Eli Manning doesn’t think he has a tired arm


As people around the league tried to figure out why the fire has gone out of the Giants’ passing game over the last month, one suggestion offered up by Greg Cosell of NFL Films was that Manning is dealing with a tired arm.

Manning had another dreadful day against the Bengals on Sunday, finishing 29-of-46 for 215 yards and two interceptions, which led to questions about that speculation after the game. Manning said he knows that he has to play better, but doesn’t think that the problem is his arm.

“I don’t think so. I don’t feel like it’s tired,” Manning said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday.

Coach Tom Coughlin also said that he doesn’t think the problem with Manning’s play derives from any physical malady, which leaves him all the more confused about why the team can’t seem to get on track offensively right now. Manning didn’t play well and didn’t throw the ball deep all that much, but it was hard to tell during the broadcast of the game whether that was because of the way the Bengals defended the Giants or because Manning was passing on plays when he’d really need to drive the ball down the field.

What’s clear is that the Giants could really use the bye they have coming their way right now. The team looked tired, arms and all, against the Bengals and they need to find their footing if they’re going to end this year close to the way they started it.

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  1. What? No Cowboys/Eagles stories yet? They’ve been playing for an hour — there has to have been a few bonehead/bush-league plays/penalties by now. And there most certainly has to be a turnover or several.

  2. Whatever it is, he better figure it out YESTERDAY, because the season is winding down, and there isn’t much more time for garbage games like the one we had to endure today.

  3. Eli has been playing awful, but it’s not just him. The Giants were horrible in all three phases of the game today. I actually stopped watching the game after the third quater, and I’m a loyal fan. I figured why continue watching the game if it doesn’t even look like they’re trying. They definitely need the bye.

  4. Thought this was a gimme for the Giants. Bengals don’t have much of a run game and Giants (were) good against the pass… Guess there just waiting to squeeze in again this year and run the table… I donno

  5. Eli Manning has been an average to bad quarterback in the regular season his entire career. People shouldn’t be surprised he’s playing terribly.

    It’s why his hall of fame candidacy is going to be very interesting. He does have two Super Bowl wins and a solid to spectacular playoff resume but how can you ignore his average numbers in the regular season?

  6. Do writers watch the game? Eli’s arm didn’t look too tired on both of his TD throws to Bennett and Cruz. Both DROPPED. Didn’t look tired on the drive that Bradshaw fumbled in the red zone. Didn’t look too tired hanging on to the ball when the pocket collapsed around him. If Coughlin doesn’t get Diehl out of there, there’s gonna be riots in Giantsland. Guy is brutal. Eli gets sacked. And there’s Diehl looking around. Again. This tired arm stuff is nonsense. Surprising from Cosell.

  7. I wish people would stop blaming Eli Manning.The entire team stinks, including the defense who was eaten up by the Bengals’ offense. Eli was sacked and the defense did not protect him. The offensive line was completely shut down. The entire team is tired and needs the bye. Eli has personal problems resulting from the storm but he is still a great QB. He is human. The whole team needs a resurrection.

  8. There bored..this team is only interested when the playoffs start,you know a superbowl run..once they win the division,you’ll see…watching the loser bowl now and the messiah nick foles looks pretty good,hell he’s already better than vick

  9. But Giants fans KILL me talking about the defense, with 275 yards yielded, and you all whine EVERY WEEK. The offense can’t sustain a drive to save its life and that’s what you want to bring up? they’re on the field so much that it’s amazing they don’t give up more than they do.

  10. We are ALL waiting for Dave Diehl to be benched and have Pat Flaherty to be examined for brain injury by saying he can’t lose his job due to injury. What about his rapidly declining play over the past two years, and how the run game and pass protection are magically better the minute he goes off the field?

  11. salventuri says:
    Nov 11, 2012 8:21 PM
    The Giants are playing so much like the Jets lately, they should call themselves the ‘Green Giants”.

    ^^^ This was super clever.

  12. Mr. Wright 212 says: Nov 11, 2012 7:04 PM

    We are ALL waiting for Dave Diehl to be benched and have Pat Flaherty to be examined for brain injury by saying he can’t lose his job due to injury. What about his rapidly declining play over the past two years, and how the run game and pass protection are magically better the minute he goes off the field?

    Who’s whining now?

  13. If not for a pass lost in the lights intended for Miles Austin,we never would have made the playoffs last year.Hence no Eli miracles.

    This team better stop reading its news clips about how they play when their backs are against the wall or they’ll never get to the wall.

    My beloved Giants are just not that good!!!

  14. To the guy that thought this was a “gimme” game for the Giants. Really isn’t such a thing any more. Like they say “On any given Sunday”.

    I thought for sure Dalton would be on his back at least a few times today. Didn’t happen though to my surprise. Bengals are a young team. If they can develop a friggin running game they’ll be lethal on offense. Need some help in the secondary and a LB or two even though the defense has been in the top 10 the past few seasons.

    Giants will be fine though. The rest of that division blows!

  15. I must say Give the Bengals some credit. Come on they gave Cleveland their first win. ugh. I am 46 years old a Bengals fan since I was a 6 my dad coached grade school football and I would tag along with him. I am a female by the way. SO 40 years as a Bengals fan, that tells you I am dedicated. Not many playoff years, saw two superbowls awww so close. anyway they have to play cleveland twice a year won first time but lost and became their first win and didn’t surprise me. This win against the Giants did even though Green said he wasn’t talking trash he thinks they are a fine team and I believe him but he was right. He studied the films and saw the holes. what I was shocked about how much they won by but I didn’t watch the whole game dang it and someone said there was two td dropped so it looks like it could of been closer but do give them some credit. green did say he saw something there.

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