Chip Kelly to NFL talk heats up

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We noted recently that people close to Oregon coach Chip Kelly think he wants to go to the NFL. Among NFL teams, the feeling is mutual.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, multiple NFL teams are already checking into Kelly and considering how they could lure him after the season.

At the moment, of course, no NFL teams have job openings available, but suffice to say there are some owners who expect to fire their head coaches when the season ends, and those owners want to be ready to move on Kelly quickly when the time comes.

Kelly’s goal right now is to win the national championship at Oregon, and his Ducks are undefeated and seemingly heading toward the BCS title game. But people in both the NFL world and the college football world seem to think that if Oregon is in that game, that game will be Kelly’s last at the college level. He wants to see if his style can work in the NFL, and NFL owners are eager to give him the opportunity.

Everything about Kelly — from the spread offense he runs to the high-risk playcalling he enjoys to the way he has built a program through recruiting great athletes who are perfect fits in his system — suggests that he’s perfectly suited for college football. But if Kelly wants to see how his methods work at the next level, and if there are NFL owners who want to see what Kelly can bring to the table, it’s apparently only a matter of time before Kelly is an NFL coach.

And that time may be two months from now.

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  1. Chip Kelly to the Eagles would be interesting. Good fit and fun to watch unless you’re a Dallas, NY Giants, or Washington fan.

  2. Oh damn … I forgot. Every free agent and possible coach has to go to the Eagles. My mistake. *face palms*

  3. I wonder if Kelly would give Shady Mccoy the ball. Watching the USC game where Oregon ran the ball down their throats makes me believe he at least wouldn’t completely ignore his best player.

  4. The thing is…expectations of immediate success are so high in the nfl, a college coach has minimal time to implement their system. It takes every single guy to buy in from the beginning…and that is where the problem lies. It probably isnt easy to motivate a player who already has everything he wants. In college, it is different.

  5. There are a few teams he could go to but he needs the right QB/RB combo to make that system work. My guess would be Carolina if Rivera gets fired. Newton has the skills set for that offense. They would likely just need some fast receivers. I’m not sure if they (or any team) would need an O-line overhaul for Kelly’s system. Success or failure, his system would be fun to watch at the next level.

  6. If he’s smart he’d look to a team like the Eagles or the Panthers…QB’s that fit his style with speedier WR’s (more Philly than Car on that one) and solid RB cores.

    I think he would have been interesting on the Raiders before Allen came in. I believe in Allen and in no way think he’ll be gone but…if this were last season…a team with legit speed @ RB and WR and Terrell Pryor at QB all left to him to mold his way. Could’ve been interesting.

  7. Jim Harbaugh called him after reading this story. “What’s your deal man?” he was quoted as saying. “You’re going to take all the attention away from me! I want, need and deserve to be the only coach that people talk about”

    Then he went back to pounding Alex Smith’s shoulder pads.

  8. who knows if it will or won’t work, but he has shown especially recently that a mobile qb is what’s needed, not a running qb, there’s a difference. Mariotta has timely runs but doesn’t rack up running yards like some running qbs and has way more passing yards than people expected. it just shows he can pass bigtime in that system when the run is taken away.

  9. I would love to see what he could do in Carolina with Cam and that backfield, but it doesn’t seem like Jerry Richardson’s style to hire a big name like him.

  10. It’s sunny, warm, a beautiful day here in San Diego. Oh, did I mention it’s the middle of November? And it’s warm? And sunny?

  11. Kelly has nothing to lose by going to the NFL. If he bombs in the NFL there will be plenty of top colleges right there to pick him up just like with Saban.

    Hard to say if his offense will work because on the one hand the NFL is trending to a more up tempo faster offense but on the other hand NFL defenses are far faster then what you’ll see in college.

  12. He can come and be offensive consultant for the Steeler Nation. Join greatness.

  13. someone earlier nailed it, his offense won’t work in the NFL because it is predicated on being much faster in the defense. That just doesn’t happen in the NFL, the fastest and best players from hundreds of schools are found on 30+ teams so the speed advantage is nullified.

  14. he would be the exact perfect coach to run an offense with CJ Spiller and spell him with Jackson… unlike the azzclowns we have in place now…

    only one problem…. nobody wants to come to Buffalo……..oh well, another two years of gailey it is…

  15. Don’t want him as the next Eagles coach. How many college coaches with a “gimmic” offense have had sucess.

    I will pass on Chip Kelly.

  16. It WON’T work in the NFL. Ask Spurrier. Defenses are simply too fast for his Offense to work in the NFL.

    Do yourself a favor, stay in college and be a man among boys, instead of the other way around!

  17. Jamaal Charles is begging you to come to Kansas City, Chip. You’ll be more than welcome to have your pick for quarterback, also.

  18. Chiefs or Panthers makes the most sense & I think of the two, Panthers would be #1 choice. I’m wondering who replaces Kelly at Oregon?

  19. Don’t expect to see Kelly running the same offense in the NFL. Kelly has said many times he is not married to the spread offense, his offense is determined by the players abilities. Kelly has said that the lack of fullbacks and an abudance of small talented running backs precipitated his transition to a spread offense.

    The transition of the OC Helfrich would be seamless, it would take someone like Peterson several years to recruit the players suited for their offense.

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