Future of Vick and Reid in doubt as Eagles lose to Cowboys

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Michael Vick thought before the season that the Eagles were building a dynasty. Instead, the Eagles’ playoff hopes are done this season, and Vick may be done as the franchise quarterback.

The Cowboys beat the Eagles 38-23 on Sunday, in a game that saw Vick suffer a concussion and rookie backup Nick Foles replace him. Foles threw some excellent passes but also mixed in some rookie mistakes, and the question now facing Eagles coach Andy Reid is whether to start building for the future by handing the reins to Foles, or whether to hope against hope that Vick can still turn things around.

The reality is it’s probably too late for the Eagles to turn things around this season, and it’s probably too late for Reid to save his job. At 3-6, the Eagles are now tied with the Redskins for last place n the NFC East, and it’s just not realistic to think they could go on any kind of playoff run. Reid is a lame duck, and Vick probably is, too.

But while this game will be noted mostly as the game that sealed the fate of Vick and Reid in Philadelphia, it may have also been the game that gave the Cowboys some life. The first-place Giants are going into their annual November slide, which gives the Cowboys hope that they might just be able to catch up in the NFC East. At 4-5 the Cowboys have a lot of work to do to get there, but if the Giants keep sliding, the Cowboys are the one NFC East team with a legitimate chance of catching them.

The Eagles have no shot. Vick and Reid may have thought they were building a dynasty together, but the reality is they’re just not very good.

87 responses to “Future of Vick and Reid in doubt as Eagles lose to Cowboys

  1. Let the Nick Foles era begin. Next year they’ll sign every free agent. Gruden will coach them to 19-0 and a Superbowl. The only question is how many shutouts Dream Team 3.0 will pitch. The over-under is 10. My money is on over.

  2. ghjjf says:
    Nov 11, 2012 7:39 PM
    It doesn’t matter who the coach or qb is when they’ve got the worst offensive line ever!


    The line actually performed half decent once Foles was playing. Foles got hit a few times but nothing like what Vick was taking. Foles did pretty well back there for it being his first game. I look forward to seeing what the kid can do the rest of the season.

  3. ghjjf says:
    Nov 11, 2012 7:39 PM
    It doesn’t matter who the coach or qb is when they’ve got the worst offensive line ever!

    Don’t know if you watched the game or not, but the o-line held up pretty well this game, until about the 4th quarter when it was already over.

  4. vick quit on the team. that hit did nothing but provide vick his way out. reid lost this team. its time for a fresh start somewhere else.

  5. Well, at least all of those people who said the Redskins and eagles would fight it out in the NFC East this year were kinda right.

  6. Dallas plays Cleveland at home next week while the Giants have a bye. Dallas could easily be down 1 game in the division with six to play.

  7. “dalucks says:
    Nov 11, 2012 7:47 PM
    How come Tony Romo has more turnover than Michael Vick but no one is talking about benching Tony Romo?”

    Because he’s “better than Troy Aikman”, remember?

  8. When 2 bad teams get together, only one can win, making the loser appear that much worse.

    I could care less about either team, but I’m sure after today this is the end of Andy Reid’s run with Philly at the end of the season. My only hope was Garrett would get fired first, and perhaps that still could happen.

  9. remember when the Titans stomped on the Terrible Towel and did nothing til they apologized?

    Just saying, eagle fans trashing Packer fan’s cars after that playoff game …. could be “Karma” haunting them eagles. (then again, Dog killer is on the roster)

  10. enochmh2 says:
    Nov 11, 2012 7:49 PM
    so do we now acknowledge that vick had no chance with tha o-line,no wonder he was forcing things eish


    No. For the most part the line held up half decent for Foles. I think Vick made the line look worse than it was with his inability to make reads, line calls, and audibles.

    If DeSean catches that pass that hit him in both his hands (even though it was a little behind him it is a catch he should’ve made) it’s a different game. The pass that hit Avant in the helmet was rather funny. Can’t blame Foles for either of those.

    The rookie was decent in his first action and the line did half decent in front of him.

  11. Nick Foles interception return for a Dallas touchdown was one of many passes behind Eagles wide receivers.
    The Cowboys pass rush was not that good today so do not think the Eagles offensive line played well.

  12. Foles had a nice rookie debut. But the eagles would be stupid to bench Vick for him. Damn Vick got hurt. Didn’t do anything wrong this game. And they still want to bench him. Can’t win for losing vik

  13. Vick is still pretty young. The Eagles should keep him, all he needs is a little work on his mechanics. LOL

  14. No team deserves this more (except maybe the Jets). Offseason champs every year, darlings of Florio and espn, and let’s not forget the insufferable fans who talk like their team has actually accomplished anything relevant. Ever.

  15. Nobody’s talking about benching Romo because Romo can actually read a defense. If Vick didn’t miss so much time he’d have more turnovers. Obviously.

  16. flavordave says:
    Nov 11, 2012 7:47 PM
    deangelo23- your team is also 3-6 dum dum.


