever you watch a Viking game (and I’ve seen every play since 1968) you wonder what they do during Organized Team Activities, training camp and during the week to look so bad? Now they’re saying they’re running incorrect passing routs and missing blocking assignments etc. How can you look so bad so consistently? We finally have committed ownership, I think it’s time for a new tough dedicated, take no s#1T coaching staff? I don’t know what the offense looks more of-terrible or horrible?

  4. Hey hrmlss… don’t even know what to say. I hope the vikes can pull out a win for Joe, and it’s gonna be a while before I watch a game and not think about your post. Take
    care of your sister and family.

  5. hrmlss very sorry to hear of your loss. I went through the same thing with a cousin a few weeks back. That said I am a Lions fan, and as sorry as I feel for you and your family I am hopeful for a Lions Victory!! I will lift you and your family up in prayer and hope that God will in some way bring you peace and comfort. I just will be praying for extra comfort because of the Vikings loss. Sorry man, but even under these circumstances I can’t want your team to win this week. maybe next week will be different and better for you.

  6. @sterling7

    In college you can kind of stack the deck, Oregon has a good thing going lately with trips to rose bowls and national championships.

    The offense looks so good is because they are playing Pac 12 defense.

    Not NFL caliber defense.

  7. RIP Joe! Sorry for your loss hrmlss… Definitely puts things like the game of football into perspective.

  8. hrmlss, I’m sorry for your family’s loss of Joe. Sometimes the survivors blame themselves for this wondering if there wasn’t something that they could have done differently, but that’s just grief playing tricks on the mind; Joe made his own choice. So please keep up with the snide cracks, we wouldn’t expect anything less here. Peace of mind to you and yours.

  9. @hrmlss…..I have lost a brother also, different way of passing. Life is so much bigger than football. I wish you and your family–especially your sister and their kids if there are any my deepest condolences. Time will repair the wounds, but unfortunately they will never fully heal. Please take care and know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many, including some you will never meet.

  10. Truly sorry to hear about your loss. Depression is an under-reported but yet huge problem. I hope someone who reads about your brother-in-law and suffers in silence will seeks professional help so at least some good will come of it.

  11. @hrmlss

    I have no words (literally speechless) other than I’m sorry. RIP Joe and condolences to your family. Perspective to us all.

  12. Dear Hrmlss, it’s sometimes easy to forget that life is not football and football is not life. My prayers for your brother in law. I’ll even back off the Pack today.

  13. @Hrmlss may he RIP & I am sorry for your loss.

    There is too much too life to just give up!!! May your brother in law RIP!!!

  14. hrmlss,
    My childhood friend did that last year and I have been angry at him – very angry at him – ever since – but then I realize he had a disease called depression – he didn’t die from cancer, he died from depression. There is help, but many times the people with the disease do not even want it. They are in a deep dark cavern and cannot see any light, nor do they know where to attempt to look. May the Lord of Life and Light comfort you and yours and Joe’s. We live in a fallen place – can’t wait until the great Restoration when such pain and death will be killed forever. In the meantime, go vikes! Joe, rest.

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