Roddy White hates the Saints and New Orleans


A couple of years ago, Falcons receiver Roddy White ripped the Saints and New Orleans in a Twitter tirade. He lated apologized, but he hasn’t changed his views.

White told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he still despises the Saints, whom he’ll see on Sunday.

“I don’t like nothing about the Saints,” White said. “The colors. The city. Nothing. But they’ve got some good food, though. Other than the food, nothing.”

With the Falcons at 8-0 and White openly talking about making it 16-0, he thinks the Saints’ whole season could be made on knocking the Falcons off.

“This would make their whole entire month of November if they can mess up our record,” White said. “We know that. You don’t have to get people up for this game in the locker room. We all know what this game is about. We all know that we have to go out there and get after it.”

White’s comments may serve to motivate the Saints to get after it, too.

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  1. He said this while smiling the entire time… he was joking.

    If you know anything about White you know he’s just a clown who can catch footballs. No use reporting what he says, most of it is a joke, nonsensical, and/or ignorant.

  2. Great player, tremendously stupid. Ran his mouth about the Packers last year in prior to their rematch that followed the home playoff beating they took where the Packers didn’t punt in the entire game. Packers beat them.

    Last time he ran his mouth about the Saints, the Saints got the best of them.

    He just doesn’t seem to learn.

  3. “I don’t like nothing about the Saints,” White said. “The colors. The city. Nothing. But they’ve got some good food, though. Other than the food, nothing.”

    Yeah, this is some real bulletin board material. Should serve to fire up the Saints – how dare Roddy White not like their team or colors?!

  4. One word to describe Atlanta……..Frauds! Good regular season chokers post season! Always has and always will be!!!!

  5. Keep talking. Just remember when the Packers left Atlanta in its worst ruins since General Sherman in the Civil War.

  6. Oh good … this will make it even more fun and enjoyable when the Falcons choke in the first round of the playoffs again.


  7. Its good that he hates a division rival! That is how it’s suppose to be! None of this, I’ll sign with the division rival when I’m done with my current team “cough” Brett Favre “cough”

  8. Funny everybody screaming win in the playoffs with 8GAMES LEFT considering the fact the there team(s) have already LOST!! And probably won’t make it to the playoffs at all!! Lol cute people! And SAINTS FANS. Playoff win or not WE NEVER SUPPORTED OUR TEAM WITH PAPER BAGS ON TO HIDE THE FACE OF SHAME FOR DECADES! Kick Rocks!! Playoffs start in January not November!

  9. Most people hate New Orleans and the Saints. From Katrina looters to the Bounty scandal there’s not much to like. Other than the food as Roddy mentioned.

  10. “Keep talking. Just remember when the Packers left Atlanta in its worst ruins since General Sherman in the Civil War.”

    Because what happened in 2010 matters now why?

  11. “He just doesn’t seem to learn.”

    Or maybe he is just having fun with it. I for one love some trash talk between teams. But hey if you’d prefer everyone can stay PG and not talk any kind of trash again.

  12. well, we can discredit what @spicymudbugs says, since he can’t even gets the facts right when he is trying to trash talk.

  13. That’s because the saints owned the falcons over the 6 years breed has been there and took a Super Bowl win. Unlike the falcons having a Super Bowl win Hahaha. I hope the saints stick it too Atlanta

  14. It’s called having some fun with your rival folks, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

    When LeSean McCoy and Osi do it, it’s cute and gets a segment on ESPN.

  15. You should mention he had a pretty big grin on his face when he said all that. I’m not sure if it means he was ‘kinda joking,’ but neither do you.

  16. most nfl fans around the league probably aren’t big saints fans right now. but also, most nfl fans aren’t really into roddy white either.

    he’s lost more than a step, he constantly runs his mouth, and his main contribution to his team is acting like an italian soccer player by flopping to garner pass interference calls.

  17. roddy has said some pretty terrible things about New Orleans in the past, but this is pretty tame. I understand that some might not want to live inNOLA, but i have never met anyone, other than some uptight weenie types, who didnt have a blast while in New Orleans; food, music, characters galore….like Dylan said: new orleans is a poem in itself.

  18. I love the fact that Roddy hates the Saints, that he is passionate enough about his job that he has thought about his hatred for another team.

    I hate the fact that Roddy talks about it during the season.
    When he does it prior to the actual match-up, well I don’t have a stronger word for hate (loathe?) I just shake my head.

  19. How about you keep you trap shut Rod until, you know you actually win something that matters and score more than 2 points in the last playoff game you were in.

  20. Roddy White should hate the Saints, but the Falcons have nothing to gain by him saying this. Roddy should learn to swallows his emotions till game time. Falcons have got the better record, but you should keep the talking down until you do something in January at least .

  21. @bathroomben – that’s why New Orleans was recently found to be the most traveled to city in the country.

  22. leo133074 says:
    Nov 10, 2012 12:42 PM
    Ditka coached in new orleans and said the place is a dump.


    No, actually, Ditka coached in New Orleans and took a dump, like the Saints will on the Falcons.

    And then there shall be a 2 way tie for the best record in the NFL and the Bears shall then have home field advantage through out the playoffs.

    Thank you Saints

  23. Why is it everybody that isn’t a falcons fan keeps bringing up the playoffs? Yes we all know they haven’t won a playoff game since Ryan and smith took over in 08. But seriously they are doing well this year and until January they can’t even prove they are going to win. All they can do is what they have done all year. Get over what happens in the past and just watch for them this year.

  24. I couldn’t care less about his opinion. Just hope he racks up some serious points for my fantasy team!

  25. baloneyjohn says: Nov 10, 2012 9:58 AM

    I agree. Let the big muddy reclaim that area


    You know, what’s funny is, I’ve made that same kind of remark in Sandy-related threads about New York, just to see what would happen.

    For some reason, they were all immediately deleted. Which really makes me wonder why the same exact posts about New Orleans are not only allowed, but are actually getting thumbs-up from the same old group of ignorant, hateful bigots that continues to spew their hateful ignorant racist garbage in any Saints story that comes along.

  26. Roddy hilarious…he lives pretty close by my house and i seen him in the gym alot, thats a crazy dude man

  27. Look at the jealousy, the envy, the astonishment and yes…the hate. The Falcons are kicking all of your teams azzes THIS year and you can’t handle it. Be afraid N.O. You’re next! Be very afraid. GO FALCONS!!

  28. So, N.O. is trash? How many Super Bowls, Final 4s, and NCAAF National Championships do any of your cities have? Do millions upon millions of people come to your city to celebrate anything? No. Probably not. That’s why so many celebrities live in N.O., right? How about the Audobon Zoo, Aquarium, WWII Museum, and Chalmette Battlefield? Shut up.

    The bagheads are just a novelty, and anyone…ANYONE can tell you that even when the Saints aren’t doing too well that we still sell the dome out. Everyone knows that Falcons fans are wagoneers. Yeah, you want to say our team’s history is nothing up until a few years ago? We owned Atlanta during the Jim Mora years too. It was between us and S.F. for years and only because of Joe Montana and Steve Young did we fail. Atlanta was the whipping boys of every QB who is halfway decent-Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Cutler, etc. At least we made Joe’s Niners work for it. You guys were like an appetizer.

    I don’t really care what that moron, White says. He’s a goofball. It reminds me of the old days when the Oilers hated the Steelers, the Steelers hated the Bengals, and the Bengals hated the Browns. Some of you, though…really? There’s probably more American history in N.O. than some states alone.

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