Eagles try to adjust to porous offensive line


With each additional injury suffered by another member of the Eagles’ offensive line, more people are realizing that the lack of quality blocking is the biggest problem when it comes to unleashing quarterback Mike Vick.

So when will the Eagles finally adjust?

Against the Saints on Monday night, Vick and the coaching staff didn’t do much to counter an aggressive defense that took full advantage of the blocking problems.  On Sunday, in a game that the Eagles absolutely have to win in order to stay alive for a playoff berth, a far different approach is expected.

It’s not clear whether that mean extra blockers or quicker drops and throws or more movement by Vick away from pressure or more runs from LeSean McCoy and more play-action if he’s moving the chains, but the key for the Eagles and Vick on Sunday will be to do a lot more to account for the fact that the offensive line has, via injuries, become one of the worst in the league.

And if Vick can’t execute the adjusted offense, that’s when the question becomes whether rookie Nick Foles can.

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  1. Howard Mudd is the O-line coach, it won’t change. As a Colts fan I saw him do a decent job of coaching up players that fit what needed to happen for the Manning Era, but we also saw how much Manning himself covered up last season. Vick is no Manning and frankly I thought the Eagles O-line play has dropped since Mudd took over the duties there, even prompting Castillo to lose his job when he got moved to def to allow Reid to hire his buddy Mudd in the 1st place. Didn’t make sense at the time, still doesn’t today.

  2. Why do people keep mentioning playing Foles? Putting him behind this offensive line would be career murder.

  3. Offence line has one starter from last year, Andy keeps calling slow developing plays, Vick holds onto the ball longer than all but one qb in the league & he makes bad decisions when he finally does get rid of it…Not a good recipe for success.

  4. Vick made ZERO adjustments when he had an empty backfield and an obvious blitz coming at him, multiple times, what makes you think that Vick can adjust to anything? The man still can’t read a defense and that’s the biggest problem, even more than the offensive line.

    Foles, in theory, is likely to be better at reading defenses and hitting the hot read. That’s why he might not get killed behind that offensive line.

    Honestly, the argument to keep Vick in because the rookie would do worse is idiotic. Vick’s shortcomings are well known and are not getting better. The line is bad but Vick (and the playcalling) are making them appear worse than they are.

    It’s like the colts with and without a good QB (i’m not saying Foles is anything like Luck). A QB who makes the right decisions and makes them quick enough can improve the play of the other offensive players. The only player Vick improves is DeSean because he locks onto him for the entire game.

    I will also admit that the Colts obviously tanked last year in order to get Luck.

  5. Why do people ignore that holding onto the ball forever makes your offensive line look way worse? Foles can read a D. That’s a big start.

  6. I am not saying the new kids wouldn’t get killed behind this line. But maybe just maybe the fact that he is 6’5 might help him see the play as it develops and can get the ball to the hot read if he needs to. I don’t think Vick is even tall enough to see the hot read at all.

  7. The offensive line is what it is.. patch-work. Deal with it. Stop pointing fingers at Vick or the players on the line, it is Morhinweg’s job as offensive coordinator to play call based on what they have.. McCoy.

    If Morhinweg keeps calling pass plays without having setup the defense to the run then the blame rests squarely on him.

    100yds rushing in the first quarter vs. New Orleans last week should be enough of an indicator that your team is performing better on the ground than through the air.. GO WITH IT!

    Vick or Foles, it makes no difference with that offensive line at the moment. The difference is made with the PLAY CALLING so remember to point the finger in the right direction.. Morhinwegs way.

  8. The Eagles are in a catch 22 until the playoffs is officially out of reach. Vick is taking a beating behind a divisision III OL, and can’t read and react to defenses. Now that his natural abilities have deteriorated, he can’t overcome this weakness as easily. Bringing in Foles would perhaps improve their chances if he is able to read and reach better. But he is a rookie. He could get hammered mentally and physically at this point, hurting his development. We need to get him in at some point to get an assessment of what we have going into the off-season and the draft, but it may be a little bit early to pull that lever.

  9. Completely agree with drmonkeyarmy…why would you ruin Foles by making him a sitting duck behind this line? It’s stupid to even think about soon that…roll with Vick, let him take the hits, cut him after year end.

  10. Fowles is used to playing behind crappy offensive lines in college. He should fit right in and I doubt his brother would show his backside via twitter. Let the Vick era end.

  11. Actually history says if they were to switch to Foles, they would call more runs and quick slants/outs and 3 step drop plays as opposed to 70% passes and 5-7 step drops. I don’t think Foles should be put in but if he was, I bet we’d see a major change in the playcalling, which is our true achillies heel.

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