    My team also didn’t anoint themselves a dream team nor a dynasty. We got a rookie QB, and 7 starters out.

    Whats the Eagles excuse for being 3-6?

  17. The Eagles need to rehire Juan Castillo as the offensive line coach because this line started to go downhill when the hired Howard Mudd to coach the offensive line. Juan never had a line this bad.

  18. Vick I fell bad for. Reid should’ve been gone long ago. And I can’t believe I actually said that. But it’s true.

  19. Dallas actually has had chances to be in first place in the division with only one loss, meanwhile the eagles are a few points from being winless. So be careful who you call mediocre! Go Cowboys!

  20. I was watching the Giants get destroyed today and then watched both teams look like trash for most of the Eagles/Cowboys game until the Eagles gave the game away, and I had a flashback to a bunch of people claiming that the NFC East was the best division in football earlier this year. What a joke!

  21. It’s not the O-line. Vick would try to take off and run into a defender half the time. He has no mobility inside the pocket. Garbage day can’t come soon enough for the Eagles.

  22. Reid wanted Vick. Reid signed Vick. Reid went into the year with an aging, injury prone QB and a rookie backup. He deserves all of the blame hes getting.

  23. My Steelers have Major injuries every year..no excuses! Next Man Up is what we do. Don’t think Eagles win another game this year. Especially with that WHACC defense that can’t tackle a old lady in a phone Booth

  24. I cant believe the thought of the cowboys making the playoffs even crosses peoples minds. They won today when the eagles imploded. They both are garbage period. Heres to 2013

  25. What we learn is that the problem IS NOT mike vick because when he left the field that team look WORSE.

    But thanks for playing along to some of those in the media earlier on who was calling for Nick foles, not only did it sound moronic then but man you wonder how these people stay employed.However the season is over so it doesn’t really matter, so if i was Vick just chill on the side line and stay alive for next season.

  26. OK…. I’ll say it…. In a way I am happy that the game went this way. Fat Andy get’s fired, Vick get’s the boot and Foles gets some games under his belt! I have high hopes for him and these games will really help him. Couple that with another training camp, getting our o-line regulars back and we should be fine. Yea, I understand the o-line sucks and Vick was getting killed; however, wasn’t it amazing how much better they looked AFTER Vick left? Hmmm… Finally, I would really like a defensive-minded coach next year and pattern ourselves like Baltimore. Not a big fan of chuck ‘n duck…

  27. ballreaper says:
    Nov 11, 2012 8:37 PM
    What we learn is that the problem IS NOT mike vick because when he left the field that team look WORSE.


    Uh, no.

  28. Foles should have had 4 INTs. Balls all over the place. Eagles lose by 15..and whoops, two Foles turnovers went for 14 points. He looks like Dan McGuire out there. Had a chance to bring them back in final moments of game..but alas, fumbles for a TD.

    Philly back-up QBs are always “the next best thing” (Kolb, Feeley, etc.), but they are usually the next bust…

  29. i agree when Vick went out the team finally came to life, the line blocked better, the d line got pressure, and they started moving the chains. Give Foles a week of preparation and I think you’ll see the numbers he was putting up in the pre season.

  30. Not sure what game you people watched but Foles looked horrible. He padded his stats on one play where Maclin was left wide open in the end zone. His accuracy wasn’t good and he throws a nice tecmo bowl floater.

  31. Future with the Eagles that is. Reid will get a job with chargers and Vick will QB cards next year. Good to know a new and exciting tea.m of leaders will be with eagles

  32. foles no first team reps since pre-season can’t be judged on that play. Vick is probably the back-up the rest of the year before departing for Buffalo. and to the Chagrin of the writers on this blog and the many fans who so desire a change. Andy will be mentoring Mr. foles next season

  33. Just me, or did the o-line play better AFTER Foles came in? Almost like they wanted Vick gone.

    O-line was ok, except King “of penalties” Dunlap, I think he may have ultimately cost us the game. His crap killed us at all the wrong times.

  34. You people criticizing Foles for being behind on some throws fail to remember, timing is a big thing. When you don’t get to run with the 1’s, you don’t develop that timing and that showed.

    Should Foles start next week, and he should, he will have a week of running with the 1’s, and his timing should be better. This will be an all around better test. Defense gets to prep for him so they are not caught off guard, and Foles has practiced with the players he is working with, not the scout team talent.

    Next week could be a good gauge if Reid lets him play. I look for Vick to take 2-3 week to “recover” from his concussion.

  35. brownsfan39 says: Nov 11, 2012 8:52 PM

    Reid will probably end up in Cleveland next year? Don’t know what to think of that!
    Hasn’t Reid suffered enough?

    In Cleveland he’ll either get hit by a beer bottle or a dog bone by an idiot fan throwing something on the field.

  36. dalucks says: Nov 11, 2012 7:47 PM

    How come Tony Romo has more turnover than Michael Vick but no one is talking about benching Tony Romo?

