Report: Raiders cutting starter Pat Lee


The Raiders are apparently making room for the return of cornerback Ron Bartell, as they’re releasing starting corner Pat Lee, according to Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lee has started the last seven games for the Raiders, and other than missing a tackle on a Doug Martin touchdown run (and he had plenty of company in that regard), hadn’t played poorly.

Bartell was placed on IR/designated for return, after breaking his shoulder blade in the opener against the Chargers.

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  1. ^^ Logic says because of salary but Lee was only making 680K. I thought Lee played pretty well over the last few games so I’m confused as to why he was cut.

  2. This is weird… considering this was Reg’s guy and he’s been playing okay. He got burnt by Bowe and that missed tackle was horrid but that will happen every once in a while. What the heck are Francies and Schmitt doing to earn their paycheck??

  3. Terrelle Pryor ‏@TerrellePryor

    Say a prayer Raidernation for our defensive lineman coach. Lost his son yesterday 5 years old! Devastating news!

  4. stillthebest says:
    Nov 10, 2012 1:30 PM
    Detroit immediately contacts his agent
    I know it’s fun, and borderline witty, to crack on the Lions, but you do realize they’re statistically 6th in both total and passing D in the NFL.

    Just saying.

  5. Do people who claim other teams should contact the guy’s agent (and I’m sure the teams are all very grateful for the advice) even know about the guy before they say their team should go after him? Lee was NOT good. He was playing better, but that’s in comparison to a disturbingly awful first few games. He had a nice pick against KC, but that was IT.

    I too am admittedly confused over how he stayed on past Coye Francies, but settle down, folks. He came from Green Bay’s practice squad, and was picked up because Big Reg is a Green Bay guy.

  6. I would have cut Coye Francies. He’s just a ST body and he’s had 3 of 4 penalties. Should’ve left Lee and moved Huff back to safety. Giordano is ok in zone coverage but is terrible M2M and bad tackler. At least we have Bartell back though. Hopefully keep Torrey Smith from big plays.

  7. Lee missed more than one tackle on Doug Martin. You watch the games and you see that. The attempted tackle on Martin was below awful. Lee got flat out jacked. Looked like he couldn’t have tackled a high school kid.

    More than anything this probably is to send a message. You don’t want to tackle then pack your bags. Poor tackling has plagued this defense for 10 years. Oh, Bartell can tackle….and cover.

  8. Lee was never on GBs practice squad. He was a 2nd round pick who was hurt his first two seasons and saw minimal action. Last season he couldn’t crack the depth chart to get on the field.

  9. raiduhdude says: Nov 10, 2012 1:33 PM

    This is weird… considering this was Reg’s guy and he’s been playing okay. He got burnt by Bowe and that missed tackle was horrid but that will happen every once in a while.
    I thought it would be someone else getting cut to make room for Bartell, but it’s not a surprise to see almost anyone on that defense get cut. Lee gave up too much yardage on receptions and missed too many tackles, but he’ll get another job.

  10. well the one thing that stood out to me, is how much space he gave the receiver, and how many times the guy he was covering caught the ball…….real question is what is up with Spencer….for a guy who was only going to miss one to two games , he has pulled the whodini

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