    Maybe because he has the third highest passer rating of all time.

  37. @deangleo23

    the guy who said this is the “dream team” played one year and was never a significant player.

    And 4/5 o-line starters out is a bigger deal than any injury on the redskins.

  38. The ‘bad’ offensive line excuse is just that – more excuses for Vick lovers. He’s not a franchise QB anymore. Period. Sure, the O line is injured and subpar. But Vick has always been sacked more than other QB’s. He can’t read blitz packages and misses his quick read, which looks like an offensive line failure when it is actually a QB read failure.
    People are hanging on to him like they held on to Mike Tyson. Tyson never came back after Buster Douglass. Neither is Vick.

  39. I love the way the same people that gave Vick years of chances are now saying see I told you so about Foles after two quarters! D. Sanders did it already on NFL channel, sure Wilbon will do it on PTI tomorrow.

  40. I hope vick will recover, but he may check out for rest of season with that bad line…it’s just not worth it to come back and get abused time after time from opposing defenses

  41. Anyone else notice the O-line looked much better when Foles came into the game. Maybe we had a QB that could read defenses and blitzes better. Maybe the O-line plays better when they knew the QB is not running all over the place.

  42. Foles played pretty well, besides one INT on a screen pass and a couple of other questionable decisions. The pick that was returned for a TD was thrown behind the receiver but really was some rather bad luck. He should have had another TD and the Eagles offensive line penalties cost the Eagles from getting more points.

    Vick is not the future. The Eagles are not making the playoffs. Washington has a soft defense and no pass rush. There is ZERO reason not to start Foles next week.

  43. People are falling all over themselves to forgive Foles’ mistakes. “Oh, the pass bounced off DeSean’s hands!” Yeah, well last week when that happened on Vick’s pick six, it was just that “he couldn’t read the defense”. People are even saying the offensive line looked better when Foles was in, which is an absolute steaming pile. Foles is getting the benefit of all the excuses no one was willing to give Vick. There’s nothing Philly likes better than a white quarterback.

  44. I honestly believe Vick has been playing through these “concussion symptoms” since he got his bell seriously rung in that pre-season game. He just hasn’t been right all year but he is too stubborn/afraid to sit down because he doesnt want to lose the starting QB job.

  45. Are u dove fans serious?? Wat did Foles do that Vick didn’t do??? Foles got strip sacked, threw pics..(only one counted) & couldn’t hit open receivers…sounds a lot like a Vick game to me! Being in philly & a faithful fan of 97.5 the fanatic, I hear the gripes about benching Vick..but what will that help?? There is no qb on ur roster that can save u!! Foles looked sharp only in preseason & Trent Edwards sux!!

    But I’m sure you’ll say, its on Reid too..which I agree 100%, but can a new coach come in and teach ASS-umugha how to tackle or play coverage?? Can a new coach make King Dunlap or Demetrius Bell good?? I keep seeing excuses about the oline ravaged with injuries..ummm Peters & Herrimans played last season..and they sucked too smh

  46. Don’t get why people say Foles played well. He had 2 turnovers for scores and should have had a third if Claiborne could catch. Sorry, I’ve been here for many a Great White Hope (Hoying, Detmer, Kolb) and I won’t be falling for the fools gold again. It’s time for a complete flush of the whole mess top to bottom in 2013.

  47. Egirl fans how bout starting your off season trash talk now? Anymore free agent signings to sing about? Dynasty? Dream Team? It will be great to see what the egirls come up with this year.

  48. I can’t stand either team, but at least the lesser of two evils won this time. I’d rather see the Cowbutts in the playoffs than Sick Vick.

  49. Pulled for the Cowboys last night for the first time in my life ! The largest Blue City in America VS a Red city run by the Blank Panthers. It was a no braner !

  50. The Eagles don’t have their long-term answer at QB, they only have Vick and Foles. I HIGHLY doubt they think for a second that Foles (a 3rd round rookie) will be their answer at QB for the next 15 years. They’ll likely need to spend a high first round pick on a QB.

    So I don’t understand the sentiment they should cut Vick. Vick is still a very productive player, and could offer them a solid starter for the next few years. Let Foles continue to develop. I feel strongly that many of the problems are because of the O-line and poor play calling. They took away what makes Vick so special, his ability to run the ball.

    If they get rid of Vick, then ALL they have is Foles. Not something I’d be very excited about as the GM or potential head coach. At least with Vick, you still have some options.

  51. when vick was behind center everything was his fault in the new orleans game the interception pick six off of the hand of celek was his fault the fumble for a touchdown in the arizona game as he was sacked and james sanders scored a 93 yd td was blamed on vick now that foles is in the game throwing behind jackson for a pick six getting another int reversed because of a holding penalty away from the play getting sacked and fumbling for another td essentially having the same fate losing the lead and eventually the game the excuses of oline protection horrible defense play bad play calling etc are the reasons

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